Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Re-Post: IWE Results 8/4/2012 The Last Stand of Johnny Primer

Re-Posted from my original blog as I am removing all wrestling references off of it making it a family blog.

Alex and I headed to the IWE show in Brewer, my first trip there, for the August 4th, event featuring the King of New England Royal Rumble match and the retirement match of Johnathan Alexander Primer.

Let's just get right to the action, but first the national anthem

Scotty "By God" Vegas & Viper the American Ninja defeated Tag Team Champions: Mason X & Andy Mackenzie by count out

"Extreme Strongman" Gino Martino defeated "Mr. Canada" Ricky Williams w/ Coach Beavis

"Extreme Strongman" Gino Martino outlasted all other competitors last eliminating "Big" Gene Geroux to win the vacant Heavyweight Championship.

Four Way Elimination Match: "White Delight" Scott Wild defeated "Tower of Power" Mark Moment, Jivin Jimmy Capone, & Shane Marvel.  Capone was Eliminated by Moment, Moment by Marvel.

Television Champion: Crash Landing w/ Jivin Jimmy Capone defeated "Italian Superman" Sonny Roselli w/ a masked man in his corner.  Who attacked Crash after the match revealing himself to be John The Bomb Bryar.

"The Psycho Siren" Aida Marie defeated Desiree Clash

"The Concept" Johnny Miyagi defeated Johnathan Alexander Primer

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