Tuesday, August 8, 2023

The International Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame

On June 27th my wife and I celebrated our 10th Anniversary, however we didn't go on vacation until near the end of July when our son was attending Summer Camp in New Hampshire.  You can read all about it here on the Labbe Family Voyages.

Albany, New York is the home of the International Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame, founded in 2019 and it is located on the second floor of the MVP Arena.  We were staying 3 nights in Albany originally to go see The Heavy Heavy, a band we both love, and fortunately for me AEW Dynamite was in town.

Earlier in the week I message the IPWHoF asking if they were going to be open while I was in town.  They normally are not open except for special events, with AEW in town they were going to be open 530pm to 730pm the night of the show.

I got to the venue just a bit after 530pm and found the Hall quite quickly.  It is essentially 2 rooms and hallway but it is jammed pack with memorabilia and artifacts. I spent a good hour in there trying to see everything and I know I missed a lot. 

Referee Dave Dwinell was there, he spent 32 years working for the New York State Athletic commission being assigned matches for NWA, WCW, WWF, indies and more, all over New York and at the historic Madison Square Garden.  He wrote a book all about it and I picked it up.  

Kayla Sparks was there as well, and independent wrestler who wrestled the week before on Dynamite in Boston against Britt Baker.  I was at that show as well.

Here are the pictures that I took

Ric Flair's WrestleMania 24 robe

Road Warrior shoulder pads worn during the late 1990's WWE Run

Gorgeous George's hair curler

Dominic DeNucci's robe

Johnny Rodz boots and robe

"Classie" Freddie Blassie jacket

Bruno Sammartino's WWWF Championship used from 1965 - 1971

The Assassin Jody Hamilton gear

George "The Animal" Steele gear and chewed turnbuckle

Tatsumi Fujinami's jacket

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