Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Podcast Rundown May 19, 2015

Episode 249 Kevin Sullivan
The Taskmaster shares how he got into wrestling, experiences over the years working on booking committees, life in WCW and so much more.

Episode 250 Disco Inferno
Disco talks about his time on the indy’s before signing with WCW, his time in WCW and what he did after, why he didn’t go to WWE.  He also talks candidly about his arrest for running and illegal poker game.

Episode 62 Bobby Roode
Great interview with Roode discussing his career not just all things TNA, he was in WCW doing dark matches the last couple weeks they were around before the WWE purchase.

Episode 214 & 215 Shane Douglas Part 1 & 2
Really good interview with Douglas about all aspects of his career, some stories I had heard before and others were new to me.

Family Friendly Show
Episode 217 & 219 Dixie Carter
Candid conversation with the President of TNA, what she did before the wrestling business, how she got into it and her thoughts on the past, present, and future of TNA.  Part 2 also features Jim Ross.

Episode 139 Sheamus
Sheamus talks about his most recent return to WWE, his new look and being a heel.  He also goes into his WWE Tryouts and his early years in the UK.

Episode 140 Billy Corgan
Fresh off signing with TNA as part of their creative team Corgan talks about his role there, Revolution Pro Wrestling and his upcoming tour. 

Episode 141 Paranormal Dean Ambrose
A unique episode has very little wrestling is talked about and instead they discuss Sasquatch, their own ghost and UFO experiences, and more.  Really good one! 

Episode 54 “Rowdy” Ronda Rousey
Piper talks to his namesake about getting into Judo, acting, stunt work, their mutual love and admiration for Gene Lebell, and her recent Wrestlemania experience. 

Episode 110 The Island of Dr. Moreau
It was a good episode but I apparently like this show a lot for Jason Mantzoukas who wasn’t on this episode.  It was good but he could have made it so much better.

Mother, Mommy, Mama, Mom
Molly Ringwald finds herself in the principal’s office with her daughter, a young man navigates life with his single mom, a boy who loves Barbies is terrified at the thought of playing tackle football, and a daughter contemplates how to face her mother’s death with grace.

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