Friday, May 3, 2024

More Than Mania Signed Cards

These are the cards that I got signed during the weekend in no particular order!

I got these Billie Starkz signed on Saturday April 6th after TJPW vs. GCW, the pink pen looks great, I should have asked her to sign the left card Bullie Starkz

The only physical tickets from the Weekend, the Stardom and Mark Hitchcock Supershow from the 2300 Arena, and my Nemeth Brothers Comedy Show signed by both of them

Sting card from the 1988 NWA Wonderama set, my favorite cards to get signed
Signed on Friday April 5th at WrestleCon

Miyu Yamashita 2021 BBM Card, signed April 5th at Penn's Landing after the TJPW Show

Three Sabu cards, signed April 5th at WrestleCon, from the ECW, WWF, and Impact Wrestling sets.  The ECW set is also a favorite of mine to get signed

Izzy Moreno card that was made for WrestleCon, signed April 5th

This is a Paul Ellering card from the 1988 NWA Wonderama Set that Mr. Ellering signed for me years ago.  While looking through my cards to bring to WrestleCon I came across this card, even though it's an Ellering card, you can't see if face, but you can see Paul Jones and Earl Hebner.  The only official referee cards in the set is Tommy Young, but as you can clearly see Earl I had to get him to sign it.  Signed April 5th at Wrestlecon

All 4 members of Los Boricua signed April 5th at Wrestlecon, they were only charging $60 for them all to sign something...wild!

After Tommy Young my favorite referee is Bryce Remsburg, I've meet him several times and he is always so nice! Finally got some cards signed by him, and indie card and an AEW.  Signed April 5th at Wrestlecon

One half of one of my all time favorite tag team Robert Gibson of the Rock n' Roll Express!  Three cards from the 1988 NWA Wonderama set and the final from the Joey Janela Spring Break set.  Two were signed by Ricky Morton at Limitless Wrestling January 2023.  Signed April 5th at Wrestlecon.

Finally got to see Gringo Loco in person, signed April 4th at Penn's Landing before DEFY Wrestling 

Signed April 3rd at WrestleJawn, very happy to add a Colby Corino to the set

Signed April 3rd at WrestleJawn

Signed April 3rd at the Nemeth Brother's Comedy Show, Hunkamania

I didn't expect to see the Grizzled Young Vets, but I brought my Zack Gibson Card just in case, I bought the other two cards from them.  This was one of the most positive interactions all weekend, these guys were so nice just down to earth.  Signed April 5th at Wrestlecon 

Missy Hyatt signed these two 1988 NWA Wonderama cards on Saturday April 6th at Wrestlecon, I love her signature in the blue ink, so nice!  Magnum had signed the card previously for me.  

Rina Yamashita, also the 2021 BBM set, signed on April 6th after the TJPW vs GCW show

Nick Wayne signed this card for me on April 6th at Wrestlecon, I bought the card from Jordan Oliver at Limitless Wrestling in July 2023.  Very happy to have this bad ass tag team card signed.

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