Tuesday, March 7, 2017

The Last Match: The Vachon Family

Maurice "Mad Dog" Vachon
October 13, 1986 International Wrestling, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
with Jos Leduc defeated Gilles Poisson & Man Mountain Moore

The eldest brother of the Vachon family and the first to enter the squared circle in 1950.  He toured around the territories collecting titles along the way including becoming a five time AWA World Heavyweight Champion holding the title a combined 770 days.

He is probably best known by my generation from when at WWF In Your House 7: Good Friends, Better Enemies in Omaha, Nebraska, when Vachon who was sitting ringside was grabbed by Kevin Nash as Diesel who then removed his fake leg and attacked Shawn Michaels with it.

Retiring in 1986 he was struck by a vehicle in 1987 during a hit and run crash the resulted in the amputation of his lower leg.  In 2010 he was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.  Mad Dog passed away in his sleep on November 21, 2013 at the age of 84.

Paul "Butcher" Vachon
December 3, 1985 WWF Championship Wrestling, Poughkeepsie, New York
with Terry Gibbs was defeated by King Tonga & Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat

The Butcher followed his brother into wrestling starting in 1957.  He would tour around states wrestling in the AWA, WWF, NWA, Georgia Championship Wrestling, and for Stampede Wrestling in his native Canada.  The Vachon Brothers were the AWA World Tag Team Champions for 623 days from August 30, 1969 to May 15, 1971.  Butcher finished his career in the WWF retiring in 1985.

Vivian Vachon
October 13, 1986 International Wrestling, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
defeated Candi Devine

Vivian Vachon began her training in 1969 with the Fabulous Moolah.  November 4, 1971 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada she defeated Betty Nicoli for the AWA Women's Championship and would go on to hold the title for 651 days before losing it back to Nicoli on August 16, 1973.  She is best known for being the centerpiece of the 1973 wrestling documentary Wrestling Queen that also featured her brothers and other wrestlers.  Tragically Vivian and her 9 year old daughter Julie were killed in a car crash by a drunk driver on August 24, 1991 near St. Jean, Quebec, Canada.

I named my cat Vivian Vachon after her.

Luna Vachon
December 7, 2007 Great Lakes Championship Wrestling, Milwaukee, WI
defeated Traci Brooks to retain her GLCW Ladies Championship

Began her training with her Aunt Vivian at the age of sixteen and then The Fabulous Moolah.  Best known for her time WWE but she also had stings in Florida, POWW, AWA, WCW, ECW, and the independents.  Luna Vachon announced on December 5, 2007 that she would retire after her match on the 7th with Traci Brooks.  Vachon was found dead August 27, 2010 in her home from and apparent overdose.

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  1. That’s some great information. I’ve seen matches of Luna and Mad Dog, but I don’t think I’ve seen matches by Vivian or Butcher. I need to do some YouTubing tonight.

  2. There was a great sequence between the Leducs and Paul Vachon during a tag team match.

    Paul Leduc had Paul Vachon in a full nelson. But Vachon was too strong. He lowered both arms forcing Leduc to release the hold. Gachon walked around the ring flexing his muscles, showing the crowd how strong he is. He deliberately offered Leduc another chance, turning his back and raising his arms. Leduc obliged.l but to the crowds disappointment the same result. Vachon easily broke the hold and walked around the ring while smirking and showing off his biceps.
    He turned around again offering Paul a third chance at a full Nelson. He should have turned in the other direction. Unbeknown to Vachon, Leduc ran to his corner tagging his brother Joe while Vachon was still looking the other way with both arms raisedinviting Paul to apply the hold.

    But this time it was mighty Joe who clamped on th full Nelson. Sun Vachon tried to break the hold, the attempt was futile. Instead Joe put on more Pressure. The look on Paul’s face was hysterical. A mixture between pain and surprise. How could Paul get so strong? The fans went crazy.

    Todays wrestling lacks this cleverness .