Wednesday, July 3, 2024

The Cost of Being A Wrestling Fan: June 2024

Here are the June expenses...

This month would been a lot lower as I was not going to go to Limitless on June 23rd as Kate and I were going to a concert, however it was postponed to July 26th.  

Again biggest expense was going to Limitless on June 23rd with the ticket, gas, and food totaling $56.47 and I spent another $45 on merchandise.  Megan Bayne had her Pro Wrestling Junkies cards and I really like those, I'm not surprised she charged $20 as she does tend to charge more like it's a convention than a local wrestling show.  I didn't need another shirt, but I really like Channing's design, I've been watching him wrestling for like 6 years and I really dig his gimmick right now, so that was $25 well spent.  It also helped that it was purple and not just black. 

I had to pay for the additional Barry Windham Autograph and shipping, $33.  You can read my post about the Barry cards and other NWA Wonderama Cards here: Signed Trading Cards NWA Wonderama

I bought the 4 episode season of Who Killed WCW from VICE tv on YouTube for $6.99, as I do with the Dark Side of The Ring Seasons.

The remaining $35.24 are my normal streaming services for Wrestling.

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