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Limitless Wrestling "Hysteria" Report 3/17/2017

Saint Patrick's Day, March 17, 2017, Limitless Wrestling presented Hysteria featuring Ricochet vs. Matt Sydal in the main event of the evening at the Armory in Westbrook, Maine.  Nearly 400 people packed in for another great night of Limitless Wrestling.

I met Mikey, Roy, Jesse, Josh, Bradford and the rest at the venue before the doors opened.  VIP was to be let in at 6:30, they opened at 6:45 and we headed in with Mikey and I grabbing essentially the same seats as last time.

It was a great night for me getting a bunch of cards signed, to be posted in another blog, and my photo with Kikutaro, Ricochet, Ethan Page,and Taeler Hendrix.  Mikey and I were talking to Kikutaro who was selling us a DVD and he was pointing at one guy telling us how much he sucked.  It was hilarious!

The show was four hours long and featured 11 big matches!

The opening contest with the Turf War pitting Team Limitless against Team Freelance Wrestling out of Chicago.  The crowd was super hot for this match and they delivered.  One fall to a finish and fought under lucha rules, no tag needed as soon as one member leaves the ring another can enter.  Action was furious and all over the place in and out of the ring.

I was really impressed with the guys from Freelance and I realize that Chicago is a haul but I would love to see them come back.

Finished was botched a bit with the Limitless crew getting the win when Skylar pinned Matter.

"All Ego" Ethan Page pinned Tyler Nitro with Mike Gamble
My first time seeing Page live and it was a great showing!

Nitro gets better each time I see him and watching him wrestle someone the caliber of Page really shows what he can do.

I want to see both of these guys come back, but would absolutely love a Monster Mafia reunion with Page and Josh Alexander.

The Rude Boy Riley open challenge was answered by surprise unadvertised Swoggle, formerly Hornswoggle in the WWE.  The crowd popped big time for him!

The look on Mikey's face was he jumped from his seat was hilarious.  This was actually the best match I've seen from Swoggle and Riley was great too.  The Leprechaun got the win on Saint Paddy's day.

XWA Champion: Anthony Henry submitted Jay Freddie in pretty fantastic match.

My first time seeing Henry live and I've seen Freddie before.

These guys put on a great match and I'd like a rematch down the line.

"Top Shelf" Troy Nelson pinned Kikutaro with Sydney Bakabella
This was pure comedy from beginning to end concluding with about a dozen nut shots passed around between Nelson, Kikutaro, Bakabella, and the ref.

In the end Nelson got the quick pin and then felt the wrath of Bakabella who was stopped by Kikutaro.  Match ended with both wrestlers apologizing for the nuts shots.

Ace Romero pinned Keith Lee is a pretty awesome big man match.  They did a series of should blocks in and out of the ring that was pretty damn awesome.

Everything was high impact and big bumps that had the fans chanting "don't break the ring".  Also the chops they laid in were vicious.

This lead to a much needed intermission.  I just happened to have my Hornswoggle cards in the van so I went out and got them.

First match back was "Dirty Daddy" Chris Dickinson battling Rene Dupree.  Roy and I were really looking forward to this match we thought for sure that these guys would beat the shit out of each other.  This match started out as expected and at one point I can't tell if Dupree had a couple teeth knocked out or he removed a partial plate, but either way the match just seemed to end abruptly before it got going.

Dupree had made many appearances in Maine for IWE but I never was able to go to a show with him on it, it just never worked out.  To me Dupree is more than just a former two time WWE tag team champion, he's THE direct link to the historic Canadian Maritime territory Grand Prix Wrestling.  His father Emile Dupree ran the territory from 1977 - 1986 and now Rene is continuing the tradition.

Six way scramble with "Celtic" Connor Murphy, Maxwell Jacob Feinstein, Mr. Grimm, Xavier Bell, Mike Graca, and surprise entrant Dick Justice.

This match was one fall to a finish all the competitors in the ring at once.  This lead to all out chaos at times and the traditional train wreck dives to the floor, it was great!  The finish was a sequence of piledrivers with none of them being a traditional one.

Mr. Grimm hit Bell with a spinning jump tombstone piledriver, Feinstein threw Grimm to the floor and stole the pin and the win.  Grimm them his is finish on Feinstein and put him in a body bag, legit.

Veda Scott pinned Taeler Hendrix.  These two ladies beat the tar out of each other and Hendrix was just laying in some wicked chops on Scott.

They wrestled in and out of the ring spilling to the floor in front of us.  Hendrix went for a baseball slide into the corner kicking Scott below the belt and she appeared to have injured her ankle.

In-fact during the next match she was seen in severe pain being carried out of the building still in her gear.  I hope it's nothing serious. UPDATE: According to Taeler Hendrix instagram she fractured her ankle.

Oleg the Usurper pinned Rex Lawless after hitting Off With His Head.

Decent that saw Lawless attempt to bring a chair in the ring only to have Oleg bring out his broad sword, an actual sword.  Very hard hitting match.

Matt Sydal pinned Ricochet with a shooting star press.  DAMN, just damn.  I mean words simply do not suffice.  These two men and just amazing in the ring putting on a flawless acrobatic display that they make look easy.  I mean so impressive!  They had the crowd popping time after time, myself included.  I'm a bigger fan of Ricochet, but ultimately by the end I just didn't care who won.

After the match Ricochet cut an impassioned promo about how he looks up to Sydal as a hero back when they first faced each other in 2005 and now as a hero.  I thought he was going to cry he was so emotional.

All in all another fantastic show from Limitless Wrestling.  I really can't believe we have such high caliber indy promotion in Maine that is drawing people from as far as New Jersey to the shows.

The next show is May 13th featuring Sydney Bakabella bringing in Colt Cabana to face Troy Nelson, Ace Romero vs. AR Fox III in a fans bring the weapons match, also appearing Anthony Greene, The Maine State Posse and more.

It's going to be a little tricky for me, it's my daughters birthday that day, but it's Colt Cabana in Maine finally.  Jonny wants to go.

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