Tuesday, March 3, 2015

WWC Universal Championship Title Change

I wrote a few articles for a local publication here in Maine that was to feature articles about current and the history of Professional Wrestling in Maine, it lasted 1 issue.  I've decided to publish those articles that went unpublished here on this blog for all our enjoyment.

On February 27, 1985 International Championship Wrestling (ICW) promoted by Mario Savoldi of the legendary Savoldi family, held a television taping at the Auditorium in Bangor, Maine. 
One of the featured bouts advertised was rare defense of the WWC Universal Heavyweight Championship outside of Puerto Rico as champion Carlos Colon was slated to defend his crown against Black Gordman. The World Wrestling Council (WWC) was the premier wrestling promotion in Puerto Rico at that time and still is to this day.
On this night though, the caveat Card Subject to Change came into effect as Colon would instead defend his title again the former NWA World Heavyweight Champion a very game Dory Funk Jr.  Funk was originally set to wrestle Hercules Ayala that night.
Over 11 minutes after the ring of the bell, Funk pinned a bloodied Colon with both feet on the ropes to become the new WWC Universal Heavyweight Champion, marking the only time in the titles 32 year history that it changed hands outside of Puerto Rico.  Dory would later lose the title back to Colon on June 15, 1985 in San Juan, Puerto Rico. 
Although it’s not the only major wrestling championship to be defended in Maine, it’s the only one to change hands in an actual match.  On December 8, 1997 the Rock “won” the WWE Intercontinental Championship from “Stone Cold” Steve Austin when he was handed the title.  Even the WWE Hardcore Championship which changed hand 234 times in the 4 years it was active never changed hands in Maine.
This match is available on DVD on The Best of ICW Volume 1 from Mario Savoldi’s current promotion Wrestling On Fire.   www.wrestlingonfire.com

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