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Roy's Review: Limitless Wrestling Hysteria

Here is my review of Limitless Wrestling's Hysteria on March 17, 2017

Match 1: Team Limitless Wrestling: Danger Kid, Aidan Aggro, Jeremy Leary and Skylar defeated Team Freelance Wrestling: GPA, Craig Mitchell, Rob Matter and Matt Knicks
Great choice to open the show. Lots of crazy action at ringside and some really cool spots involving everyone. Of the Freelance guys, I enjoyed both GPA and Rob Matter. GPA has a good look and carries himself like someone who matters. Rob Matter plays the little runt with a big mouth very well. The end of this match came when Leary hit a double stomp into a DDT by Skylar on Matter.

Match 2: Ethan Page defeated Tyler Nitro w/Mike Gamble
This was without a doubt the best Tyler Nitro match I have ever seen. It started kinda slow with some comedy but once it got going it was a great match. Nitro took some vicious offense from Page and surprisingly kicked out.

In Ring: Rude Boy Riley comes out and makes fun of the Maine crowd and tells them that leprechauns aren't real.

Match 3: Swoggle defeated Rude Boy Riley
This was a comedy match but it was the best Swoggle matches I've ever seen. The crowd popped super hard for him. I enjoyed it even though I don't really care for comedy matches.

Match 4: Anthony Henry defeated Jay Freddie
This was an awesome match. Great mat wrestling combined with some great hard hitting action. Both guys are very impressive and I would like to see them both come back.

Match 5: Troy Nelson defeated Kikutaro w/Sidney Bakabella
This was a comedy match with very little wrestling. I surprisingly enjoyed it and I don't care for comedy wrestling. Kikutaro and Bakabella tried double teaming Nelson but it didn't work. Amungst the double teaming all three and even the referee ending up getting kicked in the nuts.

In Ring: Sidney Bakabella attacks Troy Nelson after the match. Kikutaro saves Nelson and they shake hands.

Match 6: Ace Romero defeated Keith Lee
Good big man match with some comedy thrown in. They did about 5 minutes of trying to knock each other down with shoulder blocks, even charging at each other from across the room. Both guys took tons of big moves and kicked out but in the end Ace got the win with a Boss Man Slam type move.

In Ring: Ace Romero dogs Anthony Greene for taking another booking because he had unfinished business. Ace says that he too has unfinished business but here in Limitless Wrestling. He says that in May he will battle AR Fox in a Fans Bring the Weapons Match.

In Ring: Sidney Bakabella comes in and he is pissed. He calls out Troy Nelson and says that he is bringing someone from Chicago to battle him in May and its Colt Cabana.

Match 7: Chris Dickinson defeated Rene Dupree
I was looking forward to this match and I was kinda disappointed. It was going very well with both guys hitting some very strong strikes. Dupree even had what appeared to be fake teeth knocked out. Then all of a sudden Dickinson hit a kick and it was over.

Match 8: Maxwell Jacob Feinstein defeated Mr. Grim, Xavier Bell, Dick Justice, Connor Murphy and Mike Graca in a Fatal 6 Way
Good match with lots of action. Feinstein is a good heel and has the tools to become star on the indy scene. There was a bunch of brawling at ringside and everyone hit some big moves in the ring. Mr. Grim hit is jumping tombstone on Bell but Feinstein threw him out of the ring and got the cheap win.

In Ring: Mr. Grim attackes Maxwell Jacob Feinstein, giving him a jumping tombstone and put him in a body bag.

Match 9: Veda Scott defeated Taeler Hendrix
What hard hitting women's match. Hendrix chopped the shit out of Scott throughout the match. They did some good brawling at ringside with Hendrix coming up limping. She fought on like a trooper though. She even had part of her weave ripped out. In the end Scott got the win with a surprise small package.

Ringside: Veda Scott was celebrating her win when Taeler Hendrix shot a black mist into her face.

Match 10: Oleg the Usurper defeated Rex Lawless
Solid match but they botched a suplex multiple times. Lawless got frustrated and brought in a chair so Oleg when backstage and got a sword. Lawless did some impressive dives. He is a good wrestler but very boring.

Match 11: Matt Sydal defeated Ricochet
Awesome match. Must be seen. Tons of fast paced action with both guys hitting many of their signature moves. Check this one out. You won't be disappointed.

In Ring: Ricochet talks about how he looked up to Sydal and talks about the first time they wrestled back in 2005 for IWA Mid-South. I was surprised that he didn't cry. Sydal then puts over Ricochet saying that he is the best wrestler in the world.
Overall this show scored a 72.5 out of 110 for an overall score of 65.90%. Another great show from Limitless Wrestling. There were tons of great matches with an unbelievable main event. Check this show out when it comes out on DVD. You won't regret it.

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