Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Kill City Cup: America's Most Badass Tournament

April 28, 2021 a 6 second video clip of Natalia Markova being powerbombed on a table that didn't break went viral with over a million views in the first week.  The wrestling world was intrigued and wondering, what the hell did I just watch and where can I find more.  Shortly thereafter we were given the name Kill City Cup.

Methodically over the next two years information, photos, and footage of Kill City Cup would be released on the companies social media pages leading do the debut of Kill City Cup: America' Most Badass Tournament on April 20, 2023 on their YouTube page. 

The brain child of Luke Robert, who has wrestled for over 20 years, Kill City Cup is cinematic wrestling at it's finest.  Filmed on a closed set in the vein of Lucha Underground, with high quality production values and very talented professional wrestlers, with commentary provided by Randy Carver.

This first episode features 7 matches in the Kill City Cup Tournament.  With wrestlers going by Russian Crush, The Machine, Neo-Shaman, Hecates Hangman, and more.  You would know them better as Jimmy Jacobs, Matt Sydal, Brian Cage, and Natalia Markova.

I enjoyed the show thoroughly, not just the presentation and high quality production, but the unique style of matches, interesting storylines and how winners of the matches is declared.  Not with a traditional 3 count but more akin to a video game like Street Fighter or Mortal Combat.

I have it under good authority they have unreleased matches featuring 2 Cold Scorpio, Teddy Hart, Mojo McQueen, and more. 

Kill City Cup II is currently in pre-production. 

You can support Kill City Cup on their Webpage, Facebook, and Instagram pages.  

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Thursday, March 23, 2023

Rasslin' Results January 7 - March 4th, 2023

Here are the results to the shows I attended so far this year:

January 7, 2023

PUG Pro Wrestling NEPWA North Andover, MA


Marcus Mathers pinned Mattick

Main Show

Sebastian Finn pinned Cam Zigami

Ricky Smokes pinned Colin Delaney

The Y2Cuties: Ava & Becca defeated MSP: Aiden Aggro & DangerKid when Becca pinned Aggro with a 450 splash

Puppy Love Warfare: Paris Van Dale pinned TJ Crawford, special guest referee Love Doug

Fatal Four Way: Anthony Greene defeated Armani Kayos, El Espartano, and Ichiban pinning Ichiban with the corner piledriver to win the vacant AWC: American Wrestling Council:  Heavyweight Championship. 

Aaron Rourke pinned Kylon King with gayto DDT

Six Person Tag: Dirty Dango, Jariel Rivera, & Shannon Levangie defeated Max Smashmaster, Mortar, & Sigma

The creation of Anthony Greene and Ava Everett, PUG Pro held their debut show at the New England Pro Wrestling Academy this was a very fun show! It was Wesley's First show outside of Maine and Mikey went along with us. It had very limited seating and I'm glad we were lucky enough to score tickets. Marcus Mathers was added day of the show and that was a cool surprise. Rourke and King killed it!! This show is on IWTV go check it out!

January 21, 2023

Limitless Wrestling AmVets Hall Yarmouth, ME

Rip Byson pinned Connor Murphy

Becca pinned Janai Kai

“World Class” Channing Thomas with Sidney Bakabella vs. Ricky Morton went to a no-contest

Let’s Wrestle! #1 Contender Battle Royal: Humorous won revealing himself to be BRG

The Prize: Alec Price pinned “Big Booga” Dezmond Cole

¡Let’s Wrestle! Champion: Mac Daniels pinned Slade

Big Beef pinned Andy Brown

The Mortons: Ricky Morton & NWA World Junior Heavyweight Champion: Kerry Morton defeated “World Class” Channing Thomas & Sidney Bakabella when Ricky pinned Bakabella

RICKY MORTON!! He's still the man and seeing Bakabella in the ring was a surprise and fun. Price and Cole tore it up as did Beef and Brown. A great start to the year for Limitless Wrestling.

January 29, 2023

Mariners Wrestling Cross Insurance Center Portland, ME

Dr. Heresy promo while the ring was being constructed

JT Dunn Promo

JT Dunn pinned Teddy Goodz with his feet on the ropes

“Mr. USA” Tony Atlas & Cousin Larry defeated Bradley Bruisers Club: Blade Bandit & BA Tatum with Jessie Nolan when Larry pinned Blade

Limitless Wrestling Champion: Ace Romero, MSP: Aiden Aggro & DangerKid and Bobby Ocean defeated Adam Booker, Thomas Santell, Dr. Heresy, and “Hacksaw” Brian Black with Dr. Everette Payne when DangerKid pinned Booker after the drip drop

Dirty Dango & Scotty to Hotty with “Centerfold” Steve Ramsey defeated Enzo & Mo Jabari with Alexander Worthington the 3rd

Mikey, Canaan, Wesley and Myself attend this Hockey and Wrestling double header. This show was very cool for multiple reasons, finally got down a Maine Mariner's Hockey game and the mini EWA reunion.

Larry and his team busted ass getting the ring set up in quick order after the Hockey game was over, Mariner's won. Dunn and Goodz had a great match and the fans were VERY into it! Tony was huge over as was Larry, Bandit and Tatum looked great in matching gear and Bandit looked great in general, he's gotten into great shape since the last time I saw him. They had fun match with Tony looking damn good for 68 years old.

Some EWA regulars on the card included: Dango, Adam Booker, Santell, Heresey, Brian Black, Everete Payne, Alexander Worthington the 3rd, and Steve Ramsey. It was very cool seeing Ramsey manager Taylor and Dango, Ramsey used to tag team with Taylor back in the early 90's and even wrestled each other on an episode of WWF Shotgun Saturday Night June 9, 1997.

I heard a rumor Dango may do the same with the Sea Dogs this summer, I'll be there for that!

February 4, 2023

¡Let’s Wrestle! Indoor Flea Market Brewer, ME

Aiden Aggro pinned Joseph Alexander with a falcon arrow

Elle Valentine pinned Shannon LeVangie

¡Let’s Wrestle! Champion: Mac Daniels pinned Jariel Rivera

DangerKid pinned Levi Spade with Drake Lovecraft and Dylan Nix

Alexander Lee defeated Jacob Hess

Limitless Wrestling Champion: Ace Romero pinned Connor Murphy

Six Man Tag: Jason Maverick, Dave Dyer, & Diego Alvarez defeated Dunky Boy Bandit, El Espartano, and Sebastian Finn with Maverick pinned Finn

“World Class” Channing Thomas with Sidney Bakabella pinned Gangrel while Bakabella held his foot

I became a huge fan of Joseph Alexander this night. I had seen him before and each time he gets better, but he and Aggro had a fantastic match. After the show I introduced Alexander to Jim Breaks as I feel he would be great with that style.

Bakabelle was tremendous tonight in his role with Thomas against Gangrel including helping him cheat to win. There's something so cool about Gangrel's music and entrance all these years later, and he can still go.

February 25, 2023

North Atlantic Wrestling Assoc. (NAWA) The Community Center Fairfield, ME

“Rugged” Rick Daniels pinned “Flash” Nick Mckenna

Bomb Squad: John Bryar & Crash Landing defeated The Sea Wolves: Levi Spade & Dylan Nix when Crash pinned Nix 

Lee Miller with Mark Moment and Santone defeated Dunky Boy Bandit

Johnny Primer pinned Blade Bandit

Jason Maverick with Coach pinned “Roadhouse” Jordan Cross

Mark Moment with Lee Miller and Santone defeated Cousin Larry

NAWA is back on April 15th in Fairfield with a Tag Team Steel Cage Match Main Event!

March 4, 2023

¡Let’s Wrestle! Indoor Flea Market Brewer, ME

Dojo Showcase

Dro Dooby pinned Angelo Carter

¡Let’s Wrestle! Champion: Mac Daniels pinned Kwesi Asante

Alexander Lee & “Mass Hole” Mike McCarthy defeated The Ring Marshals: Flex Whitney & Schwan Ross

Shannon LeVangie pinned Haley Dylan

Dunky Boy Bandit defeated Jason Maverick with Coach by reverse decision, Maverick got the referee stoppage with a Dragon Sleeper but would not relinquished the hold

Joseph Alexander submitted Jordan Collins with an ankle lock

Big Cat pinned Samuel Radcliffe

Eric Johnson and MSP: Aiden Aggro & DangerKid defeated The Sea Wolves: Levi Spade & Dylan Nix and Drake Lovecraft when Johnson pinned Lovecraft

Another fun night of the Rasslin's at the indoor Flea Market.  Make sure you go to IWTV and watch Joseph Alexander vs. Jordan Collins, that was a HELL OF A MATCH!! Also I loved the team of Lee and McCarthy, they've never teamed before but you wouldn't know it.  I sincerely hope we get more of them together. The Ring Marshals were very entertaining.  They built a falls count anywhere match for May between Lee and Maverick that should be fantastic. 

Road to 25 in 2023 to date: 6 shows

My upcoming shows both confirmed and potential:

March 25: Limitless Wrestling, Yarmouth, Maine
April 8: Mat & Muscle, Skowhegan, Maine
April 15: Interspecies Wrestling, East Haven, Connecticut
April 16: New Japan Pro Wrestling, Philadelphia, PA - FINALLY going to the ECW Arena
April 22: Limitless Wrestling, Herman
May 5: Adam Booker's show in Biddeford, Maine
May 6: Let's Wrestle! Brewer, Maine
May 19: NAWA Geno's - maybe
May 20: To Be Determined 

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Saturday, February 11, 2023

New Grail Card update!

If you follow this blog that I sparsely post on anymore you may recall last spring when I posted about my new grail card that I aim to get signed. If you don't recall please have a read: New Grail Card.

In June 2022 I went to Big Time wrestling and met Arn Anderson and got the first signature on the card.  I also got several cards signed that night by FTR and got to see the best tag team in the world be managed by Bret Hart for the first time ever again Brock Anderson & Brian Pillman Jr. 

Lex Luger had been advertised to appear with Sting in July, but that event was cancelled.  It worked out though as ROH ended up announcing Death Before Dishonor for that same date, and I ended up with a front row seat next to the commentators and it was an amazing night!  Got to see FTR wrestle The Briscoes in the main event in a two out of 3 falls match. 

I mailed my card to my buddy Brandon in November as he was going to WrestleCade where David Crockett was making a rare appearance.  I was a bit annoyed as Crockett's prices were raised from what was listed online to what was charged in person by $10 a signature.  Lex Luger was also appearing at the show so I able to get both David Crockett and Luger added to the card. 

Just after Christmas I mailed the horsemen card and another NWA Wonderama card of Ric Flair to Fiterman's Sports in Houston, Texas as they were hosting Ric Flair at a sports convention and accepted mail in orders.  

Honestly it cost much less than I thought it would based on what Ric has been charging at the conventions I went to and other appearances he has been making.  The signing was on January 15th and I just got them back in the mail a couple days ago.  I am so happy with how they came out!  

The Horsemen card has plenty of room for the remaining signatures and that purple just looks amazing on the solo Flair card!

There is plenty of room for JJ Dillon and Tully Blanchard to sign the card.  I just need to find a way to get it signed.  I'm not to concerned about Tully, however I'm keeping my eyes peeled for JJ Dillon.  He seems to be doing less and less signings, and as he's going to be 81 years old this year, I'm not surprised. 

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Thursday, January 5, 2023

My Year of Wrestling in 2022

The year 2022 was a good year for me for live wrestling events as I managed to attend 22 shows.  It's not the most I've ever attended in a single year, that would be 2012 & 2019 with 23.  In 2012 I got divorces and went to everything I could, 2019 travelled to New York for weekend so that accounted for a large number in a few days.  I'm shooting in 2023 to hit 25 shows and with five potentially on deck the first two months, it's possible.

Of the 22 shows, 16 of them took place in Maine and the remaining 6 all in Massachusetts.  

In Maine I attended 8 Limitless Wrestling events, 5 Let's Wrestle!, 1 Pine State Pro Wrestling, 1 NAWA and the final Maine show was a WWE house show at the Cross Insurance Arena.

The NAWA and  Pine State Pro Wrestling shows were both at the Fairfield Community Center, with the Pine State event being the 60th show I have attended in that building. 

Let's Wrestle! has some killer shows with Mac Daniels solidifying his run as Champion with successful defenses against Rip Byson, Champ Mathews, and others.  

At Limitless we got to see fantastic run of Alec Price as Champion and the rise of Ace Romero to the championship.  The only two in state Limitless shows that I missed were for a good reason.  In April I had VIP tickets to "Weird" Al Yankovic and in July I had front row to Ring of Honor.  My goal in 2023 is not to miss any instate Limitless Wrestling shows. 

The WWE show was my first since summer 2019 and Wesley's first show.  We bought good seats in the stands that would have given us a great view.  However my buddy Ben came in with the mad hook up with front row 10 minutes before bell time.  It was fantastic, I managed to get pictures with Kevin Owens, Pete Dunne (Butch) and others.  

Mikey, Paul, and I went to 3 AEW Dynamite/Rampage shows, two in Boston and one in Worcester.  I feel fortunate to have attended those shows and we got some fantastic matches as well.  April 6th at Agganis Arena we got a Tables Match with The Hardy's beating The Butcher & The Blade, FTR vs Young Bucks II that was a five star classic, it was so damn good.  The night closed off on the Rampage Taping where Wheeler Yuta was made when Jon Moxley beat him by referee stoppage in a blood bath.

The July 27th Dynamite we saw Moxley vs. Rush, Dragon vs. Garcia, and Hook capture the FTW Championship.  November 9th I finally got to see Jamie Hayter wrestle live and we got Dragon vs Sammy Guevara in a two out of 3 falls match. 

The three of us also made the drive to Webster for Big Time Wrestling where Bret "Hitman" Hart managed FTR against the Arn Anderson lead Brock Anderson and Brian Pillman Jr.  Hart has managed FTR since then, however this was the first time.  It was well worth the drive. 

I lucked out getting an amazing front row seat at the Ring of Honor Death Before Dishonor PPV in Lowell, I was right next to the commentators.  I got to see Claudio win his first world title, the absolutely bonkers Rush vs. Dragon Lee, and the best match I saw live all year in FTR vs. The Briscoe brothers in 2 out of 3 falls match for the ROH World Tag Team Championships.  I even got a post match hug from Dax. 

The other Massachusetts show was in May with Mikey and it was my first ever all Deathmatch wrestling show promoted by ICW: No Holds Barred.  We stood ringside with JP O'Reilly, Raph, & Lee Miller who also made the drive, getting coated in glass and having an awesome time.

Bobby Beverly at ICW NHB

Mikey and I went to 20 of my 22 shows together.  He's definitely my wrestling travel buddy. 

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