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Pro Wrestling Society: Addicted To Chaos Results 5/7/2016

Alex and I made the journey to Thatcher's in South Portland for the latest PWS event featuring Adam Booker vs. Ace Romero.  I was a huge Booker fan back in the old EWA days and I haven't seen him wrestle since and New Wrestling Horizons show back on April 2, 2005 in Gray, ME.  He had moved out of state for a few years but moved back to Maine and a couple years back started wrestling again.  He doesn't work many Maine dates mostly just for Chaotic in Massachusetts.

 The venue was interesting in that it was an uninsulated and unheated small electrical room on the building.  I can't imagine what it was built for initially.  The floor has a slight incline in it so the ring sloops at a slight angle. I liked it.

Mr. Vip Slick Sully vs. Amigo Ultra
Never heard of either of these guys, they are both green but put on a really good basic match.  Nothing fancy or too flashy with Sully working the arm most of the match and getting the submission win with the crossface.

The Horror w/ Rob Marsh vs. Troy Garbo w/ Rain
Again two guys I've never heard of.  The Horror was doing a deranged serial killer gimmick complete with white jumpsuit and "blood" stains on the chest.  Garbo is doing an American cowboy dressed head to toe in the flag.  The Horror dominated while Garbo bumped around before losing to an awkward looking neckbreaker or reverse bulldog, not sure.

Rob Marsh w/ The Horror vs. Rain w/ Troy Garbo
Last time I saw Marsh was in a deathmatch in Fairfield.  I read that he wasn't doing them anymore because he wants to showcase that he can wrestle with the best of them.  I really would  like to see him against someone where he could show that more.  Never heard of Rain, but it was obvious that he is green as grass.  Marsh looked good and was trying to carry a good match, Rain, he needs more work.  His finish is an elbow off the top rope, it shouldn't be.

brief intermission

Six Man Tag: BA Tatum, Nick "Flash" McKenna, & Blade Bandit vs. Owen Brody, Murdock, & Gene Geroux
Geroux was the mystery partner of Brody and Murdock.  Every time Tatum got in the ring the other team jumped to the floor.  This happened for the duration of the match until Tatum, with no known reason, turned on McKenna and Bandit causing the ref to throw the match out.

I liked that the match was thrown out and not a DQ win for McKenna and Bandit because that happened all too often in these scenarios.  It is not illegal for Tatum to attack his own partners so there should be no DQ called.  Also I hate it when you have a match like this when the good guy turns on his partners and joins the bad guys, but they just spent 15 minutes beating each other up first.  In this case they didn't touch it was great.

Xavier Bell vs. "Rugged" Rick Daniels
This was a throwback match to a style gone by and I really enjoyed it.  Bell clearly was controlling the flow of the match which saw him work and arm bar or side headlock for several minutes with some spots in between.  Rick picked up the win on a botched pin finished all thanks to the ref.  I really enjoyed the match otherwise.

PWS Champion: "Cocky" Kyle Andrews vs. Cousin Larry
Larry chopped Kyle so many times that it swelled his hand.  I've seen them wrestle so many times and yet this one was different.  The finish came when Kyle grabbed his belt and walked to the back taking the count out loss.

"Remarkable" Adam Booker vs Ace Romero
This was a fantastic match!  It started in the ring with a lock up but quickly spilled to the floor and around the ringside area.  Ace hit a a suicide dive through the ropes right in front of me.  It is so impressive to see a man the size of Romero fly out of the ring like that.  During the ringside brawl some glasses from the restaurant were knocked the the floor breaking adding and element of danger to the proceedings.  Booker got the pin with a roll up and a handful of tights.

It was really good seeing Booker in the ring again, and it was a great match.

Pro Wrestling Society returns June 3rd at Thatchers for an outdoor show featuring a Tag Team Tournament.

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