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IWE Live Report 8/10/2018 Fairfield, Maine

Finally my horrendous work schedule as allowed me to attend a local indy wrestling event.  Sadly I've missed the last three Limitless Wrestling shows because of illness and work.

This IWE show advertised a women's wrestling match and because of that I decided it would be a good night to take Addison to her first IWE show in Fairfield.  She doesn't really like wrestling like Canaan does, and neither like it like I do, but she recently asked about going.  Canaan and Alex also went with us and we met Mikey at the show.

Eric Johnson pinned BF Summers

I was told Summers is a trainee, it shows.  Johnson lead Summers through a good match that ended Johnson getting the win.

Boris Darov pinned Jeff James

I pretty sure I got the Russian's name wrong.  He called me a pig at the beginning of the match and that was funny to me but Addison was not amused.  This was a decent match and my first time seeing both of them that I can recall.  James has got a good look and in time is going to be excellent to watch in the ring.

Boris dominated most of the match and James made the fiery comeback only to get cut off and was finished with a fireman's carry into a slam.

Jasmine Hawkes pinned Lilah Dare

My first time seeing both of these ladies.  I thought it was good match, both girls worked hard and well together.  I had watched a match between them on YouTube the night before that thought this match was better.  Hawkes got the pin with a roll up and her feet on the ropes.

Triple Crown Champion: Jason Rumble defeated Angel Cross by disqualification

This was an excellent match between Rumble and one half of the Tag Team Champions Angel Cross.  Rumble pretty much dominated the match even giving a Cross a lesson in arm bars at the beginning of the contest.  Rumble got the win when Brandino Davis ran in attacking Rumble.

Chad Epik came out after intermission and cut a promo about the new talent initiative that IWE has and that next month he will be bringing in new talent.

Triple Threat Match: Brandino Davis defeated Jimmy Limits and Elite Terrell

This was great!  Limits and Terrell started teaming up against Davis at the beginning of the match before it became every man for himself.  Davis got the win pinning Limits securing a title match the next night in Brewer.

Ricky Williams pinned Frank Jaegar

It is obvious that Jeagar is very new and he should either work exceptionally hard on his punches or start throwing forearms.  I once read that Ric Flair perfect his punch by hanging a piece of string and then practicing endlessly at making it look good but never hitting the string.

Guatemalan Prince pinned Bobby Landell

Two trainees that I'm told have a feud building. I didn't expect much but was pleasantly surprised.  Landell attacked Prince from behind jump starting the match.  It was pretty high intensity with heavy bumps for several minutes.  But, in my opinion the match was just took long.  Had they cut five minutes out of it the flow would have been better.  Also Prince got the pin after his fourth splash, which was two too many. 

There was some post match shenanigans with Prince throwing himself into a bunch of folding chairs trying to hit Landell who moved out of the way.  It didn't make sense to me why it was happening.

Dog Collar Match: Mason X defeated "Big Moxie" Matt Mahoney

These guys delivered!  Brutal and stiff match that also used kendo sticks, cookie sheets, a barbed wire bat, thumbtacks and more.  My daughter thought they shouldn't be doing it as they could hurt themselves, my son was yelling for more.  In the end Mason X got the win when he choked Moxie out with the chain and the referee stopped the match.

It was a fun night of wrestling.  The best part for me was watching my daughter get into the matches because it was real to her.  She doesn't watch wrestling at home and doesn't really care for it but had recently asked about going and tonight just lined up proper.  I let her get a couple autographed photos and she got her picture taken with Lilah, Jasmine, and Rumble.

IWE has a show this Friday August 17th in Dexter and I believe they return to Fairfield on September 7th.

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