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Limitless Wrestling: Problematic May 13, 2017 Report

On May 13th Limitless Wrestling was once again back in Westbrook at the National Guard Armory  presenting their show Problematic.

After it was announced that Colt Cabana would be appearing I told my cousin Jonny about it knowing he would want to go.  Even though he's not a wrestling fan he is a fan of Colt based on the footage I've shown him of Wrestling Road Diaries and Worst Promo Ever.  This was Jonny's second wrestling show, the first being last fall but you cannot compare the two.

After my daughters birthday party Jonny, Canaan, Alex, and myself loaded up in Vanna and headed south to meet up with Mikey & Roy for what we expected to be a good night of wrestling, that ended up being an outstanding night of wrestling.

Our VIP tickets entitled us a picture and autograph from Paul London and I must say he is one of the nicest guys I have met.  So down to earth and very friendly and talkative with all the fans.  I had heard a lot of positive things about his fan interactions but to see it in person through-out the show show how genuine he truly is. 

That being said anyone I talked to that night, Xavier Bell, Anthony Greene, Johnathan Gresham, Colt Cabana, The Batiri, were awesome.  Even Sydney Bakabella.

Another packed house, I would wager well over the 400 mark by bell time and no one, absolutely no one went home disappointed.  Well I sorta did, not with the wrestling action but with how the lighting this time really messed with my phone's camera.  This is the third time seeing Limitless in this building, but my phone did an update since the last and I don't care for how the pictures came out.

Brian Cage defeated Flip Gordon

When this match was initially announced I was very excited because I have seen enough of their matches individually that I knew the potential that these two could have together and was not let down!  Gordon recently signed with Ring of Honor and rightfully so, Brian Cage really is a fucking machine.  They tore it down form the moment the bell rang.

Very fast paced spilling to the floor right in front of us.  Cage showing for a big man he can move hitting a very impressive standing moonsault.  Flip got a near fall with a 450 splash, but in the end was not able to usurp the might of Cage.

Jeremy Leary & Skylar defeated Cam Zagami & Tyler Nitro w/ "Big" Mike Gamble

A solid match that had the dubious distinction of having to follow the opening contest.  Zagami and Nitro are the reluctant team with Cam being hard on Gamble being critical of everything about him.  After taking quite the beating in the match Nitro when for the tag and Cam short armed him then dropped off the apron leaving Nitro on his own.

Gamble got all fired up refusing to follow Cam to the back and desert Nitro.  He hopped up on the apron taking Cam's placing extending his arm for the tag.  I need to add the crowd popped big time for this as they had been booing Cam from the beginning of the match while cheering Nitro and Gamble.

Nitro battled back and went for the tag, when Gamble dropped off the apron and I was admittedly shocked not expecting this turn.  Leary and Skylar hit their finish getting the pin on Nitro.  Cam and Gamble cut a post match promo on Nitro where Cam sat on Gamble after splashing Nitro.   I want to see these two in a hair vs. hair match.

JT Dunn pinned Jonathan Gresham

This was my first time seeing Gresham live and I had only seen a few matches of his on YouTube previously.  I was so impressed with Gresham's mat based offense where he popped me big time when he busted out the Jim Breaks special!  If you don't know Jim Breaks please take a moment to read my blog post about him here.

This match was unique from everything else on the card.  It was ground based where Gresham worked Dunn's arm and Dunn worked Gresham's leg.  In the end though it was Dunn's Death by Elbow to the back of Gresham's head that got the win for Dunn.  Post match Dunn proclaimed to be the face of Limitless Wrestling.  I was to see Gresham on every card going forward.

"Top Shelf" Troy Nelson defeated Colt Cabana w/ Sydney Bakabella

After both Kikutaro and Dick Justice fail to stop Top Shelf Bakabella brought in his next assassin Colt Cabana to end Nelson.  Well, actually it appeared as though Cabana didn't want anything to do with Bakabella as when the manager tried interfere on Cabana's behalf Colt refused to take the low road.  Ultimately though, it was Bakabella's interference that cost colt the match as Nelson pinned him with a high stacked school boy.

This match was a lot of fun!  Pre-match Colt has grabbed a kid and carried him around a bit, Nelson then held a small child.  Not to be outdone Colt tried in vein to lift Alex and then moved on to me.  Now, Colt got one arm behind me and lifted one leg up, I debated throwing the other leg up but being a big fella hesitant because I didn't want to land on the back of my head. During intermission Colt joked with me, you should have gone up, I could handle it.

Colt seemed to be truly enjoying himself as he chopped the hell out of Nelson and pants him several times during the match.  The finish came when Colt ran from the back of the venue through the fans, into the ring, across the ring double axe handling Bakabella leading to being pinned by Nelson.

"All Good" Anthony Greene defeated Paul London

Another match that I was excited about when it was announced.  Greene has improved so much over the last few years and seeing him in the ring with someone the caliber of London just shows how good he really is. 

London serenaded the crowd singing us his entrance music, "Never Too Young To Die" the title song from the hit movie of the same name starring John Stamos and Gene Simmons.  I have seen this movie and was familiar with this song.  I must say it was quite the experience.

I really enjoyed this match, London heeled it up through-out. When the action came to the floor in front of us they took turns holding each other for the fans to chop their opponent.  AG held London wife for Alex to chop him and I'm happy to say that Alex redeemed himself and connecting with several very loud chops on London.  Back in August at an IWE show Alex was given the opportunity to light someone up and his foot slipped and he it didn't end well for him.

After the succession of chops London struck AG with multiple superkicks then ran all they way around the ring only to end up eating one himself.  Later in the match London executed a second rope shooting star press out of nowhere that took everyone by surprise.  In the end though Greene got the pin ending a fantastic match.  I had commented on Facebook that I had high expectations for this match and I was not let down.  Post match London cut a promo putting over Greene. 

Next up was a much needed intermission.  Jonny said to me, this is only the halfway point, I'm already exhausted.  At intermission I got Gresham to sign the Missouri Wrestling Revival card of his that I had and he had one last Resurrection card from the UK that I picked up for $5.  Also preshow I got Paul London to sign two cards for me, I also gave him one.  Post show I got the Batiri to sign a Chikara trading card that I had just gotten at the show in March.  Blog post to follow showing my new signed cards.

with John Gresham, being photo bombed by Tonya
The Maine State Posse: Danger Kid & Aiden Agro defeated The Batiri: Kodama & Obariyon

I like both of these teams but today they just didn't click together. 

Le Tabarnak De Team: Mathieu St. Jacques & Thomas Dubois and Buxx Belmar defeated Xavier Bell, "Kingpin" Brian Milonas & Mike Graca

My first time seeing Le Tabarnak De Team, they have a lumberjack gimmick and hail from Quebec, Canada.   I was really impressed with them.  This match was a lot of fun with action all over the ring.  Belmar has a gimmick of acting odd and being gross, Graca has a similar gimmick of acting strange.  I want to see these two in a one on one match. 

The fans were fully behind Xavier Bell, Milonas and Graca, but Tabarnak are a team who work together on a regular basis, they should be able to out do their opponents teaming for the first time, and they did. 

Post match Tabarnak were going to continue the beat down on Graca, but Maine State Posse made the save with Alexander Lee making it three on three.  I'm sure we'll see that in July when Limitless returns to Westbrook.

Mr. Grim defeated Alex Chamberlain w/ Jon Alba

This was the Bangor native, Alex Chamberlain's, return to Maine.  I had last seen him at the Boston Pro Wrestling Marathon in 2015.  Jon Alba is a local reporter for Channel 7 in Bangor.  He's playing the obnoxious heel manger who thinks he is better than everyone else.  He was conducting a star search and chose Chamberlain as his first protege. 

This match was decent, Chamberlain hit his stiff DDT finisher but Alba jumped on the ring apron in celebration which distracted the referee from making the count.  This distraction ultimately cost Chamberlain the match.  After when Alba was giving the riot act to him for losing he walked into a jumping front kick from Mr. Grim, who them put Alba in his trademark bodybag and carried him to the back.

Sadly we were not treated to his sick jump spinning piledriver.  Not to sure how Alba comes back from this other than to find new chargers to go after Mr. Grim and Chamberlain.

Fans Bring the Weapons Match: Ace Romero defeated AR Fox

I've been to other Fans Bring the Weapons Matches before and I've seen fans bring light tubes and barbed wire and what not, and they never use those items.  I was not expecting to see what we got, which essentially was a death match, and I loved it!  These two beat the tar out of each other, it was fantastic!  At the start all the plunder was placed on the ring apron including this large light tube contraption.

Fox attempted to jumpstart the match with a boot to the face, but Romero was ready for him.  After a few minutes of back and forth action the went to the floor.  Fox hit Ace in the head with a guitar hero guitar that had no give to it at all, it looked devastating!  Ace then broken a box can over Fox's head.  They returned to the ring and the first of the lightubes were used on both men.  Fox's shoulder was torn open and Ace has some lacerations on his head.

It really broke down from there with use of the chair and other weapons before more light tubes came into play.  Ace had a crown royal bag and we all thought thumbtacks were coming out, but it was gummy bears.  He then dumped out a box of legos, followed by a box full of bottle caps.  The canvas was just covered with broken glass, toys, metal, and fruit snacks for an amazing visual.

The light tube contraption was brought in the ring and placed on a table near the corner.  Eventually Ace put Fox through it was a death valley driver that shredded both of them.  It was quite an explosive visual.  Ace scored the pin ending the carnage.

Post match Fox told Ace that this wasn't over between them, and in July he's challenged Ace and his Take Me Home Tonight partner Anthony Greene to a tag team match against him and his partner Rey Fenix! Hell yes!

Once again Limitless produced an outstanding night of wrestling!  This night ran the gamut of match styles from comedy, mat based technical style, and closed out with a death match.

I'm already excited for July 21st with Rey Fenix and Super Crazy!

Thank you to Randy Carver for promoting the show, to all the wrestlers on the card, and specifically to AR Fox and Ace Romero for putting themselves through what they did to entertain us. 

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  1. What a fantastic show. It looks like it was one heck of an evening. I’ve never seen any sort of true hardcore/fans bring weapons match in person, but whenever I do, I hope it’s like this one. Man, I wish I was there.

  2. It was one of the craziest matches I have ever seen in person.