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IWE Fairfield, Maine May 3, 2019

For the first time since August 2018 I managed to make it to the Fairfield Community Center for some IWE wrestling action.  I had been told that they had a new ring they had been using that was smaller than a pony ring, one of my friends doesn't even like going to the shows because of the ring, but this was the first time I had seen it and WOW!  This ring is like a ten foot, maybe twelve foot, and floor to top of ring post is about six feet.

In a night club, low ceiling, or smaller setting this would be a great ring, but in this building it just makes the ring look even smaller.  I will say this the ring sounded really good, which you might think is odd but I think is important.

Forty other fans joined me on this rainy night, including my buddy Phil, for what ended up being six matches headlined by an IWE Triple Crown Championship match.  The ring announcer for the night was The Handsome Mainer and they did not have a house microphone so he just yelled out the introductions and he did a respectable job.

Angel Cross with his bowl of fried chicken
The show opened with Adam Ricker coming to the ring announcing the main event and then The Street: Elite Terrell & Angel Cross came out for a promo, Angel Cross was eating fried chicken during this.  Their advertised opponents The Mutts were not there so Ricky Williams and JP O'Reilly came out to challenge them.  With no house mic you could only hear certain wrestlers that put in the effort to speak loud, Angel Cross didn't.

Cousin Larry pinned Jason Maverick with a fist drop

Maverick is new, Larry has been wrestling I think 20 years this year.  This was a short match Larry lit Maverick up with 20 chops in a row.  Finish was awkward Maverick either forgot or decided to not kick out.

Scott McGraw pinned Roadblock with Beavis Mae and The Guatemalan Prince
I've never seen McGraw, he has the Texan gimmick with cowboy boots and cowbell on bullrope.  Another super short match with McGraw getting the pin after a big boot.  Post match there was some awkwardness and Prince jumped in the ring which lead to...

Scott McGraw pinned The Guatemalan Prince with Beavis Mae

This match was also about four minutes with McGraw getting the pin with a tomikaze.  This match was more competitive than the previous one with the same result though.

The Street: Angel Cross & Elite Street defeated Canadian Penguin Alliance: "Mr. Canada" Ricky Williams & JP O'Reilly

Okay so JP comes out with a giant stuffed penguin named Punky, I'm not sure why he's adopted this as his companion but think Golga and his Cartman.  JP came to the ring without his stuffed Penguin and was quite upset about it.  So the Street, of course, were the ones that stole it and brought it to the ring with them.  O'Reilly was so mad that he went and stole The Street's Fried Chicken!  Yes I just typed those words.

The match itself was decent, I think the size of the ring hampered them and it's hard to cut off and work only one side of a ten foot ring.  Punky the Penguin was involved in the finish, Terrell hit a one man flapjack on O'Reilly and Cross threw Punky at his causing O'Reilly to fall on the plush toy.  Cross and Punky then pinned O'Reilly for the win.

I've never sat front row and been able to take a picture of the whole ring before
The Street then celebrated by reclaiming their fried chicken.

After 45 minutes of wrestling it was time for an intermission which ran for over 20 minutes.  I really can't stand an unnecessarily long intermission.

Elimination Match:  The Horror with The Captain defeated Frank Jaeger & Malik Logan with William Miles 3rd

Jaeger is getting better and he worked his ass off tonight.  He eliminated Logan with the Jaeger bomb and then The Horror pinned Jaeger with the world's strongest slam.  The match had a few decent moments.

Post match The Captain and The Horror stood around in the ring for a bit like they were waiting for something.  I think The Captain then cut a promo about someone not being there and something about tomorrow night in Brewer.  I'm not sure I couldn't understand him.

Triple Crown Champion: Jimmy Limits pinned "Boston Bad Boy" Jason Rumble

This was the best match of the night without question, but that shouldn't be a surprise.  I first saw Rumble back in 1998 for EWA in Lewiston and he can still go in the ring.  He pulled off and excellent Canadian Destroyer and got some wicked height with an elbow drop off the top rope.

During the match a thumb wrestling war broke out, Rumble won three straight falls.

After the destroyer Rumble went for a pin that Limits broke his foot on the ropes.  Limits later pinned Rumble who had his foot on the rope but the referee didn't see it and counted the three giving Limits the win.

The show ended at 9:25pm, considering it started late and had an intermission that ran over 20 minutes we are looking at about 80 minutes of wrestling which is kind of disappointing.  Did I get my $10, yeah I was entertained.  I guess my biggest hang up is the size of the ring, I'm not sure I can get used to it.

Not sure when IWE returns to Fairfield, probably first weekend in June but stayed tuned to the IWE Facebook page for more information.

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