Monday, January 15, 2018

Roy's Review: IWE 10th Anniversary 1/13/2018 Brewer, Maine

Here is my review of IWE's 10 Year Anniversary Tour Night 2 in Brewer, Maine on January 13, 2018

Match 1: John Steele defeated Blockkishi

This was awful. Roadblock did give Gleitz a stinkface which was pretty funny.

In Ring:
The Era of Violence come out with Chad Epic and Steven Lust. Bill Vaux says that he has post concussion syndrome and can't wrestle but IWE did allow for a replacement. Out comes Adam Ricker carrying a beaten up Elite Terrell.

Match 2: Tag Team Champions: Rob Marsh and Adam Ricker w/Bill Vaux, Steven Lust & Chad Epic defeated Angel Cross to retain

Marsh and Ricker dominated most of the match. Chad Epic did get himself thrown out but it didn't matter because his team won after a World's Strongest Slam then a Frog Splash from Marsh.

Match 3: Ricky Williams defeated Malik Logan

Ricky Williams looked good in this match. Decent match that saw Williams get the win after a triple german suplex then a flying headbutt.

In Ring: Sonny Roselli and John Bryer come out for the Circle of Champions presentations. First up was Alexander Lee. He said that he has done a lot of stupid things in his 14 year wrestling career but he still enjoys doing it. Next was Johnny Primer. He talked about all of his different gimmicks then called in Mikey Primer and they hugged. Last was Eric Johnson. He talked about starting IWE and how he wouldn't be Eric Johnson without the fans. He then put Bomb and Sonny on the spot about him coming back and the crowd freaked out. Eric left, then the lights went out. The Mutts with Sarah D'Arrico and August Leon came out. Sarah says that they are back and wishes everyone a happy 10 year anniversary. Ian Griffin then calls Bomb and Sonny the drunks. Alex Caine gets really pissed and freaks out saying they ruled the tag team division but were given a kick in the ass on the way out the door. August Leon then says that they are basically going to take over IWE.

Match 4: Derek Shorey defeated Steven Lust

This match didn't really do it for me but it was good to see Shorey get a win.

Match 5: Big Moxie defeated Maine State Champion Adam Ricker in a Last Man Standing Match to win the title

Moxie pretty much dominated this match. Ricker did get a brief advantage when Rob Marsh, Bill Vaux and Steven Lust came out allowing him to get a bat out from under the ring, but The Street, Derek Shorey and Ricky Williams came out and ran them off. Moxie then got the bat and hit Ricker multiple times for the win.

Match 6: Todd Harris w/Malik Logan defeated Kalvin Strange to win the Live Wire Championship

Great match that the crowd was super into. Strange worked the arm throughout the match and Harris did a great job of sellling it. Harris got the win after an RKO then a Dragon Sleeper. Hopefully this match gets released because it was really good.

In Ring: Todd Harris says that he lost his dad recently but his dad was watching him win tonight. He then made fun of the crowd and rubbed in his victory.

In Ring: Captain comes out and talks about the IWE training school. He then brings out the current trainees. Mason X comes out and destroys them until Mikey Primer makes the save.

Match 7: Mason X defeated Mikey Primer

This was a massive squash. I'm liking the new Mason X

Match 8: Triple Threat: Danger Kid defeated IWE Champion Aidan Aggro & Alexander Lee with Johnny Primer as Special Referee to win the title

Great match that spilled to the floor early. These guys really beat the hell out of each other. Midway through Primer got knocked down from a kick. Gleitz came out but Primer got back up and gave him a cutter. In the end Danger Kid hit a Swanton Bomb on Lee while he was pinning Aggro for the win.

In Ring: MSP makes up and help Danger Kid celebrate his win, when The Mutts come out. They stare down MSP then the 2 teams start yelling at each other. Alexander Lee spit on Alex Caine then shortly after there was a massive brawl that spilled into the crowd. A bunch of guys came from the back to break it up and a trainee got knocked out. Rob Marsh also got really pissed and wanted to fight The Mutts. This didn't seem like this was supposed to happen.

Overall this show scored a 34.25 out of 80 for an overall score of 42.81%. The first half was lacking a little bit but the 2nd half more than made up for it with two great title matches and an awesome ending. 

IWE returns to Brewer on Saturday February 10th with "The Franchise" Shane Douglas who will challenge Danger Kid for his newly won IWE Championship

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Sunday, January 14, 2018

Roy's Review: IWE 10th Anniversary 1/12/2018 Fairfield, Maine

Here is my review of IWE's 10th Anniversary Tour Night 1 in Fairfield, Maine on January 12, 2018

In Ring: Jimmy Limits challenges any crusierweight in the back to a match. Tommy Lane comes out and accepts the challenge.

Match 1: Jimmy Limits defeated Tommy Lane

A decent match that saw Lane get in some good offense but in the end he got wrecked by a Brogue Kick.

Match 2: Kalvin Strange defeated Steven Lust

This match didn't really do it for me.

Match 3: Mason X defeated Big Moxie

These guys beat each other with clubs to the back and tried crushing each other in the corner. Other than that they didn't really do much of anything else. Midway through the match Adam Ricker came down. In the end he distracted Big Moxie allowing Mason X to get the win.

In Ring: Mason X continued to beat up Big Moxie until Eric Johnson came down to make the save. They battled to the back. Then Adam Ricker came in and gave Big Moxie and World's Strongest Slam. Ricker then gets on the microphone and says that tomorrow night Big Moxie will be his bitch.

Match 4: Crusierweight Champion "Boston Bad Boy" Jason Rumble defeated Elite Terrell w/Angel Cross to retain

Lots of comedy in the beginning of this one. Once they got to wrestling it was a solid match. Rumble got the win with a backstabber.

Match 5: Angel Cross w/Elite Terrell defeated Rob Marsh w/Chad Epic by disqualification

Decent match until Steven Lust came out and attacked Angel Cross.

In Ring: Elite Terrell comes in and chases off Rob Marsh and Steven Lust. He then grabs the microphone and says that The Era of Violence didn't earn the tag team titles because they never pinned The Street. Angel Cross then challenges Steven Lust to a match.

Match 6: Todd Harris defeated John Steele

Solid match with Harris getting the crowd going as always. Steele had a good showing in his IWE debut.

In Ring: Todd Harris says that Kalvin Strange is a lower class citizen and he will trump him. Roadblock then comes out with a referee.

Match 7: Todd Harris defeated Roadblock

Superkick and bye see ya.

Match 8: Triple Threat Match: Derek Shorey defeated Ricky Williams and Malik Logan w/Todd Harris

This match was to determine the #1 contender to the Live Wire Championship. Good match with Shorey really shining. He got the win after a Swanton Bomb. Todd Harris was super pissed after the match for some reason.

This show scored a 35.5 out of 80 for an overall score of 44.38%. This was an average show that seemed to be used to put over the Brewer show.  Finally Derek Shorey is going to get the opportunity he deserves and should have had a long time ago. 

IWE returns to Fairfield on Friday February 9th with "The Franchise" Shane Douglas

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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Brandon's 2017 Year in Review

This past year, I spent a lot of time in front of a wrestling ring. In fact, I saw more live wrestling action than any year prior! What's even more astonishing is that I didn’t attend a single event from a nationwide touring promotion, but instead I stuck to local wrestling here in North Carolina. It was a great year of wrestling and I’m hoping 2018 is just as rewarding.

January 28th, 2017
AML Second Anniversary Show

Winston-Salem Fairgrounds Home & Garden Center
Winston-Salem, North Carolina

I started off the year attending my first ever AML event (outside of Wrestlecade) in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. I was riding off an amazing Wrestlecade V and was excited to get a chance to meet Cody Rhodes. Going into the event, I’d say I was a medicore Cody supporter, but walking out I was a full-fledged fan. Cody Rhodes was one of the nicest wrestlers I’ve ever met and it was a joy to have a few moments to chat with him. 

Match of the Night: Cody Rhodes vs. Sonjay Dutt for the Global Force NexGen Title

February 25th, 2017
AML All for the Glory
Winston-Salem Fairgrounds Home & Garden Center
Winston-Salem, North Carolina

After a wonderful night of AML action in January, the wife and I decided to make the two and half hour trip back out to Winston-Salem the following month to what else AML had going on. The big name they brought in for All for the Glory was PJ Black, and he and Caleb Konley put on one heck of a match. My only complaint was they needed a little more time and a room with a higher roof. 

Match of the Night: PJ Black vs. Caleb Konley

March 18th, 2017
NCWA Ivan Koloff Memorial Tag Team Tournament
Clayton Fitness Center
Clayton, North Carolina

I’ve wanted to attend an NCWA event since I first moved back to North Carolina in 2005. Every year, they put a lot of work into promoting what used to be called the Ivan Koloff Tag Team Tournament, but following his passing earlier this year the event was converted into a Memorial Tournament. This year I finally bought tickets and sat in an extremely cramped three-quarter gym at a fitness center to see legends like Shane Douglas, Demolition, The Rock N Roll Express, and Bobby Fulton. The location may have sucked, but it was great getting to meet some of my favorite tag teams in person and being able to attend a decent wrestling show that wasn’t several hours away.

Match of the Night: Mid-Atlantic Outlaws vs. The Ugly Ducklings

March 26th, 2017
AML Big Man Bash
Franklinton Middle School Gym
Franklinton, North Carolina

AML made its furthest east appearance in the small town of Franklinton, North Carolina, which happened to be just a little over an hour away. The wife and I drove out to the little town and found that most of the town had showed up to see some hard hitting AML action. The gimmick of the show as this was a big man tournament, and big men showed up. Drew Galloway (a week away from returning to the WWE) wrestled and AML brought in Jax Dane and Houston Carson, who both put on some great matches in front of a very lively audience.

Match of the Night: Jax Dane vs. Houston Carson

April 28th, 2017
AML Viva La Lucha
Winston-Salem National Guard Armory
Winston-Salem, North Carolina

For the first time in almost twenty years, I attended a wrestling event with my father. I took him to his first ever independent show and he was blown away by the action. Chavo Guerrero Jr faced off against Caprice Coleman in a high flying, hard hitting match. But it was the underdog Willie Mack vs. Timmy Lou Retton who tore the house down with an intense match that spilled out into the crowd.

Match of the Night: Willie Mack vs. Timmy Lou Retton

September 22nd, 2017
Big Time Wrestling: Raleigh
Dorton Arena
Raleigh, North Carolina

Big Time Wrestling has been coming to Raleigh for the last several years, and every year I make a decision to go, but then something happens. This year, my father bought my wife and I tickets, so I had no excuse not to go. Dorton Arena is one of those iconic arenas that was used by Jim Crockett Promotions, and it was almost breath taking walking into the beautiful building and seeing a wrestling ring set up. Obviously, the crowd was much smaller now than it was in the 80’s, but it was still the type of thing that sends a chill down your spine.

Not only was I able to cross attending a wrestling event at Dorton Arena off my wrestling bucket list, but also seeing Terry Funk vs. Jerry Lawler wrestle. Of course, it was nothing like what it was thirty years ago, but it was still amazing to see these two legends in the ring at the same time. 

Match of the Night: Flex Armstrong vs. Ted Goodz

November 24th, 2017
Wrestlecade: Showcase of Champions
Benton Convention Center
Winston-Salem, North Carolina

The Showcase of Champions is usually considered the sleeper event of the Wrestlecade weekend and its hard to argue with that sentiment. The event features talent from all over the country showcasing their talent for fans who travel all over the world to come to WrestleCade. Big names like Rosemary, Pentagon Jr., and Fenix were on the card, along with lesser known wrestlers from different promotions as far west as Oregon.

Match of the Night: Chet Sterling vs Rey Fenix vs Andrew Everett vs and Jason Kincaid

November 25th, 2017
Wrestlecade: Supershow
Benton Convention Center
Winston-Salem, North Carolina

After attending Wrestlecade for the past three years, I finally stuck around to watch the SuperShow. It was quite a treat to see all the amazing talent up-and-down the card. It truly is a wonderful event that features up and coming talent, legends, and some of the top talent in the game right now.

Match of the Night: Taya Valkerie vs. Ivelisse

When I look back at all the events I attended it’s hard to decide on just one event that really sticks out as better than the rest. Each show was unique in its own way and that made attending every one of them a lot of fun. If I was forced to decide on just one event that was the Best Event of the Year I’d have to say the first event of the year, The AML Second Anniversary Show was probably the most fun.

As far as Best Match of the Year goes, there was no competition. Timmy Lou Retton vs Willie Mack from AML’s Viva La Lucha was by far the best match. These two guys put on a show that no one in attendance expected. It was one of those matches that just captured everybody’s attention and reminded you why you love professional wrestling.

As far as Best Wrestler Interactions of the Year it was a three-way tie. 

Cody Rhodes was incredibly gracious and really seemed interested having an actual conversation with the fans.

Bacon and Eggs are one of the more entertaining tag teams I saw this year and well… they picked me up totally unexpectedly for a photo op and that was very cool of them.

My interaction with Jerry Lawler was very similar to Cody Rhodes. He actually took time to talk to me for several minutes and wasn’t in a hurry to rush onto the next person. Its nice when wrestlers don’t treat you like a quick cash grab.

Over 2017 was a year of a great wrestling. I didn’t get a chance to attend all the shows I wanted to, but there is always 2018.