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Re-Post: Live Pro Wrestling Results a Photo Essay

Re-Posted from my original blog as I am removing all wrestling references off of it making it a family blog.

July 12, 2012 Alex and I went to the Live Pro Wrestling in Winslow at the high school!  It was a good night of wrestling action but it was so friggin' hot in the building it was ridiculous!!

Let's get right to the action!!

Pre-show match, LPW does this match between the time doors open to the non VIP fans and the official start time of the show.  They use no ring music and there is a 5 minute time limit.  I like this as it mixes things up a bit and gives us a solid quick match to enjoy.

The Badudes: Johnny Primer & Roadblock defeated Viper the Ninja and Nissa.

The Scuffling Hillbillies: Cousin Larry & Moonshine defeated The Prestige: Ryan Waters & Kevin Perry with a double splash on Perry.

Intergender Tag Team Match: Alicia & Mike Dennis defeated Scotty Vegas & Lauren when Dennis pinned Lauren after a TKO.

Lonestar pinned Rumble Max, what impressed me about this match is that no one knew who was in the match and most didn't seem to care about it.  But they worked through it and had the crowd popping by the end.

Bank the Money Ladder Match:  "Die Hard" Eddie Edwards defeated "Tower of Power" Mark Moment, Cameron Matthews, "Celtic" Conner Murphy & Danny DeManto. I can't say enough good about this match!  These guys bumped their asses off and well worth the price of admission alone!  I was happy to see Edwards win knowing that he will be back in the future!

Tony Atlas pinned Doink The Clown, I've never seen such a rugged Doink before.

Vinny Marsgelia & Guy Alexander defeated The Professor & Gregory Edwards when Marsgelia pinned The Professor.  For some reason I didn't take a lot of pictures of this match, couldn't tell you why, I just didn't.    Guy Alexander is a damn good wrestler and I would like to see him in some one of one matches with Cameron Matthews, Mark Moment, or Eddie Edwards.

United States Champion: "The Prodigy" Mike Bennett defeated Carlito with special guest referee Maria

Carlito accidentally spit apple at Maria
For all the photos of this event follow this link to my facebook page!

Before the matches my buddy Alex snagged another photo with Maria and grab one with Eddie Edwards.

It was solid night of wrestling action with the Ladder Match taking match of the night honors!

Live Pro Wrestling returns Saturday August 11th in Madison and then runs a joint show with IWE on Sunday August 12th in Fairfield at the Community Center.

A Robbie Ellis Tribute: Super Juniors Tournaments
"Confederate Currency" Chris Hamrick
"Die Hard" Eddie Edwards
Matt Taven
"Boston Bad Boy" Jason Rumble
"Mass Appeal" Jay Jaillet
Cameron Matthews
Scott Vegas
Julian Starr
Scotty Reed
"Celtic" Conner Murphy
a special 4pm bell time a can't miss show!

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