Sunday, May 3, 2015

How I would like to see the WWE PPV's

I would like to see the WWE revamp their monthly big events or whatever we call Pay-Per-Views these days.  Some people feel that a monthly PPV is too much as there isn’t enough time to build proper feuds between cards.  At times I feel the same way but I think what would be better is to change their PPV to stretch out those programs.

I’m going to go month by month with what I think the PPV landscape should look like.  Obviously the big 4 will stay the same so it’s really only the other 8 months to contend with.  Straight away get rid of Extreme Rules and TLC, having a card full of gimmick matches just to have gimmick matches is ridiculous.  Also Hell in a Cell needs to go.  All of these matches should happen naturally as the feud builds and not just have them because it’s October and we need a Hell in a Cell match.  I mean seriously at the December 2014 TLC PPV we had a stairs match, a stairs match!  I could literally see Big Show and Kane in their respective matches at this PPV with the “I’m getting too old for this shit” look on their faces.

January – The Royal Rumble
The Royal Rumble is the best way to start the New Year and kick off the countdown to WrestleMania.  I know over the years they’ve messed with the time between competitors and even had 40 competitors once.  I went to that one!  I think a minimum of 90 seconds between is good but would like to see them return to the two minute format.  I also like the idea of the surprise entrants, they’ve been doing that the last few years and it’s always cool.  The Royal Rumble match should always be the featured bout and main event of the show.  A match for the WWE Championship should be contended but I think a good gimmick would be to have the Champion defend against someone who has never had a title match before.  You could decide that winner by a battle royal or a tournament leading up to the event.  You could round the card out with a tag team title match, diva’s match.

February – Battleground
This would be just a monthly PPV card with matches based on the normal flow of storylines. 

March/April – WrestleMania
Nothing needs to be changed about WrestleMania

April – Payback
This would be just a monthly PPV card with matches based on the normal flow of storylines. 

May - Money in the Bank
This is a great concept that started at WrestleMania and has spawned to its own PPV.  The Main Event of this card should be the Money in the Bank match.

June – Great American Bash
This would be just a monthly PPV card with matches based on the normal flow of storylines. 

July – King of the Ring
The King of the Ring should be brought back as its own PPV and there should be no WWE Championship match on this card.  It should be an 8 man tournament and between rounds you can have Tag Team title match and a Diva’s match.  The winner of the King of the Ring should go on to wrestle for the WWE Championship at Summerslam.

August – Summerslam
Nothing needs to be changed about Summerslam

September – Night of Champions
A show where ever title is on the line is good.  When this PPV started the WWE recognized 9 Championships and they are currently down to 5, World Heavyweight, Intercontinental, United States, and Diva’s.  I think this would be a great opportunity to bring the NXT Champions up and have them defend their championships on the PPV to help elevate the NXT product.  

October – Elimination Chamber
I think having a PPV featuring this match is a great idea.  Unlike any other stipulation matches a feud doesn’t build to 6 guys naturally competing in a single match.  This should be a title match and should be the last match.

November – Survivor Series
The Survivor Series should return to its original format with 5 on 5 teams competing in elimination matches, there should be no singles matches.  If the WWE Champion is competing in a tag match it builds interest towards a singles match at the next PPV. 

December – Starrcade
This would be just a monthly PPV card with matches based on the normal flow of storylines.  I think it would be great for the WWE to bring back the name Starrcade to celebrate the history of the wrestling. 

As far as the February and April names those could change yearly based on location or type of matches on the show or whatever name fits best that year.

In this formula the WWE World Heavyweight Championship could be defended 10 times at major shows with 1 of those defenses being against a challenger that has never had a title match before and 1 in a multi-person match.  This leaves 8 other matches to build the storylines around and to this would not over expose having the same matches or too many of the same matches on consecutive events.

What do you think?

Later Readers!

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