Monday, August 15, 2016

IWE Results August 6, 2016 Fairfield, Maine

Independent Wrestling Entertainment (IWE) returned to the Fairfield Community Center Saturday August 6th for a night of wrestling action.

Canaan, Alex, & I were joined by Jonny for his first ever live wrestling event.  We stopped at the Fairfield House of Pizza and hung out with Mikey and Roy for about half an hour before going to the venue.

Decent crowd, probably 70 - 75 for the six match card that lasted just about two hours.  Phil was also at the show and we all sat with him.

#Mikey defeated Juniorweight Champion: Levi Lexington by count-out 

Typically when the heel champion is getting it handed to him he walks out saying that he's had enough, in this case Levi was clearly in control when he walked out taking the count-out.  Didn't make sense.  Then a ladder was introduced and a return ladder match was booked for the Championship when they return to Fairfield.

Ace Romero defeated Sebastian Mayhem

Really great match here, Ace chopped the hell out of Mayhem with the match spilling to the floor and up onto the stage where Mayhem took a nasty belly to belly onto the stage.  Ace picked up the win the Boss Man Slam.

"Mr. USA" Tony Atlas defeated JP O'Reilly by disqualification

I realize that Tony is 62 years old, but for some reason whenever reason when Bruce Springsteen's "Born In The USA"  kicks on he comes out I get nostalgic and mark out a little bit every time.  So this match was not the best.  JP botched a spot and almost fell through the ropes to the floor, it was comical.  After beating up JP for a while Plunkett the Ogre ran in causing the disqualification.

Triple Threat
Maine State Champion: Amon Jordan defeated Tyler Nitro & Mike Graca

This was the match of the night!  Jordan is getting better and it was my first time seeing Nitro ever and Graca in person.  These three meshed well together, pulled off a very food entertaining match.  I'd like to see more of Nitro and Graca in Maine in the future.  Jordan got the cheap heel win pinning Nitro after Graca hit his finish.

John Bryer & Roadblock defeated "Totally" Tommy Lane & Todd Harris

Bryer and Roadblock won when the pinned Lane.  My first time seeing Harris, I like his gimmick and would enjoy seeing what else he can do.

IWE Champion: Adam Ricker defeated Plunkett the Ogre

I like Ogre, would like to see him against someone that can work. Ricker retained.

I haven't been to an IWE show since Sept 18, 2015, (you can read the report on that show here) their shows in Fairfield have either been on nights I wasn't available to go or weren't very interesting.  If they continue to have shows like this I would make it a point to go.

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Canaan with Ace Romero

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