Wednesday, September 8, 2021

NAWA Springfield Fair September 4, 2021

My family and I were camping for Labor Day weekend at Pinegrove Campground and Cottages in Medway and we saw that the Springfield fair was that weekend so we decided to check it out.  

This is the 141st annual Springfield Fair and according to a couple people there it might be the last as the Fairgrounds are up for sale.  It was kind of expensive to get in at $13 each, and then after you drive through the gate to park they charge you $3 for parking.  We were surprised to see that there are no rides, and and only a couple games that are "homemade" not typical carnival games. Except for one food truck there was no typical fair food and all the buildings were built and maintained by the fair.  

They did have a lot of activities for the kids, they had the antique tractor pulls, the night before the demolition derby, lots of horse events, livestock, trucks pulls and professional wrestling.  So there was a lot to watch, but it was very different that there were no rides or games to speak of. 

Wesley participated in the Kid's Woodmen's day and walked away with two ribbons, for the cross cut and the pulp throw.  He was so damn excited that he won those ribbons, and he got a $20 check that he didn't care about at all.  

Pro Wrestling was presented by the North American Wrestling Association.  It was a classic fair show that opened with a battle royal with the winner getting a title match in the main event. Also the competitors in the match eliminated people setting up matches for the rest of the card.

The Competitors: Guatemalan Prince Rafael, Crash Landing, NBK, Cousin Larry, Frank Jaeger, Big Cat Tyler Adams, and John "The Bomb" Bryar. 

Bomb eliminated by Crash, Jaeger, & NBK
Bomb pulled Crash out over the top rope
Cousin Larry by Rafael
Big Cat by NBK & Jaeger
NBK by Jaeger
Rafael by Jaeger to win the battle royal and the right the Challenge the King of the Fair Champion in the main event

John "The Bomb" Bryar pinned Crash Landing after a Michinoku Driver

Cousin Larry pinned Guatemalan Prince Rafael with a polish hammer and whoopie cushion

"Big Cat" Tyler Adams pinned NBK after a chokeslam

King of the Fair Champion: "Lights Out" Lee Miller pinned Frank Jaeger with a handful of trunks.

This will be Jaegar's final match in Maine for the foreseeable future as is in the guard and is being deployed for a two year mission.  Jaegar got the pin but Miller's foot was on the ropes causing referee Chris Berry to restart the match. 

This was a very good fair show, the weather was gorgeous, the fans were into it and Wesley loved it.  That's all that matters to me that he loved being at wrestling. 

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Thursday, September 2, 2021

NAWA: August 29, 2021

Every year my daughter and I go on a daddy/daughter day trip, with the pandemic it can be difficult.  This year the big thing we were going to do was take the tram up the mountain in New Hampshire, but with the overcast and severe fog it made no sense to do that.

So we headed to FunSpot, the world's largest arcade and a few other places.  Last minute we decide to take in a matiness rasslin show at Skip's Bar in Buxton where we met Mikey.

Addison doesn't watch wrestling on TV, but she likes going to the shows.  I just have to tell her who the babyface and heel is and she screams herself hoarse.  It's hilarious.  The show was outside, so the overcast worked out and the weather was just right for an outside wrestling show.

A lot of wrestlers cancelled the day before and the day of so he came up with a unique card for the limited amount of workers he had.  Three singles with 20 minute time limits, the winners advancing to the main event gauntlet match.  The Champion gets the last draw and the number one contender also got a bye into the gauntlet match.

Cousin Larry vs. Kyle Huntley
Decent match that saw Larry get the pin after a polish hammer and whoopie cushion.

Yoosaf 13 with Coach Beavis vs. Jason Maverick
Yoosaf got the submission victory to advance

"Belfast Bulldog" Dave Dyer with Coach Beavis vs. "Big Cat" Tyler Adams
This was a good match from the two Limitless Dojo students.  With referee Chris Berry distracted, Dyer kicked Adams in the dick and then hit a second rope bulldog for the pin.

Gauntlet match for the NAWA Championship

Cousin Larry pinned Yoosaf 13 with small package

Cousin Larry pinned Dave Dyer with the whoopie cushion
Dyer really worked over Larry's arm and shoulder in the match

Nick "Flash" McKenna pinned Cousin Larry with a splash off the top rope
McKenna was really hesitant to take it to the injured Cousin Larry, but Larry told him to bring it and do what he had to do.

NAWA Champion: "Lights Out" Lee Miller with Rotten Robbie pinned McKenna after hitting him in the dick and then rolling him up in a school boy for three count.

It was fun show and great stop before going to mall so she get some school clothes at the Hot Topic.

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A Daffney Story

In August of 2007, I attended the NWA Legends Fan Fest in Charlotte, North Carolina with my good friend Jimmy. It was my first wrestling convention and a fantastic weekend that has stuck with me for years. I saw Tully Blanchard’s final match, The Rock N Roll Express wrestle The Midnight Express, met dozens of legends, and got to spend quality time with one of my best friends.

During that weekend, something else happened that became a highlight for me. I met one of my favorite wrestlers Daffney.

During the first day of the con, Jimmy visited the Highspots table and was helped by a cute woman who showed him a variety of small wrestling belts. It was a regular encounter that was nothing special, just two wrestling fans browsing a wrestling vendor’s table.

A few hours went by and autograph sessions occurred, more vendor browsing happened, and we spent time interrupting legends as they walked from one section of the Hilton to another to snag photos. Occasionally, Jimmy and I would split up due to him having a photo op experience or just browsing different tables, and it was during one these moments that I noticed the HighSpots girl chatting with a young woman named Talia Madison, who is now known as Velvet Sky. I saw a toy Cruiserweight belt over the HighSpots girl’s shoulder and it finally clicked to me who she was. She was Daffney from WCW!

I was blown away. I was a huge Daffney fan in those late years in WCW and had attempted to follow her career after WCW closed. There wasn’t much information online and I had chalked her up to just another lost female wrestler from the late 90’s/early 2000’s like Ryan Shamrock.

Daffney was not at the convention as a guest. She just happened to be there working the HighSpots table. I went about browsing the various vendors until Daffney went back to the HighSpots table and then I nervously walked over to greet her.

I remember sheepishly saying, “Daffney?” She looked up and smiled a huge smile. I’m assuming she was happy that she was recognized amongst a crowd of legends.

I told her how I was almost positive that was her and I apologize for not recognizing her earlier. I told her what a huge fan I was of her work with Crowbar and how she was by far my favorite female wrestler in that 1999-2000 time frame. She was incredibly gracious and thanked me and I asked her if she would mind signing my poster.

At the NWA Legends Fan Fests, they would give you a large poster that you could get signed by all the legends in attendance. I presented her with my poster and she smiled and said, “Well… I don’t mind signing it, but I’m definitely no legend.”

And in what has to be the cheesiest thing I ever said to a female I responded with, “Well to me your a legend.”

Again she smile, I blushed, and she happily signed my poster and put a huge heart next to her name. I asked if she would mind taking a photo and she happily obliged and for years, it’s been one of my favorite celebrity encounters. 

Last night, Daffney Unger passed away at the age of 46.