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Limitless Wrestling: Hooked on a Friedman Live Report

May 10, 2019 Limitless Wrestling returned to the Westbrook Armory with Hooked on a Friedman,

My wife and youngest son have been gone for the week with her mother to visit family in Maryland, I started and ended my time alone going to wrestling.  Not a bad way to spend the week.

I've said this before and I'll keep saying it again and again but I love the wrestling community that I am apart of.  One that continues to grow thanks to the combination of outstanding wrestling that Limitless brings to Maine along with social media connections. 

I drove to the show tonight by myself, but I did not attend the show alone, not by a long shot.  Phil was there, I sat two people away from Phil at my first indy show in 1997 and basically have seen him at wrestling ever since.  It's been at least five years that I've hung out with Mikey, Roy, Josh & Jesse on and off at various shows even out of State.  Before he was the Barber, Bradford and I bonded over Zack Sabre Jr. vs. Chris Hero during a blizzard in Orono in January 2016.

I have internet wrestling friends that I've met because of this blog or Twitter like Brandon, Michael, Armand, TonyO and others.  I've got a subgroup of wrestling friends that collect trading cards.

In the last couples years going to Limitless I see so many people that I recognize at the shows, some I know their names like Cory, Jess, and Wendy.  While others just their twitter handle like Local Aquaman Expert and LWMaine Sign Guy, and many more that I have seen at the shows and sadly don't recall or even know their names but we wave a smile because it's a familiar face.  At the end of the day though we come together for a common cause that is the love of professional wrestling.

The show started twenty minutes late because of bad traffic crashes south of the venue that delayed wrestlers and fans.  But the doors opened on time and Victoria was and Davey Boy Smith Jr. were both there ready to meet fans.

Also the local NBC affiliate WSCH 6 was on hand including reporter Rob Caldwell doing a story on Limitless.  I'm curious when that is going to make air. 

I managed to grab quite a few decent photos so I have more on here than normal. 

Let's get to the matches;

Vacationland Cup Qualifying Fatal Four Way
Ace Romero defeated Jon Silver, Mance Warner, & "Dirty Daddy" Chris Dickinson

Mance brought a trash can to the ring with him.  My first time seeing him live and anyone that uses Simple Man in his entrance music is awesome.  Right at the bell Mance crushed Ace in the head the trash can taking him out for a spell.  Dickinson and Silver got the can on Mance's head and took turns kicking it wrecking the can and Mance in the process.

Lot of action in and out of the ring in this match.  Mance brought a table in the ring and while he and Dickinson tussled Ace speared the both into it.  Ace then caught Silver coming off the top rope for a sitout powerbomb and the pin.

Brad Hollister pinned Christian Casanova

This match had a slower pace than the first.  Hollister was throwing Casanova all around with high impact moves.  Casanova battled back with some good aerial offense but wasn't getting the job done so he went for his chain.  Kevin Blackwood made his return with the distraction allowing Hollister to finish Casanova continuing his losing streak.

Post match Blackwood cut a promo about being back after his vehicle accident this past winter.  He announced that it would be him vs. Casanova at the Vactionland Cup on July 12th.

It was great seeing Blackwood back, he got a decent pop for the surprise return.  I'm looking forward to seeing him back in the ring.  I hope Daniel Garcia isn't too far behind him. 

Kris Statlander pinned "Buzzkill" Pat Buck

Buck opened the match with a promo about being Stat's trainer and that she was like a daughter to him and that she should lay down for him.  Stat did, but reversed it into a small package for a two count to kick start the match.

This was a fun match, the fans are solidly behind Statlander, which is very surprising considering the war she has with Ashley Vox late last year / early this year and she was solidly the heel in that.  We saw some excellent wrestling in this, lots of wristlocks and reversals.  Stat cartwheeled out of a wristlock  and continued cartwheeling around the ring and got caught with a sick spear.

Stat reversed a tombstone piledriver into her finisher for the pin.  Really good match

Vacationland Cup Qualifying Fatal Four Way
JT Dunn defeated "The Rogue" Brandon Kirk, "All Ego" Ethan Page, and Adam Brooks

The match went to the floor fast and Adam Brooks took them all out.  Very fast paced and high impact match and at one point just looked like a flurry!  At one point all four competitors were down giving the fans a much needed moment to take it all in.

Kirk bought out his staple gun attempted to get Page, but was foiled by Brooks.  Eventually the staple gun came back into play with Kirk taking a staple to the back and on his tongue before eating a Death by Elbow from Dunn for the pin while Page and Brooks fought to get back into the ring.

Skylar with Jeremy Leary pinned Victoria

She's going by Lisa Maria Varon now but we all know her as Victoria.  Leary jumped Victoria before the bell and he and Skylar laid the boots in on Victoria before the ref cleared Leary from the ring.

Victoria applied a Muta Lock early in the contest and the tarantula later in the match.  Skylar applied her own version of a Muta Lock.  Victoria went for a widow's peak but Leary ran in pulling Skylar down and eating a kick from Victoria for his effort.  While the ref was getting Leary out of the ring Skylar his Victoria with the dreaded "brass knucks" for the win.

Post match Skylar offered her hand to Victoria who took it then hit the widow's peak to send us home happy.  Victoria said some words about supporting independent wrestling.  This is her retirement tour after 19 years in wrestling.

Intermission: got a photo with Mance Warner and we chatted a bit, super nice guy.

DL Hurst & Bret Domino defeated Thick Boys: Jay Freddie and Puf

Apparently Puf is officially a Thick Boy now.  Freddie took most of the offense in this match for his team.  Hurst and Domino looked good in the ring, they had some cool tandem offense like all good tag teams should have.

At one point Freddie was down, Puf took out Hurst and Domino.  He grabbed a beer to bring Freddie back into the things.  This lead to Jon Silver coming out and some scuffling between the teammates.  This was enough for Hurst to get the pin on Freddie.

Post match Freddie tried to fix things between Puf and Silver.  This lead to announcing they would settle their differences in a Denim Vest on a Pole match at the Vactionland Cup with Freddie being the special referee.

Allie Kat pinned "Heartcore" Shazza Mckenzie

I'm a big fan of Allie Kat, glad to see her back as I haven't seen her in over a year.  I think she is great and that being said I didn't think the same of this match.  It had some really good moments and a strong finish but the beginning looked like Shazza was moving in slow motion.  Her movements were very telegraphed and deliberate the fans around me thought the same thing.

Shazza delivered a series of wicked kicks to Allie when she was in the ropes.  Shazza also locked in a rear naked chocked a few times but Allie managed to comeback and hit the pussy piledriver for the pin.

New Hart Foundation: Davey Boy Smith Jr & Teddy Hart defeated Maine State Posse: Aidan Aggro & Danger Kid

This was tremendous!  Smith and Hart dominated the match with their high impact offense but Aggro and Danger Kid hung with them the whole time.  We say Davey Boy deliver the shoulder powerslam both running from the corner and off the second rope.

Smith pressed DangerKid and Teddy jumped off the top rope grabbing on the way down for a DDT, it was nuts!  Kid even took the Doomsday Canadian Destroyer with Smith pinning Kid for the win.

I honestly can't do this match justice because it was so good and unique.  Fans were hot through the whole match.  Post match both Smith and Hart cut promo's thanking the fans, putting over Limitless Wrestling and wrestling as a whole in general.

Limitless Wrestling World Champion: Maxwell Jacob Friedman with JT Dunn pinned Ashley Vox

Normally I won't call indy titles a World Championship but MJF has defended the title in both England and Canada, so it qualifies.  Dunn came out with MJF but a few minutes into the match was ejected from ringside.

MJF opened with a scathing promo about putting down Vox and women in general generating a lot of hate and discontent from the crowd.  Mikey mentioned he's surprised that no one has attacked him yet, I'd have to agree with Mikey.  MJF gets that old school white hot heat.

Ashley would take a tremendous beating repeatedly in this match but each time she would battle back with some high impact offense much to the delight of the crowd.  I was excited to see MJF bust out both a bear hug and torture rack style back breaker in the match.

Late in the match while on the floor MJF pressed Ashley over his head and just threw her into the crowd on both sides of the ring.  Probably would have been nice if they would have tried to catch her.  This was a fantastic visual!

A few moments later while MJF was on the floor Ashley dove at him three times sending MJF crashing back into Mikey and I.  The third time he threw himself back trying to launch himself into the fans, but hit the rock wall that was Mikey and I and didn't succeed.

As a front row fan I know that at times wrestlers and going to crash and land on us, I've accepted it.  I'm not one to dive out of the way every time they come near us though unless the wrestlers yell at us to move.  If either one of them would have said move, we would have.

Back in the ring the ref was knocked down and MJF got the title belt, Vox said that she would kiss his boot as he demanded at the beginning of the match, but she hit him in the junk instead.  Then hit him with the belt and locked on her finish, MJF tapped out but the ref didn't see it.

Eventually the ref came around again and Vox locked her fish hook back on, MJF then violently bit down hard on her finger covering her hand and his mouth with blood.  It was vicious!  He then drove her into the mat with Cross Rhodes for the pin.

Post match the fans threw trash into the ring which MJF encouraged.  He cut a promo saying we were trash and that JT Dunn was going to win the Vacactionland Cup and forfeit his title match.  Dunn hit MJF with Death by Elbow and cut a promo saying he was going to take the title from MJF.

I want to address the trash throwing bit, it was cool looking visual and it showed that MJF has some real heat with the crowd.  But goddammit don't throw full bottles of water and half empty cans of beer.  A bottle exploded on the floor in front of Mikey and I, luckily it wasn't glass.

It was an awesome show all in all which doesn't surprise me in the slightest.  Limitless returns with the Vacationland Cup July 12th at the Portland Club.  Along with was was already announced The Butcher & The Blade, Eli Everfly, & Hornswoggle are returning.  Tickets on sale May 20th. 
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