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Podcast Rundown May 6, 2015

Podcast Rundown for May 6, 2015

Episode 247 Scott Norton
I was always a fan of Scott Norton and this is a great conversation.  I knew he was an arm wrestling champion but I didn’t know he was briefly in Over the Top and won the Arm Wrestling tournament that the film put on.  He talks about wrestling in Japan, WCW and what he’s doing now. 

Episode 248 Cardiff Live! With Harry Smith, Bob Holly, & Steven Lynskey
Recorded live in Cardiff, Wales in the UK at the Showmasters Comic Con.  Really good interview with Bob Holly and Harry Smith, I learned a side of both of them that I hadn't known before.  Here is the video of the Original Tiger Mask Satoru Sayama "training" his students that Harry speaks of in the podcast.  Bob Holly's reaction is hilarious!

Episode 61 Shawn Michaels
I’m a huge fan of Jim Ross on commentary and Shawn Michaels is one of the all-time greatest, so this podcast has all the potential in the world to be great, but I just couldn’t get into it.  This is a recurring theme with me and Ross’ podcast.  They all seem to deteriorate to how the boys today don’t get the same experience back in the day because the territories don’t exist anymore. 

Episode 62 Bobby Roode
Great interview with Roode about his early career and his insight in TNA.  Ross of course has to bring up home wrestling isn't as good with the territory days and how wrestlers aren't as good as they used to be.  I realize it's his opinion but he brings it up every episode. 

Episode 211 Mark & Chris Bell
Mark Bell is the founder of Super Training Gym and Chris is a documentarian who has released two films to date, the first “Bigger, Strong, Faster” which was fantastic and his upcoming feature that seems equally as interesting, “Prescription Thugs.”  Check this podcast to hear all about prescription drug abuse including Chris’ own battles that he filmed for their flick.  Mark talks all about training tips, how he got into powerlifting and more.  Great listen, well worth checking out.

Episode 423 – Gene LeBell
The legendary “Judo” Gene LeBell talks about the first ever MMA fight that happened in the United States back in 1963 and he was one of the competitors.  He talks about who he trained with, who he’s training now, and so much more about mixed martial arts.  A must listen! 

Episode 138 Lance Storm on Extreme Rules & Larry King
I didn’t listen to the Larry King portion of the show.  Lance Storm provided good insight on the PPV and I always like listening to his recaps with Jericho.

Episode 137 Monday Night Wars - Bischoff vs. Prichard
This Podcast was recorded Live on the day of the Royal Rumble and is a unique talk about the Monday Night Wars that I hadn't heard before.  Bischoff has the worst memory which is about dates and events at times.  I simply can't believe that he didn't know that when Monday Nitro started it was a 1 hour program and didn't go to two hours until May of 1996 and didn't hit 3 hours until December 1997. 

Farms, Fish Banks, and an Iron Roof
All of the storytellers in this hour are New Voices Fellows from the Aspen Institute.  A leading advocate for food security must reassess her won relationship to food, a young man dreams of an iron roof for his family, a pragmatic idealist learns to really listen to her friend, an a marine expert tries to

Parties, Plans, and Police
A Son plans the party of a lifetime for his mother, a cancer patient seeks out the men who have shaped his identity, and a little boy visits his Lieutenant father of the police station.

Crime and Forgivness
A retired pickpocket remembers when he first enrolled in pickpocketing school, a young woman recounts the difficulty of being a Mormon in New York City, and the victim of a random stabbing faces his attacker in court.

Episode 21 Chaotic Wrestling Owner Jamie Jamitkowski
Great listen, learn about Chaotic Wrestling and how they came to be.  Most importantly hear the story of Vince McMahons only independent wrestling appearance.

Episode 666 Eliza Coupe
New Hampshire native and Scrubs alumnus Eliza Coupe stops by the Nerdist Podcast to talk about her life, her upcoming projects, and the fact that she rights every day in an almost obsessive manner.  Great listen!

Episode 108 Con Air live with Seth Grahame-Smith
This episode is awesome! These guys are in love with Nicolas Cage and listening to them talk about it is hilarious. 
Episode 109 Face Off live with Randall Park
Again this is an awesome episode, they love this movie with passion and still manage to point out it's faults. 

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