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Limitless Wrestling: Nothing Gold Can Stay Live Report 7/21/2017

Friday night July 21, 2017 Limitless Wrestling returned to the Westbrook Armory for "Nothing Gold Can Stay" that drew another great attendance for the promotion. It was extremely hot in the building this evening, 85 degrees outside and much hotter inside.

Maxwell Jacob Friedman submitted Sami Callihan

It was a good opener, I like both of these guys.  They did an injury angle and Callihan sold it well showing remorse, apologizing to the fans saying he'd come back.  Freidman oversold it with near fake crying that basically screamed I'm faking this.

Friedman snapped Callihan's arm over the rope while faking the injury and then worked the arm for the rest of the match leading to a very surprising submission victory.

Six Way Scramble: Jon Silver defeated "Mind Eraser" Mike Graca, Mr. Grim, Bear Bronson, "New Age Enforcer" James Drake, & Xavier Bell 
This started with two guys in the ring and the other four in corner awaiting a tag.  It quickly broke down to what I thought a scramble is.  It was my first time seeing Bronson and Drake in person.  I was really impressed Drake, his ability inside the ring, how he can move for a guy his size, and his look.

Silver was the star of the match showing some impressive strength german suplexing Bronson whilst he was holding him in a fireman's carry.  I was surprised that after the finish Grim didn't body bag anyone.

Texas Bullrope Match: "Top Shelf" Troy Nelson defeated Wee BL with Syndey Bakabella 
This was advertised at Sydney Bakabella Giant taking on Nelson.  For those that don't recall Bakabella has brought in several wrestlers to take on Nelson in hopes of taking him out.  Nelson has defeated Kikutaru, Dick Justice, & Colt Cabana to date.

Apparently Bakabella did not do proper research as when he thought he was bringing in JBL to challenge Nelson he ended up with Wee BL.  The match itself was lots of comedy, one spot had the rope wrapped around Nelson and when Wee BL pulled on the rope it caused Nelson to hit himself in the face.

The finish was botched, Nelson had hit three corners and has the was going to the forth Wee BL picked up Nelson on his shoulders and walked him across the ring dropping him face first in the top turnbuckle and the referee called for the bell.  The match should not have ended as you have to hit all four turnbuckles in order, essentially Nelson touched turnbuckles 1, 2, 3, and 2.

Bakabella announced that on September 22nd he's bringing in Swoggle to face Nelson.

XWA Champion: Anthony Henry submitted Flip Gordon
I was pretty excited about this match because it had loads of potential and I was not disappointed.

Both guys are pretty evenly matched with Flip's aerial offense and Henry's mat based submission style.  Henry got the submission with a variation of the Regal Stretch that was visually very impressive.

Donovan Dijak pinned Josh Briggs
This is Dijak's finaly match in Limitless Wrestling as he has signed a deal with WWE and is no longer accepting indy bookings.  Dijak got a good send off from the Limitless faithful including the streamer treatment.

My first time seeing Josh Briggs in person, he has not been wrestling long, less than a year but he is already wicked good.  He's a big man himself near 6 foot 7 and he can move!  It was a very good back and for match, not your typical big man match as both of these guys don't lumber around the ring.

Dijak got the win after hitting feast your eyes.  Post match he put over Briggs as being a the next big man in wrestling and the future of Limitless.

At intermission Fenix came out, he didn't arrive until after the show started.  I got both my cards signed a picture with him.  Also I got my Sami Callihan's cards signed and my picture with him.  I snagged a photo with James Drake too.

Le Tabarnak de Team: Mathieu St. Jacques & Thomas Dubois and Buxx Belmar defeated Maine State Posse: Aidan Agro, Danger Kid, & Alexander Lee
This match was awesome!  I enjoyed Le Tabarnak de Team during their last appearance in May, this performance tonight cemented me as a fan of theirs.  Maine State Posse got their normal big reaction as these guys are tremendous fan favorites.  However, something happened part way through the match, almost like Rocky overcoming the partisan Russian fans against Ivan Drago, Tabarnak de Team started getting cheers as the match drew to an end.

On spot in particular, which was awesome saw one member of TDT piledrove Danger Kid onto Alexander Lee who was then hit with two top rope moves from the other members of the team and Lee kicked out.  I was surprised at how much the fans booed when he did.  I get it, it seemed like that should have been the finish of the match if he kicks out of that what won't he.  The answer was when Thomas Dubois got the pin on Lee after an SOS Moonsault.  DAMN!

Both teams looked great in the match and I would love to see a return match between them.

JT Dunn pinned Super Crazy
Really good match.  Crazy looked in excellent shape from the last time I remember seeing him.  It was kind of surreal as I never thought I'd see Super Crazy in the ring here in Maine.  It just seems so random to me.  It was a fun match with Crazy getting the majority of the offense in before eating a couple elbows that lead to the pin.

Luke Robinson pinned Cam Zigami w/ Mike Gamble
Good back and forth match with these two evenly matched competitors.  The finish came when Tyler Nitro made a surprise appearance causing the distraction leading to Robinson nailing the superkick for the pin.

Post match Nitro and Zigami had a pull apart, Zigami announced that they will meet in a match on September 22nd at the two year anniversary.

AR Fonix: AR Fox & Rey Fenix defeated Take Me Home Tonight: "All Good" Anthony Greene & Ace Romero when Fox pinned Romero

Fantastic match!  The crowd was solidly behind Greene and Romero, and they wanted to cheer Fenix but had no issues booing Fox.  Fenix is so damn fast, he'd throws the kicks out with amazing quickness!  Also the height he gets in the ring and the way he glides through the air is impressive!

Much to my surprise and most others, Fenix and Fox got the win when Fox pinned Romero.  This actually ties Romero and Fox with two pinfalls each over the other.  Greene did not take to kindly to being handed his first defeat ever in Limitless Wrestling blaming Ace for being distracted.

The two went at each other with the locker room separating them.  Brian Fury came to the ring, saying he was disappointed in them both.  He said on September 22nd they would face each other and he would be the special guest referee.

Limitless Wrestling returns to Westbrook at the Armory on Friday September 22nd for their two year anniversary show.  Announced so far:
Jack Swagger 
"Top Shelf" Troy Nelson vs. Swoggle w/ Sydney Bakabella
"All Good" Anthony Greene vs. Ace Romero
Cam Zigami w/ Mike Gamble vs. Tyler Nitro

I predict that Swagger will face JT Dunn

Limitless put on another great show in front of some very appreciative and hot fans.  It was nice when after intermission they opened the sally port door and left it up, it really cooled it down in their. 

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Rey Fenix

Sami Callihan

"New Age Enforcer" James Drake

Super Crazy

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Rick Martel's WCW 1998 Run

At the beginning of 1998 Rick Martel hadn't competed regularly in wrestling since 1994.  The former three time WWF Tag Team Champion and AWA World Heavyweight Champion had been a mainstay in the WWF since 1986 however had made only two appearance in 1995.  The first he competed in the 1995 Royal Rumble, and the second an appearance in a non-wrestling babyface role at the Montreal Forum on February 3rd.

With Tony Garea as WWF Tag Team Champion, AWA World Champion, and as The Model
Growing up to me Martel was a WWF guy, needless to say I was shocked to see him jog out to the ring January 5, 1998 to take on Brad Armstrong.  Since that time I have learned, most recently Cyrus talked about it on Killing the Town, that Don Callis and Rick Martel were gearing up to wrestle as a tag team in the WWF as the Supermodels.

They even had several matches as a team in the IWA in Canada against Christian Cage & Rhino and Adam Impact & Christian Cage.  I'm sure you know who they are today.  However at the last minute Martel either reached out too or was contacted by WCW and he ended up there for his only run in the promotion.

January 5, 1998 WCW Nitro Georgia Dome, Atlanta
Defeated Brad Armstrong
In this match, Armstrong, the Georgia native lasted only about five minutes before submitting to the Quebec Crab.  It was odd to me that Armstrong was the bad guy in this match.

January 6, 1998 WCW Saturday Night taping Rome, Georgia
Show airing January 10, 1998
Defeated Mark Truian with the Quebec Crab in about four minutes
Backstage interview with Martel about his arrival in WCW.  This promo is on YouTube and it's pretty generic, "I'm here because this company is the best in the world, and I plan on challenging for championships."

Show airing January 17, 1998
Defeated Hardbody Harrison with the Quebec Crab in about four minutes
This match is on YouTube, Martel was dominate working the legs until he applied finisher for the submission.  During Martel's entrance footage from the January 12th Nitro was shown on Martel helping Booker T.

January 8, 1998 WCW Thunder Daytona Beach, Florida
Defeated Louie Spicolli with the Quebec Crab just under three and a half minutes

January 12, 1998 WCW Monday Nitro Jacksonville, FL
During the Booker T vs. Saturn match for Booker's World Television Championship Saturn cheated to win, Martel ran in getting the referee to restart the match where Booker T retained his title.  Martel told Booker that he owed him one.

January 19, 1998 WCW Monday Nitro, Superdome New Orleans, Louisiana
Defeated Eddie Guerrero with the Quebec Crab in just over five minutes

Guerrero jumped Martel as he entered the ring.  Martel fired back taking the offensive even hitting a gorilla press slam, something I don't think I've ever seen Martel do!  A really good match, Guerrero was so good and he was able to fit so much into this short match without doing too much.  Martel hit a spine buster holding onto the legs he turned it right over into his finish.  The crowd was hot!

Later in the show after Booker T defeated Mortis to defend his Television Championship Mortis attacked him.  Martel made the save and Booker T agreed to defend the Television Championship against him at Souled Out.

January 20, 1998 WCW Saturday Night taping Thibodaux, Louisiana
Show airing January 24, 1998
Defeated Johnny Attitude with the Quebec Crab in just over two minutes.  Footage was shown of the attack from the January 22nd Thunder.

A promo aired of Martel talking about his match later tonight against Booker T for the World Television Championship at Souled Out.  That's right, Martel wrestled in a taped match on Wednesday that aired the same night as his PPV match.  Why would they have him wrestle on the taped Saturday Night and the Live PPV, I just don't get that.

January 22, 1998 WCW Thunder Huntsville, Alabama
Defeated Perry Saturn with the Quebec Crab
I found this match on YouTube, it's a decent back and forth match until Martel rolls through a sunset flip to lock in his finisher for the submission.

When Martel arrived at the building Kidman and Perry Saturn attacked Martel throwing him through a glass door.

January 24, 1998 WCW Souled Out, Dayton, Ohio
Was defeated by World Television Champion: Booker T

January 29, 1998 WCW Thunder, Mid-South Coliseum, Memphis, Tennessee
World Television Champion: Booker T defeated Saturn, during the match Lodi, Billy Kidman, Sick Boy, & Riggs attempted to interfere and Martel ran out preventing them.  After the match Booker T and Martel had words with each other.

February 14, 1998 WCW Worldwide, Universal Studios, Florida
Defeated Barry Houston with the Quebec Crab in about three minutes

I found this match on YouTube, it's not listed on any of my typical sources for results.  However this was taped during the days when taping several weeks of matches at once.

February 16, 1998 WCW Monday Nitro, Tampa, Florida
Was defeated by Perry Saturn with the Rings of Saturn

The match was supposed to be Saturn vs. Disco Inferno, on the way to the ring La Parka attacked Disco laying him out with a chair.  For reasons I can't understand Martel came out and challenged Saturn.  It was a very good match that ended when the Kidman distracted the referee and Riggs attacked Martel.

Defeated Booker T with the Quebec Crab to win the World Television Championship.

That's right two matches later Martel returned to the ring to capture his first and only WCW championship.  After the ref was bumped Saturn attempted to interfere which lead to Booker hitting Saturn with a spin kick that injured his knee leading to the submission win for Martel.  In another odd moment Martel worked as babyface against Saturn earlier but was a heel here against Booker T.

February 22, 1998 WCW SuperBrawl VIII Cow Palace, San Francisco, California
Was defeated by Booker T losing his World Television Championship.

This was a very good match I couldn't see where Martel injured himself and I was looking for it.  This was probably the best match of his WCW run.

July 13, 1998 WCW Monday Nitro, Las Vegas, Nevada
Was defeated by Stevie Ray after a slapjack

Martel had Stevie Ray in the Quebec Crab when Bret Hart ran out and hit Martel in the back of the head with a chair, the ref didn't see it.  Ray then hit his finish the slapjack, which is his variation of the pedigree.

If you watch it Martel lands on the crown of his head and according to his RF Shoot Interview it injured two vertebrae in his neck.  He said he was hesitant to take the move because the didn't want to land on his knee after just having surgery.  Martel said that was enough for him and he hung up the boots.

After being injured again in his first match back Martel retired from the ring working for WCW has a trainer and working as a host for the french versions of their show.  Incidentally his entrance music in WCW was terrible.

Martel would wrestle one more match on March 20, 1999 in Hawaii defeating The Metal Maniac.

Martel is one of a only a few men to hold a championship in the AWA, WWF, and WCW.  He also held championships in Stampede Wrestling and various NWA promotions. Had he not been injured I suspect he would still have finished his career in WCW just not the way he did.

WCW Saturday Night and Thunder are not yet on the WWE Network so these results and information I found on The History of WWE website.

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Roy's Review: Ring of Honor TV Taping June 24, 2017 SPOILERS


Here is my review of the ROH TV Taping on June 24, 2017 in Lowell, Massachusetts

Future of Honor Match: Tough Guy Inc.: Bob Evans & Tim Hughes defeated Cam Zagami & Josh Briggs
Decent match but nothing really special. Evans is terrible as a face and even worse when his trying to be somewhat of a comedy guy. Hughes took the beat down. Zagami accidentally hit Briggs which pissed of Briggs and the arguing cost them the match.

In Ring: Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian come out and rip into the crowd because traders. They said the crowd was ecstatic when Daniels won the title but quickly turned on him for the new flavor of the month. They called the crowd a buch of assholes. Daniels says the he is only out for whats best for The Addiction from here on out and he wants his rematch. Then said that when he wins the title back he will quit ROH and defend the title all over the world.

Match 1: Six Man World Tag Team Champions: Dalton Castle & The Boys defeated Coast to Coast: Leon St. Giovanni & Shaheem Ali and Flip Gordon

This was a great 6 man tag match. I'm really starting to like Coast to Coast. Lots of fast paced action with a bunch of dives to the outside. Castle got the win after a Bang a Rang on LSG.

Match 2: Matt Taven w/TK O'Ryan & Vinny Marseglia defeated Ultimo Guerrero
Another great match with lots of action and a buch of ringside battling that went into the crowd. TK and Vinny tried may times to get involved with Vinny paying for it. Taven got the pin after a referee distraction. Check this match out its good.

Match 3: The Motor City Machine Guns: Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin defeated War Machine: Warbeard Hanson & Raymond Rowe
I wasn't sure what to expect from this one because of the size difference but I was plesantly surprised. This turned out to be a good tag match and a solid main event. Tons of double team moves and lots of fast paced action. I was surpised to see the Guns get the win considering War Machine was in the tag title match the night before.

Women of Honor Match: Kris Wolfe defeated Sumi Sakai
Solid match with a bunch of stiff action. There was a slightly scary moment when Sakai appeared to have her head crushed under the weight of Wolfe.

In Ring: Cody Rhodes comes out and celebrates his title win with the crowd. He praises them for cheering him and then buries Sinclair Broadcasting and ROH for not addressing him as champ or Mr. Rhodes. Cody then basically says that Daniels is a whiner but he will get his title rematch and it will be 2 out of 3 falls.

Match 4: Punishment Martinez defeated Jonathan Gresham
This was kind of awkward because Gresham is legit half the size of Martinez. Gresham worked the leg throughout the match and Martinez did a crappy job of selling it. At one point the battle spilled to the floor and Gresham took a brutal powerbomb on the ring apron. Martinez got the win with his sitout chokeslam. This match went about 3-4 minutes to long.

In Ring: Punishment Martinez continued to beat up Jonathan Gresham after the match until Jay White came out to make the save.

Match 5: Cheeseburger & Joey Daddiego defeated The Tempura Boys: Sho & Yohei

This was really average. I like the Tempura Boys but Cheeseburger is terrible and Joey Daddiego is nothing more than a mini Batista. During the match The Sea Stars were posing as Cheeseburger fans and freaked out for him.

Ringside: After the match The Cheeseburger fans jumped the rail and mobbed the Cheeseburger. The ROH crew pulled them off and then Will Ferrera, who was disguised as a crew member, attacked Cheeseburger and then fled through the crowd. Why is ROH wasting time with this Cheeseburger crap?

Match 6: Bullet Club: Hangman Page and The Young Bucks: Nick & Matt Jackson defeated The Briscoes: Jay & Mark and Bully Ray
This was an awesome match. Check this out. The end came when Marty Scurll came out and wrecked one of the Briscoes with his umbrella and Hangman Page fell on him for the win.

Ringside: The Brisoces were pissed that they lost. They trashed ringside and beat up the ROH Crew.

Ringside: Mikey Webb was coming out for a match when Shane Taylor attacked him from behind.

Women of Honor Match 2: Jenny Rose defeated Mandy Leon
This was the drizzling shits

In Ring: The Young Bucks and Hangman Page come out and the Bucks say that there isn't any competition in the Tag Team Division. They then challenge Dalton Castle and The Boys to a 6 Man Tag Team Title match. Then they introduce Marty Scurll.

Match 7: Marty Scurll defeated Josh Woods, Will Ferrera, El Terrible, Frankie Kazarian and Vinny Marseglia w/Matt Taven and TK O'Ryan in a in a 6 Man Mayhem Match

Good match with a bunch of crazy free for all action. Scurll basically just hung out at ringside and the only time he got it was to break up a pinfall. Midway through the match, Shane Taylor came out and beat the hell out of Josh Woods, causing him to be helped to the back. In the end Kazarian hit a cutter on Marseglia but Scurll came in and threw out Kazarian and picked the bones for the win.

Match 8: The Beer City Bruiser w/Silas Young defeated Brian Milonas
Good big man match. The more I watch The Bruiser the more he impresses me. At one point Milonas caught The Bruiser and held him before he hit a World's Strongest Slam. The Bruiser got the win with a Frog Splash.

In Ring: Silas Young said it had been 29 days since anyone had seen Jay Lethal in ROH. He was holding a lost work sign that said the same thing.

Match 9: TV Champion: Kushida defeated Jay White to retain

Great match with tons of back and forth action. I could see Jay White winning the TV title. Hes a great wrestler. Kushida worked the arm the entire match and almost got the win with a kimora. In the end Kushida got the win with a small package driver.

Ringside: Bobby Cruise announces that the rematch between Cody Rhodes and Christopher Daniels would take place tonight.

On Stage: Silas Young and The Beer City Bruiser come out with the lost work sign and they say that its now been 36 days since anyone had seen Jay Lethal in ROH.

Women of Honor Match 3: Karen Q defeated Deonna Purrazzo and Kelly Klein in a Triple Threat Match
Good solid women's match. Karen Q continues to improve and after this match is on my list of women's wrestlers that I look forward to seeing. Kelly Klein on the other hand, I don't see what many others do. She didn't impress me at all. Karen Q hit a bunch of high flying moves including a suicide dive and in the end she got the surprise victory with a surprise roll up. On a side note, Karen Q had one of the worst titantron videos I have ever seen. It was just a bunch of Qs.

In Ring: Silas Young and The Beer City Bruiser came out with lost work sign and changed it to 43 days since anyone had seen Jay Lethal in ROH. Jay Lethal then comes out and wrecks both Silas and The Bruiser. He went to use The Bruiser's Keg as a weapon but the ROH Crew broke it up.

Match 10: ROH World Heavyweight Champion: "American Nightmare" Cody Rhodes defeated Christopher Daniels in a 2 out 3 Falls Match to retain

Great main event and better than their Best in the World match. Rhodes got beaten up for most of the match and at one point, after he was thrown into the guardrail, the match was paused while someone came out to check on Rhodes. Rhodes fought back and hit a sick top rope armdrag. Kazarian then came out and threw in a chair. Marty Scurll then came out and attacked Kazarian and the fought to the back. Daniels tried to use the chair but Rhodes got a surprise roll up to win fall 1. Daniels then attacked Rhodes with the chair and he fell to the outside. He was almost counted out but made it back in at the count of 19. A few minutes later Rhodes hit Cross Rhodes to win the 2nd fall and win the match 2-0.

In Ring: The Young Bucks, Marty Scurll and Hangman Page come out to celebrate Rhodes' victory.

Overall the TV Taping scored a 92.25 out of 140 for an overall score of 65.89%. This was good set of TV Tapings with a ton of good wrestling with Bullet Club vs. The Briscoes and Bully Ray being the standout match. They taped 5 episodes with the Women of Honor matches being their own episode. Oddly their weren't any commentators at ringside or up on stage. 

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The Last Match: The Hart Family

Time for another edition of The Last Match!  In this post I look at the famous Hart Family.  I already covered Bret "Hitman" Hart and Owen Hart in previous Last Match blog posts but I will be including them here as well.

Let's get to it!

Stu Hart
July 25, 1986 Stampede Wrestling Calgary, Alberta, Canada
with Keith Hart defeated Honky Tonk Wayne and JR Foley

The patriarch of the Hart family Stu began wrestling in 1946 for Toots Mondt in New York.  He first began promoting matches in 1948 with Klondike Wrestling in Edmonton.  After a couple name changes he settled with Stampede Wrestling in 1967 promoting until 1989.  Stu passed away October 16, 2003 at the age of 88.

Smith Hart
May 24, 2013 Pure Wrestling Association Lefroy, Ontario, Canada
defeated Mad Braddock

The first born Hart child Smith began wrestling in 1973 for his father's promotion.  Smith would travel around the world wrestling for promotions in Japan, England, Germany, and Puerto Rico through-out his career.  Smith had stopped wrestling regularly in the early 80's returning to the ring for a single match in 1986, 2011, and 2013.  He passed away July 2, 2017 at the age of 68.

Bruce Hart
May 12, 2012 Real Canadian Wrestling Bashaw, Alberta, Canada
with Heavy Metal & Tommy Lee Curtis was defeated by Andrew Hawks, Kid Kash, & Teddy Hart in a no disqualification match.

The second child of Helen and Stu Hart, Bruce was the first one to step into the ring in 1972 after beginning his training in 1971.  He too would travel around the world wrestling but returned to Calgary promoting Stampede Wrestling from 1985 - 1989 and again in 1999 - 2005.

Although he made several appearances in the WWE over the years his only official match in a WWE ring was on November 24, 1993 at the Survivor Series in Boston teaming with brothers Bret, Owen, & Keith against Shawn Michaels and his Knights.  Bruce had stopped wrestling regularly in 2003 returning for a single match in 2011 & 2012.

Keith Hart
July 9, 2000 Athletik Club Wrestling, Weinheim, Germany
with Eric Schwarz & Ulf Hermann was defeated by Chris The Bambikiller, Michael Kovac, & Mr. Natural Wonder

Keith debuted in mid 1973 for Stampede Wrestling.  He competed regularly until 1988 taking several years off from the ring before returning at the 1993 Survivor Series.  He competed semi regularly until his last match.

Wayne Hart
February 27, 1988 Stampede Wrestling Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
with Owen Hart, Brian Pillman, & Jason The Terrible lost to Akam Sigh, Gerry Morrow, Steve DiSalvo, & Makhan Singh in a Bunkhouse Tag Team Match

Wayne began wrestling in 1972 and was primarily a referee however he did wrestler.  I can't find much about Wayne on the internet.

Dean Hart
I read on line about Dean Wrestling and refereeing for a short time, however I cannot find any record of an actual match.  He debuted in 1973 for Stampede Wrestling also competing in the Amarillo Territory and in Hawaii for Peter Maivia.  He promoted music concerts at his father's beach in Clearwater.  He passed away November 21, 1990.

Bret "Hitman" Hart
January 10, 2000 WCW Nitro Buffalo, NY Marine Midland Arena
wrestled Kevin Nash to a no contest

September 12, 2011 WWE Monday Night Raw Ottawa, Ontario, Canada Scotiabank Place
with John Cena defeated Alberto Del Rio & Ricardo Rodriguez

Ross Hart
March 19, 2005 StampedeWrestling Cardson, Alberta, Canada
as Rory Hunter was defeated by Apocalypse

Debuting in 1985 for Stampede Wrestling he competed under the rings names of Ross Hart and Ross Lindsey.  He worked as enhancement talent for the WWE in 1990's and toured the United Kingdom in the 1980's and 1990's.  He also has promoted several shows under the Stampede banner into the 2000's.

Owen Hart
WWF House Show, Chicago, IL Rosemont Horizon May 22, 1999
Owen Hart & Jeff Jarrett defeated Edge & Christian when Owen pinned Christian
Died May 23, 1999 from injuries suffered after falling from the catwalk at the Over the Edge PPV he was 34 years old

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