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Re-Post: Big Time Wrestling, Augusta Civic Center 3-24-13

Re-Posted from my original blog as I am removing all wrestling references off of it making it a family blog.

Sunday Alex and I attended the Big Time Wrestling show at the Augusta Civic Center, the third consecutive year that BTW has come to Augusta in late March.  Sadly that was the smallest crowd to date and it featured the greatest wrestler of all time as the headliner in the 16 Time World Heavyweight Champion:  “Nature Boy” Ric Flair!  Although this would mark my 5th time meeting Flair I was just as excited as if it was my first!

Other names appearing on the show for the casual fan were “Big Sexy” Kevin Nash, Marcus Alexander “Buff” Bagwell, Rikishi Fatu, & “Mr USA” Tony Atlas, and Carlito Colon.  Indy names that I was excited about were RJ Brewer, Scotty Reed, Shawn O & Caleb Konley.  Barbi was there but there was no woman’s match this year. 

The vendor area was the largest it’s ever been with Highspots coming up all the way from Charlotte, North Carolina.  I wish I would have known that they were coming because I would have made more funds available to me.  Which I guess is good that I didn’t. 

The doors opened and unusual prompt 2pm.  We were near the front with Phil and got straight to Flair being like the 3rd or 4th inline.  They had Flair and Nash in the same area, I didn’t get anything with Nash but Alex got a picture that I think is fantastic!

Then we both got good shots with Flair.

At this point we have a couple hours until the show started so we split up and wandered around.   I got a couple cards signed by Rikishi including my Headshrinker card that was already signed by Seone aka The Barbarian and I must have touched every single DVD at the Highspots table settling on the brand new Dynamite Kid Documentary DVD.  I was very torn between that and the William Regal Early Years 4 DVD set.  Be on the look-out for my review on the documentary in the coming days.

I grabbed photo with Caleb Conley as well.

I have a great conversation with Larry, it’s always nice seeing him!

We had front row seats of right near the entranceway.  My cameras is still broken, but I borrowed Kate’s, but my SD card was too new and not compatible with her camera.  I managed to get some good shots with my phone’s camera though.

Flair opened the show with an excellent promo, as only the Nature Boy can and got the crowd wound up!

The opening contest saw Todo Loco pin “Diamondback” Jack Maverick with a school boy for the upset.

Black Talented Wrestlers: “Slyck” Wagner Brown & Bobby Ocean defeated The Scene: “Midnight Son” Caleb Konley & Scotty Reed a sunset flip reversal into a school boy with a handful of tights.

“Destiny” Danny Miles pinned “Celtic” Connor Murphy with a school boy and a handful of tights and Murphy’s shoulders, first his right then his left, were never down together for the three count.  For those of you following along at home the first three matches ended in a school boy.

Champion: Flex Armstrong defended his championship against the “Arizona Patriot” RJ Brewer w/ John Cena Sr winning with the ref bump Dusty finish.  I was really hoping to see Brewer take the belt!  I will say this, Flex has improved dramatically from his match last year in Augusta. I was genuinely surprised.

Six Man Tag: Cousin Larry, “Mr. USA” Tony Atlas, & Rikishi Fatu defeated Antoine Roy and Tag Team Champions: Mr. TA & AJ Mitrano w/ Barbi after a triple stink face and sit down splash onto Mitrano by Rikishi.  Then the faces danced.

Carlito Colon pinned Benny Juxx w/ John Cena Sr. in the best match I have ever seen Juxx have after a backstabber.

Main Event: Kevin Nash & Buff Bagwell defeated The Delfonzo Brothers with a double pin after a blockbuster and a choke slam. 

During the main even Bam-Bam locked in the dreaded trapezius hold and yelled out “what do you think of this now!?”  I responded, “It’s the worst hold in the history of wrestling!”  which lead to this sarcasm filled conversation;

Kevin Nash looking down at me from his corner: What is?

Me: The trapezius hold, it’s crap

Nash: I don’t know, it’s pretty good.  I mean have you ever had a crick in your neck?

Me: You’re right, I never considered that

Nash: Yeah, now imagine imposing that one someone! (nodding his head)

Me: You’re right, you have bested me, I am proven wrong

Then laughter was shared by one and all.

It was a good afternoon of wrestling and I hope BTW returns next year.  Although they may want to consider running the Augusta Armory.

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Later Readers!

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