Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Signed Trading Cards: Cody Rhodes / Stardust

On January 27th I attended Limitless Wrestling's Unreal event in Westbrook, you can read about it here.  The event was headlined by "American Nightmare" Cody Rhodes vs. JT Dunn, at the pre-show meet and greet I was able to get a few cards signed by Mr. Rhodes.

WWE Topps 2009 I like this card because it reminds me of some classic WWE cards from the mid 80's, especially the black background.

WWE Topps 2016 Stardust card.  Stardust was Cody's persona similar to his brother Goldust, that he used starting in June 2014 until the end of his run in the WWE.

This card is from a fan made set celebrating the 2016 PWG Battle of Las Angeles.  Made by @briandbrain this set is in the style of the 1991 WCW Impel card set.

These three cards are a fantastic addition to my collection.  One thing I didn't notice until I took the photo of the three cards together is in all of them he is yelling.

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  1. I love your idea of getting trading cards signed. It just makes so much sense. You can keep them all organized, they don’t take up space, and they look great. I think I may get into the trading card signing business.

    1. I got hooked on getting trading cards signed because it was more affordable to send those through the mail to request a signature than sending 8x10's. For one stamp I send my letter, trading card or cards in a plastic case to prevent them from being damaged and a stamped return envelope.
      I love it though, getting the different promotions or gimmicks signed. If I was down your way I would go crazy getting those NWA Wonderama cards signed.

      My source for single cards is huskerhavs wrestling cards, you can find their link on the front page on the left in the links section.