Sunday, March 1, 2015

My Pro Wrestling Obsession

Greetings and welcome to my new blog The Wrestling Insomniac!  I pondered for a long time over what to call this blog and I searched several different names that I came up with only to find they were already taken.  I was starting to get annoyed and I said out loud “I just want to write a blog about my obsession with pro wrestling” and suddenly I had my title, My Pro Wrestling Obsession.  Then I asked a few trusted people their opinion, one of them came back with Wrestling Insomnia, which I liked but sounded more like a blog about tackling the disease insomnia.  I liked it though so I decided to riff it and came up with The Wrestling Insomniac.  It fits because I work night shift and most of my writing will be done at night during downtime at work. 

My page is not a news site it’s just my point of view about wrestling past, present, and the future.  I’m going to write about the shows I watch, the shows I’ve been too, and the shows I’m going to.  I’ll write a lot about the history of wrestling from my perspective.   Some posts will be ones that I previously posted on my other blog “Wicked Clevah Title.” 

Basically I love wrestling and I need an outlet for that love and this is going to be it.  If this page takes off and becomes popular, great, if it doesn’t, then that’s ok too.

About Me

I don’t have that moment that I can remember when I first watched wrestling and fell in love with it.  For me it’s something that I’ve always watched.  My dad was a wrestling fan and he watched it and I with him.  WWF was the wrestling we watched the most, but he used to take me to the video store in Lisbon and Lisbon falls and we would rent wrestling tapes that were WWF and NWA and anything wrestling they had. 

Again primarily I would watch WWF and all the weekend shows plus Prime Time Wrestling, and whatever else I could find on my television.  I remember my mom used to let my brother and I watch Saturday Night’s Main Event, we would have to go to bed at normal time but we could set our alarms to get up and watch the show. 

I had all the LJN figures, watched Hulk Hogan’s Rock n’ Wrestling on Saturday mornings, had Hulk Hogan pajamas and sheet set, Hulk Hogan’s work out set, and a Christmas gift I treasured the most The Wrestling Album on cassette. 

I do have the memory of watching my first WrestleMania live though.  I was just a couple months shy of my 9th birthday and the event was WrestleMania IV, the tournament to crown a new WWF Champion!  I would spend every other weekend with my Dad and normally would go home on Sunday late afternoon after we left Nana’s as was our routine.  This week though was odd because he hadn’t taken me home yet and was being very vague as to why when we finally did head out he took a different route and we stopped at his friend Roland’s house.  He ushered me into the basement where I remember it being crammed with men all huddled around the TV and right in the dead center front was an empty chair next to Roland and on the screen the opening to WrestleMania IV.   I believe it was my first ever mark out moment.  I’ve never missed a live WrestleMania since and attended 14 in Boston and 24 in Orlando. 

Through my life I’ve watched all the wrestling that I could find on Television and later in life got into tapes and then DVD and then you tube, and now WWE Network.  But all of this is for another post on another day.

I love pro wrestling, aside from my wife and kids, it’s what I’m the most passionate about in my life.  This blog is all about my obsession with pro wrestling and all are welcome to come along for journey.

Later Readers!

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