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Fairfield Community Center

I wrote a few articles for a local publication here in Maine that was to feature articles about current and the history of Professional Wrestling in Maine, it lasted 1 issue.  I've decided to publish those articles that went unpublished here on this blog for all our enjoyment.

               Back in the territory days of Professional Wrestling each territory had a venue within it where the biggest and best matches occurred.  Some of those buildings maintain their prominence long after the territory days are over, and most of us die-hard fans know of these buildings.  Madison Square Garden, The ECW Arena, Mid-South Coliseum, The Omni, The Sportatorium, Greensboro Coliseum, The Cow Palace, Arena Mexico, and The Tokyo Dome, just to name a few. 
                In Maine when WWE comes to town it’s typically The Civic Centers in Portland, Augusta, & Bangor where they run their shows.  Independent promotions tend to run smaller building, which is the logical thing for them to do. 
                Although it is not on the level of the historic buildings listed above, the Community Center in Fairfield has become Maine’s top venue for Professional Wrestling for the last 11 years. 
                The first wrestling event I can find that took place there was November 7, 2003 a New Wrestling Horizons show featuring a main event of NWH Champion Sonny Roselli in a successful defense against the over 7 foot Bullmoose Calhoun. 
                My first show at Maine’s most prolific venue was also a NWH show, this one featuring the Honky Tonk Man on October 23, 2004.  Since that time I have personally attended 45 shows at the Community Center promoted by 12 different companies including:  New Wrestling Horizons, AWA-North Atlantic, North American Wrestling Association, Pro Wrestling America, Independent Wrestling Entertainment, NWA On-Fire, Wicked Good Wrestling, Wrestling is Awesome, MainEvent Wrestling, Intergalactic Wrestling, Live Pro Wrestling, & Pro Wrestling Experience.
Some of the top wrestlers of the past, present and future have appeared at the Community Center over the years including: The Honky Tonk Man, “King of Old School” Steve Corino, Scotty Too Hotty,  Jerry Lynn, Sonjay Dutt, Spike Dudley, Savio Vega,  Eddie Edwards, Chris Hamrick, “Mr. USA” Tony Atlas, Mercedes KV aka WWE’s Sasha Banks, Matt Taven, “Sicilian Psychopath” Tomaso Ciampa, “Prodigy” Mike Bennett, Maria, Jimmy Jacobs, Jimmy Wang Yang, Biff Busick, AR Fox, Justin Credible,
Chikara’s Sydney Bakabella, Shockwave The Wrestling Robot, Tough Enough Runner Up: Luke Robinson, 2x NWA World Junior-Heavyweight Champion: “Boston Bad Boy” Jason Rumble, Guinness World Record Holder “Extreme Strongman” Gino Martino, Antonio Thomas, Jeremy Prophet, Mark Moment, Cameron Matthews, Shane Marvel, and many, many more.  These are just the wrestlers that I have seen there.
In my ten years going to the matches in Fairfield I have seen some outstanding contests and here are a few that stand out in my mind.

February 21, 2007 AWA-North Atlantic
AWA World Heavyweight Champion: “King of Old School” Steve Corino pinned Cameron Matthews with the Lariat in a 26 minute match.  Up until this point I wasn’t very impressed with Cameron Matthews and in fact when I saw he was the listed opponent I was initially disappointed.  Cameron proved me dead wrong delivering a fantastic match with the “King Of Old School” and providing my favorite live match for a long time. 

August 14, 2009 Pro Wrestling America
Heavyweight Champion: Mark Moment lasted a 2 ring 26 man battle royal to retain his championship.  The appeal of this match was seeing two wrestling rings side by each in the community center.

September 5, 2009 Pro Wrestling America
Jerry Lynn pinned Heavyweight Champion: Mark Moment with the Cradle Piledriver in a non-title match
Falls Count Anywhere: Cameron Matthews pinned Sonjay Dutt after a piledriver
This was a weird night of wrestling.  Attendance was in the single digits and IWE was running that night.  The first half of the “show” was a bunch of trainees in various matches that also included Mark Moment & Cameron Matthews.  They did their best but it would have been better to just show matches on video tape or play charades.  Finally Jerry Lynn & Sonjay Dutt arrived after working IWE in Brewer that night as well and we were treated to two fantastic matches.  It was this night that I became a fan of Mark Moment as he was able to hang with Jerry Lynn. 

June 4, 2010, April 8, 2011, & August 31, 2012 IWE
“Die Hard” Eddie Edwards vs. Mark Moment
Their first encounter was a double titles match as Eddie Edwards was the Ring of Honor World Television Champion and Moment was the IWE Heavyweight Champion.  For me this was a must see match and was phenomenal!  It ended in a 20 minute time limit draw.  The second was the much anticipated re-match this time Edwards was the Ring of Honor World Heavyweight champion getting a quick pin on Moment in another classic match. Their third, and to date, final encounter at the community center was a fans bring the weapons match.  My son brought a cookie sheet and we drew a target on it with a not telling Edwards where Mark Moments head should go, and it did!  Once again another stellar encounter with Moment getting the quick roll up victory after a low blow.   I think it’s time for a fourth match at the Community Center to settle this once and for all.  

June 10, 2011 IWE & NWA On Fire Supershow
BWO Heavyweight Champion: Sebastian Cruz pinned Cameron Matthews.  This was the opening match and it stole they show.  It started out slow then eventually picked up the pace added in some high flying maneuvers and finished with both guys shaking hands in the ring while the crowd showed appreciation with a standing ovation.  This is my all-time favorite Cameron Matthews match.

July 1, 2011 IWE
Street Fight: “Enforcer” Larry Huntley pinned Kyle Huntley in an insane match that went outside.  This was the culmination of a father/son feud that ended in a wild match that went all around and even outside the community center.   Classic old school street fight!

May 11, 2012 Intergalactic Wrestling
Ultra-Violent Hardcore Match: Ultra-Violent Hardcore Champion: Rob Marsh w/ Vernon Envy defeated Scotty Nightingale with a package piledriver on thumbtacks and light tube shards.
A different type of match to see in Maine making it unique and special, both guys took it to the limit and both walked away on their own power.

August 12, 2012 IWE & Live Pro Wrestling
Robbie Ellis Tribute Super Junior Tournament, the entire show.
This was truly a great show featuring some to top talent in New England with just about every match on the card being a 5 star match.  One of the finest complete cards top to bottom I have ever attended. 
Opening Round Matches all Triple Threat Matches:
Champ Mathews defeated Jay Jaillet & Julian Starr pinning Starr
Eddie Edwards beat Maxwell Chicago & Conner Murphy submitting Chicago
Mark Moment (replacing the injured Jason Rumble) defeated Chris Hamrick & Scotty Vegas when Hamrick passed out from the pain with a single leg boston crab
Matt Taven won against Scott Reed & Vinny Marseglia pinning Marseglia
Semi-Final Matches:
Eddie Edwards submitted Champ Mathews
Matt Taven pinned Mark Moment
Heavyweight Champion: “Extreme Stongman” Gino Martino & Jivin' Jimmy pinned Owen Brody & Sonny Roselli
Tournament Final Match:
Matt Taven defeated Eddie Edwards to win the tournament

Again these are just the shows that I have been to, and as much as I try I can’t make it to all of them.  I’m sure you have your favorite matches from the Fairfield Community Center and I would love hear what yours are. 

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