Thursday, May 28, 2015

Random Wrestling: Dustin Rhodes vs. Vader

 One of the awesome things about WWE Network is they have all the Clash of the Champions available to watch.  As much as I watched wrestling growing up I didn’t watch all the Clashes.  Sadly I’ve been burning through them and only have 6 left to watch. 

At this stage I’m in the Hogan years of WCW where, in my opinion WCW started taking a turn for the worse because you had Hogan in the main event and he was bringing in all his buddies like Beefcake and Avalanche to work with taking the WCW product which had always been superior wrestling and making it cartoon wrestling.  I mean sure parts of the show were excellent, but once you got to the main event it just wasn’t enjoyable to watch.  Sure as a kid I loved Hogan, but at this time I wasn’t a fan of his style of wrestling. 

I was watching Clash of the Champions XXIX from Jacksonville, Florida November 16, 1994 and there were 6 matches on this card and only 1, in my opinion, was worth watching and that was “Natural” Dustin Rhodes vs. Big Van Vader. 

Dustin was really on top of his game at this time I was and am a huge fan of this time of his career as “Natural” Dustin Rhodes.   The tone of the match was set in the opening moments when Vader pushed Rhodes into the corner and unloaded with a STIFF right to the face.  Moments later Vader backs Rhodes into the corner again, but this time unleashes a left to the body and then another wicked stiff shot to the face.  Vader took a step back and showing huge disrespect for Rhodes spit in his face. 

Rhodes quickly retaliated double legging Vader taking him to the canvas and just unloaded relentlessly with rights and lefts to the face, even ripping Vader’s mask off and continuing the assault. 

For the next 10 minutes the match didn’t let up putting a fast paced hard hitting strong style match that I have now watched 3 times. 

I cannot emphasize enough that if you are a fan of wrestling you need to watch this match.  It should be a pre-requisite for anyone that wants to call themselves a wrestling fan they have to watch this match!

What’s truly amazing if you watch Dustin in the ring now as Goldust, 20 plus years later he’s still fantastic in the ring putting on some of the best matches on the card.

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