Tuesday, March 1, 2022

7th Anniversary

Well today is March 1, 2022 and it marks the 7th year of this blog.  The last several months I have not given this the attention that I used to give it.  It's not for a lack of going to wrestling events, I'm going to Limitless and Let's Wrestle has returned.  It's that seasonal depression this year has been kicking my ass!  I

I've never experienced this before, things I am passionate about, like this blog I've simply have drive or interest in working.  It sucks, because I do love this blog so much, I enjoyed the the research that goes along with writing these posts.  I hope in the near future to get back to posting regularly on this blog. 

Thank you to those that have stuck with the blog even when I haven't been updating it.  I appreciate you continued support.  

I hope everyone has a great year!

Until Next Time!