Monday, November 29, 2021

WrestleCade 2021 - A Brief Recap

Last weekend, I attended my fourth Wrestlecade and this time it was better than ever. The event featured more guests and thankfully more space, which made for an incredible experience. I’m not exaggerating when I say it was one of the best days of my life.

In the past, I’ve done a complete in-depth review of the event, but this year I want to try something a little different. Over the next several days/weeks, I’m going to post Wrestlecade moments. Brief recaps of some of my favorite moments from this past Saturday.

But to be fair, I use blog entries like this to gauge whether or not I attend certain events, so I feel that I need to at least say a few things about how everything went.

The Good:
-The guests were broken into two rooms which allowed for more space and a better overall atmosphere. The guests were also featured in much larger rooms than the past which allowed for reasonable movement throughout the convention floor.

-Everyone was so nice. The wrestlers seem to be in even better spirits than the past and I had some many wonderful moments with almost everyone I encountered. I definitely left the event loving some of my favorite wrestlers even more which is always a good thing.

-I was able to meet everyone on my list but Malakai Black, and I probably could have met him but I just couldn’t commit to his incredibly long line. I heard lots of folks were upset who collected autographs because he only signed things “A B” or “M B.”

-I had front row seats for the SuperShow and this year they put your name on the seats for the first three rows! This was an incredible upgrade from the wild west chair roulette everyone played in the past.

The Bad:
-My main reason for coming to Wrestlecade was to meet Sting and sadly that encounter ended up being the worst moment of the day, no fault of Sting’s. Wrestlecade told folks to arrive at 8 AM due to the high demand for Sting, although he would not arrive till 10 AM. I got there at 7:50 AM and folks were already in line as early as 7:00 AM. Around 9:00 AM, the guy running the table announced for all preorders to line up which was ridiculous because a line of several hundred folks had already wrapped around the wall of the convention center. Folks flooded to the table leaving their space in line only to be rudely told that they “meant” Ultimate Icon pre-orders. Everyone scurried back to their original positions, irritated.

A few minutes later, he called for all remaining pre-orders and again, everyone broke from the line to get their paper tickets. After I got mine, I was told to line up against another wall, which would essentially be cutting everyone in line. I morally disagreed with this, so I returned to my original spot in line. Unfortunately, the other folks in line didn’t have the same values as I did and sudden a new line emerged that continued to grow and grow and I was pushed further and further to the back. At my wife’s behest, I went to get in the new line and ended up jumping in line with my buddy Jimmy.

More chaos ensued as people were turned away and despite saying all pre-orders it was only the Icon packages, somehow he missed that I didn’t have that. My wife got stuck outside the room and it got incredibly rowdy as the very rude guy in charge continued to fuck up a simple line so bad that it almost caused fist fights. I had to walk out of the room and grab my wife by the hand and drag her into the room past the guy in charge who rudely asked where we were going. Needless to say, it was an absolute clusterfuck and did not set a good first impression of the con. Thankfully, I was near the front and the line went fast. Do I feel like I got my $75 worth? No. We were ushered in and out very quickly, I had a moment to shake Sting’s hand and smile and I was sent off. We didn’t even get our pictures that day. Apparently they will be ready in 7-10 days and I’m guessing mass dumped onto Facebook.

Did I mention the guy running the Sting signing tried selling a $300 Sting jacket to all of us pissed off folks in line? Ugh

-As usual, a lack of staff was concerning. There were plenty of police officers, but not enough people to help guide folks into the proper lines. There were no signs, no barriers, and you were forced to fend for yourself. It was very easy to get into the wrong line due to the lack of assistance.

-The convention center has one ATM and it was out of cash by noon on Saturday. I expected more wrestlers to take cards than actually did, so I was forced to run a block over to find an ATM and grab some more cash. Not a major problem, just be sure to bring more than enough cash if you attend Wrestlecade and don’t rely on ATMs on site.

There are way too many photographers during the SuperShow and this may sound mean, but way too large of photographers. My view was constantly blocked as somewhere between three and five camera men and photographers jockeyed for a position. Not only did it give away all the cool spots, it also made it hard to actually see what was happening if it occurred on the mat. Look, I’m a big guy, and I’m all for everyone pursuing their passion, but if you want to be a ring photographer you need to be blend in with the ring some.

The text for The Bad is bigger than The Good, just because the Sting story needed context. Let me assure you, once I got past that one isolated incident the rest of the day went off without a hitch. I had an absolute blast and cannot wait to attend next year. I will be a bit more cautious with the special photo ops and I honestly don’t know if there is anyone outside of Sting that could bring me to ever deal with what I dealt with for his photo. Next year, I’ll just do the table side photos which is a lot more fun and gives you time to interact with the wrestlers.

Thursday, November 25, 2021

Vacationland Pro Wrestling 11/20/2021 featuring Ricky Morton!

Vacationland Pro Wrestling returned on November 20th in Brewer for their one year anniversary show.  Jonathan Gresham was originally slated to appear, however pulled off the card, he was replaced by Mike Bennett.

Canaan and I headed up early meeting Randy and Roy and Mad Kats for some grub before the show.  We had little bit of time to kill and checked out Bull Moose where I get a few VHS tapes.

Doors opened at 5:30 for non-VIP and the show was slated for a 6pm bell time, however the show didn't start until 6:20pm mostly due to a severe car crash near by that shut the road down.  We followed Roy over the backway and unknowingly avoided the crash.

This was a very big crowd tonight, I'd say double from the last time I was here for the barbed-wire death match. I credit it all to Ricky Morton!  Before the show we chatted with Ricky Morton for close to half an hour and he couldn't have been nicer!  I got some cards signed and photo with both Morton's, Ricky put his WWE Hall of Fame ring on me. 

For A Spot in the Main Event Ladder Match
Bobby Ocean defeated Rhett Titus

The was a great opening match and was an old school wrestling match.  The crowd was behind Bobby wanting to see him get the win, and he did, however his feet were tangled in the ropes.  I don't think it was intentional, but the referee didn't see it and record book with show he got the pin with his feet on the ropes. Rhett's got a legit complaint for a rematch.

Post Match:
Abraham Kahn ran in attacking Ocean leading to Titus making the save.

Number One Contender for the Intercontinental Championship
Johnny Primer with Doc Ozone vs. Dylan Nix with Willie Miles III

Crowd was pumped for Primer, I didn't expect the reaction that he got.  Doc Ozone tattled on Willie Miles who was trying to cheat and referee Eric Greenleaf ejected Miles from ringside.  Primer hit a cutter to get the pin and become the number one contender for the VPW Intercontinental Championship

Cousin Larry & Jason Maverick vs. Jacob Hess & Jacob Drifter with Beavis & NBK

Fun tag team match, Larry was super over and chopped the hell out of Hess and Drifter.  Hess was the bad guy but he seemed so damn happy to be in the ring you couldn't erase the smile off his face.  Finish came when Larry checked Hess's oil into Maverick's Boss Man Slam, and a whoopie cushion from Larry on Hess.  Drifter looked good in the match, if he keeps his training up he'll keep getting better.

In Ring:
Ricky Williams came out, cut a much too long promo about his complete knee replacement surgery and being told he'd never wrestle again.  He called out JP O'Reilly.  Honestly I couldn't understand most of what was said, it seems like Williams wanted to bury the hatchet and support his friend in the main event.  

Abraham Kahn ran down and attacking JP O'Reilly before their ladder match. 

Pimp Daddy Apple Cinnamon vs. Dajae Simone

Decent match, my first time seeing Simone and she looked good.  Cinnamon got the pin with an inside cradle.  Post match Jesse Nolan came out confronting Simone.

The Mortons: Ricky & Kerry vs. The Competition: Champ Mathews & Mark Moment with Conner Murphy & Willie Miles III

Moment substituted for Murphy who was out of commission with a knee injury.  I loved every moment of this match.  Ricky Morton was old school, Kerry showed he is going to be a big star in wrestling.  Moment was Moment and Mathews was the champ.

Before the show I told Ricky that we were discussing before the show if he was going to do a Canadian Destroyer, he did, but all I wanted to see was a Ricky Morton do a dropkick.  He hit Moment with a dropkick and I marked out BIG TIME!  Morton then pointed me out in the crowd and said that, that was for me.  So Ricky Morton personally dedicated a dropkick to me, so that's awesome!

The finish came when Moment pinned Ricky with his feet on the ropes.  Ricky teased them coming back, I'd be down for that. 

In Ring: Teddy,the owner of VPW, came out to cut a promo, I have no idea what he said the sound system was terrible.  He got jumped by a bunch of guys, Lee Miller attempted to make the save and was beat up.  John Bryar, who was watching the show, made the save.  I guess Teddy & Bryar were buddies, then feuded and made up after this brawl.

Intercontinental Champion: Nuke The Great vs. Blade Bandit

This was a decent match, Nuka was the babyface but that was odd because a couple months ago he turned heel when he misted his tag team partner Malik Logan coasting them the match. 
Blade hit a blue thunder bomb for the pin and won the championship.

Post match Primer came out stating his claim as the number one contender, then Jessie Nolan turned on Blade attacking him and stating that she wanted the championship.  The ring announcer then stated at the next show it would be a triple threat match for the IC Championship.

Mike Bennett vs. Vinny Pacifico

This was a very good match!  Bennett looks great, he came out with the ROH World Tag Team Championship.  Bennett got the pin with a piledriver.

Dr. Reginald Heresy vs. Lee Miller

It's great seeing Heresy back in the ring in person, I haven't seen him in over 10 years since March 2011 at and IWE show.  Heresy was a regular in the EWA back in the late 1990's here in Maine holding their Heavyweight and Tag Team Championships on two occasions. 

Lee Miller got the win tonight on the veteran Heresy.  I think this is Miller's best match that I've seen to date.  The only thing that bugs me about him is that he brings that kendo stick to the ring and I've never seen him use it in a match.  

Ladder Match for the VPW Heavyweight Championship
Ace Romero vs. Abraham Kahn vs. Mike Montero vs. Bobby Ocean vs. JP' O'Reilly with Chad Epik

Only one of the ladders looked safe enough to climb in this match.  Ace was a surprise entrant and Ricky Williams was watching the match from the entrance way.

The crowd was solidly behind Bobby Ocean and wanted him to win the match, which he did.  Montero took the biggest bumps and evidently suffered and eye injury, which last I heard was healing but there is potential for permanent damage.  There were a few moments that looked dangerous, but overall it was good match.  Everyone worked real hard. 

When Ocean pulled down the title the crowd popped for him, but he was granted zero celebration time so instead they could run an angle where Williams turned on O'Reilly.  I was told they were supposed to do the spot in the match but someone forgot, the crowd was pissed and didn't care about the angle, they wanted to be there for Bobby.  

I had an awesome night because of Ricky Morton.  I guy I grew up watching and still love the Rock n' Roll Express, one of the greatest tag teams of all time.  Kerry is a genuine nice guy as well and it was cool to meet him and see him wrestle in person.  

Vacationland returns on January 15, 2022 in Brewer.  

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Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Limitless Wrestling Prized Possession November 13, 2021

Limitless Wrestling returned to Yarmouth on November 13, 2021 for Prized Possession.  It had only been three weeks since the last Limitless show, which is perfectly fine with because a night at professional wrestling is a great night indeed.  

JT Dunn pinned Anthony Henry

Outstanding opening match!  Very hard hitting with them exchanging shots, they did and old school crisscross, one of the best I've seen in a long time.  The finishing sequence was excellent involving a diamond dust, cutter, some cool reversals, ending with DBE.  Excellent match, go out of your way to watch it. 

Since the return from the pandemic Dunn has been having some of his best matches of all time in Limitless.  

Waves & Curls: Jaylen Brandyn & Traevon Jordan defeated Sidney Bakabella’s Slaughter: Max Smashmaster & Mortar

There was a ton of pre-match shenanigans before the bell rang including Bakabella dancing with Jordan and dropping his pants, I'm guessing as a distraction.  The crowd was solidly behind Waves and Curls, they got the pin on Mortar with an assisted chokeslam

Charles Mason pinned Big Beef

The build for this match was that Mason stole the photo of Beef's dead dog and burned it.  During this match Mason pulled out a dog collar and antagonized Beef with it.  They also fought out side the ring a lot before finally getting in the ring.  Another very stiff match with both guys laying them in.  Mason got the pin with and O'Connor roll holding the trunks.

This war is far from over and I feel like when we seem them again it'll be a dog collar match!  Mikey does as well. 

Jake Something pinned Kevin Blackwood

Great match!  I was happy to see both guys back and they put on a hell of a contest!  Great back and forth action, Something was way over and the fans loved to hate on Blackwood.  Something got the pin with a blackhole slam variation. 

MSP: Aiden Aggro & Danger Kid and "Iron" Rip Byson defeated ARTE: Ava Everett, Ricky Smokes, & "Dime Piece" Aaron Rourke

Fun match!  Rip fit in nicely with MSP and their style. Ava is stupendous in everyway right now.  With Smokes and Rourke they are a great trio.  DK did three airplane spins in a row, one on each member of ARTE, I popped big time for it.  
Finish came when Rip took the DK spot in the Drip Drop for the pin on Smokes.

Post match: MSP challenged the Workhorsemen to a 2 out of 3 falls match in December at the final show of the year.

Austin lasted 31 seconds with Brad Cashew

Brad Cashew had an open challenge that a member of the "audience" Austin accepted, he lasted the 31 seconds to "win" the match.  Cashew then smashed Austin in the face with his text book.

Brad Cashew pinned Becca

Cashew rebounded though and picked up a big win over Becca.  There were a ton of pin fall attempts in this match.  Brad attempted to cheat and Davienne came down to stop him, but she ended up distracting Becca who ate a spink kick from Cashew and was pinned.

Post match Becca was justifiably angry at Davienne, however Davienne challenged Becca to a match in December.

Channing Thomas pinned Jigsaw

Fun match, it was great seeing Jigsaw in person for the first time in a decade.  He looked great in the ring and was getting the better of Thomas the majority of the match.  Mac Daniels & BRG were ringside and aided with the distraction that allowed Thomas to piledrive Jigsaw for the win.  I have a feeling Jigsaw will be back with a couple friends to take out all of Prestigious.

"The Prize" Alec Price pinned Limitless World Champion: "Alternative" Anthony Greene to win the championship

I was so torn in this match.  I have been a fan of AG since his MainEvent Wrestling days, he's genuine and I love seeing him as champ.  I've enjoyed Price since seeing him in Let's Wrestle watching him get better and rise up the ranks to Limitless and finally getting his one on one shot for the Limitless World Championship.  I was going to be happy no matter who won, but Price's story was powerful.

Love the match, they legit tore it up and put on a show for the crowd.  They wrestled in the ring, outside the ring, traded command back and forth.  Price got the pin after hitting his second Prize Kick to capture the title.  GO WATCH THIS ON IWTV! 

Post match, AG said he was wrong about Price and that he was the future.  As AG was strapping the title on Price, JT Dunn attacked from behind taking out both with a death by elbow.  Dunn was setting up a chair to take out the new champ when Ace ran in for the save.  However Ace turned on Price hitting him with a package piledriver joining up with Dunn. 

Limitless Wrestling returns on Friday December 10, 2021 in Yarmouth for the final match of the season.  Announced on the show was the return of "American Wolf" Davey Richards, the debut of Jacob Fatu, however since then both have pulled off the show, however we are getting Chris Bey, Shane Mercer, Matt Taven and others.  Don't miss out on the last Limitless show of 2021.  

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