Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Wrestling Documentaries on You Tube

You Tube has a lot of Wrestling Documentary’s available to watch if you look around a bit. Here is a couple that I recommend you check out:

The Wrestlers: Fighting with my Family

This short 47 minute BBC documentary features the Knight Family and their league WAW: World Association Wrestling.  Shot in 2011 following a few months of the family with old home video footage of the family is intercut through-out.
The Primary focus of the Documentary is that of Saraya Jade and Zak’s WWE Tryouts where Saraya Jade is signed immediately and becoming who we now know as Paige and Zak is told to get in better shape and try out again. 
The Family:
“Rowdy” Ricky Knight
Julia Knight – Sweet Saraya: former Shimmer Champion
Roy Knight – The Zebra Kid
Zak Knight – Zak Zodiak
Saraya Jade Knight – Britini Knight: now former NXT and Diva’s Champion: Paige

Behind the Curtain

This E: 60 Pictures documentary features the WWE’s NXT Developmental Territory in Orlando.  Filmed over two years from the Spring of 2013 to May of 2015 it follows the path of Ray Leppon, Matt Polinsky, & Austin Watson, better known as Adam Rose, Corey Graves, & Xavier Woods.
This is simply a fantastic feature that does an excellent job telling these three men’s stories as well as showing us an inside glimpse of the WWE including production meetings, character development, and more.  Definitely take the 48 minute run time to watch it.  You will not regret it.
Watching the stories of Adam Rose and Corey Graves is heart wrenching at times learning about Roses family and Graves struggles with injuries.

After watching the features check out these bonus behind the scenes short features on Tyler Breeze, and Colin Cassady. 

E60: The Scott Hall Story

This is a wonderful, in depth, and emotional look at the life and times of Scott Hall.  Hall discusses the incident in 1983 when he killed someone outside a nightclub in Orlando.  From there his career is highlighted from his 1984 debut in AWA to the heights of WWE and WCW to his April 8, 2011 appearance for Top Rope Promotions in Fall River, MA which is the epitome of rock bottom.  Also interviewed for this feature was Sean Waltman, Hulk Hogan, Eric Bischoff, Cody Hall, Mike Mooneyham, Kevin Nash, his ex-wife Dana, Stephanie McMahon,  Top Rope promoter Steve Ricard, Justin Incredible,
Steve Ricard tried to justify why he sent Hall out to the ring in the state he was in, he never should have been out there. 

I recently saw Scott at a Big Time Wrestling show in Winslow, Maine.  Although Hall was in rough shape physically from the years of abuse he definitely looked a lot better than he did in this feature.

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