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Year in Review: Shows I Attended

Even though it's mid December, based on my work schedule I can't imagine I'll be attending another wrestling event this year.  In 2016 I attended a meager 6 wrestling events.  I think my buddy Roy went to six shows last month.

I mean I took in a lot of wrestling with my podcast and all the shows on the WWE Network, and the internet, but I managed to only make it out to six events which makes me sad as I type this.

However these six shows featured the greatest match I have seen live, the second greatest match I have ever seen live, sitting front row at the biggest production wise show I have ever been to, and one of the most unique venues I have ever been to for a show.

From best to worst here we go...

Ring of Honor All Star Extravaganza VIII Pay Per View
September 30, 2016 Memorial Auditorium, Lowell, Mass

With out a doubt the biggest show I have ever sat front row at both match and production wise.  Also very lucky to have traveled to this show with great friends, Jay, Roy, Josh, Mikey, & Jesse.  This match featured the best match that I have seen live in my entire life.  Ladder Wars 6: The Addiction vs. The Young Bucks vs. The Motor City Machine Guns.

"Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels after the grueling Ladder Wars VI main event
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Limitless Wrestling 
January 30, 2016 American Legion Orono, Maine

I simply couldn't believe my eyes when I saw Zack Sabre Jr. and Chris Hero standing across the ring from each other on a snowy night in middle of nowhere Maine.  I looked right at my new friend Bradford and he said, "I can't believe this is actually happening in the ring in front of me".  This was the greatest match that I had ever seen live in my entire life.  They held nothing back and went all out in a match that rivaled anything I had seen them do in PWG.

Chris Hero & Zack Saber Jr. shake hands before the amazing main event match
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Limitless Wrestling 
March 19, 2016 American Legion Orono, Maine

Another great show from Limitless Wrestling with an outstanding main event of Donovan Dijak, Ace Romero, & Anthony Greene vs. Team Pazuzu: "Dirty Daddy"m Chris Dickinson & EYFBO: Angel Ortiz & Mike Draztik.

Left to right, Dijak, Ace Romero, and Team Pauzuz
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Limitless Wrestling 
October 29, 2016 University of Maine Orono, Maine

This show was part of the BanGOREfest Convention and was held at the UMO campus.  The building was quite large with a very high ceiling.  It felt very odd for a wrestling show.  This show featured the return of Cameron Matthews to the ring, sadly the match didn't turn out like I think he hoped it would.  Main Event was Brian Fury vs. Brian Cage, Fury is on his retirement tour and this was the last time that I would see him live.

Brian Fury has Brian Cage locked in the Boston crab
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Pro Wrestling Society 
May 7, 2016 Thatcher's Restaurant South Portland, Maine

This show was held in the back of a restaurant in what I can only conclude was a metal roof and wall addition that featured all the electrical for the building and a giant walk in cooler.  The floor was even slanted, and I don't mean slightly.  It is the most unique venue I have ever seen a wrestling show in.  The main event featured "Remarkable" Adam Booker defeated Ace Romero in crazy no holds barred match.  My first time seeing Booker in the ring in over 11 years and he was just as good as I remember.

Adam Booker
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August 6, 2016 Community Center Fairfield, Maine

First IWE show in over a year.  This night featured "Mr. USA" Tony Atlas who even at 62 is still capable of putting on a match and entertaining the crowd.  The best match on the card was Maine State Champion: Amon Jordan defending his title in a triple threat match against Mike Graca & Tyler Nitro.  My first time seeing Graca and Nitro and I was quite impressed.  Saw them both again at Limitless in October.  Hope to see more of both of them going forward.

Canaan with Ace Romero
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Incidentally Ace Romero competed at 5 of these six shows.

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