Monday, May 13, 2024

The Cost of Being a Wrestling Fan: April 2024

April was an expensive month because I went to More than Mania Weekend.

That's a giant number, but it's also a once every 5 years trip.  The non WrestleCon expenses were $189.48 with $35.24 going to the monthly wrestling streaming expenses.  $55 for tickets to two wrestling shows, and $45.37 the gas and snacks and whatnot for those two shows.

The remaining $53.87 included supplies for my storing my signed wrestling cards and an 8x10 signed photo of Stephanie Vaquer from a Highspots sign it live.  I don't normally buy 8x10's they are just not my thing and haven't been for a long time.  However Stephanie has no official trading cards I have little faith I will ever see her live again and I really wanted something signed.  The only reason why I got this though, is because the photo is of her at the Stardom Show I attended at the 2300 Arena during More Than Mania Weekend.  That's what makes it cool, it's from I show I attended live.  

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