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Limitless Wrestling: Questions the Answers 9/22/2017 Live Report

Friday the 22nd day of September Limitless Wrestling returned to the Westbrook Armory in front of a capacity crowd of more than 450 people to bear witness to "Question the Answers"!

Canaan and I met up with Roy, Mikey outside the venue just before doors opened. In a departure for me I bought Front Row instead of VIP because I just wasn't that interested in meeting Jack Swagger.  I appreciated his in ring performance against AR Fox, but didn't feel the need to spend the extra cash.

Once in the venue we took our seats in our normal location with Mikey, Roy, Bradford, Derek and others that I have come to befriend at the show.  It's kind of cool that we regulars tend to always sit in the same place at each show.

It was a damn good night of wrestling!

JT Dunn pinned Joey Janela

My first time seeing the Bad Boy and I was very excited to finally do so.  I was surprised that this match opened the show but not surprised how good it was.  I've watched matches on YouTube of these guys trying to kill each other in a cage match and dog collar match.  Although this match lacked the special stipulations it didn't lack the intensity.  I really want Janela to comeback next month and every show after that, sincerely I don't think I could get tired of watching him wrestle.

Post match Dunn cut a promo on Anthony Greene who was at commentary stating that Limitless Wrestling was the house that Dunn built and essentially challenged Greene.

Thick Boys: Jon Silver & Jay Freddie defeated LAX: EYFBO: Angel Ortiz & Mike Draztik

The debut of the tag team of Silver and Freddie showed to be magnificent pairing as they got the upset victory over the former GFW Tag Team Champions: LAX.  They sprinkled some comedy through-out the match but in the end it was the raw power of the Thick Boys that gained them their first victory.  I wonder who their next opponents will be.

"Top Shelf" Troy Nelson pinned Swoggle with Syndey Bakabella

Once again Troy Nelson upended Bakabella's hired assassin to keep his winning streak alive.  I think the key to Sydney finding someone to dispose of Nelson would be to hire a person that likes him.  Because so far none of them have and they all give him a well deserved beating post match.

I really enjoyed this match and even Roy, who is not a fan of comedy wrestling, burst out laughing when Nelson super kicked Swoggle.  I would assume that the end of this rivalry would need to have Bakabella step into the ring with Nelson himself.

Six Man Scramble
Josh Briggs defeated "Smart" Mark Sterling, Dick Justice, Jimmy Lloyd, Jeff Cannonball, & Mr. Grim pinning Sterling

This match had just about everything in it and talk about an odd crew of guys.  We saw a mix of strong style, high flying, mat wrestling, action spilling to the floor, guys brawling to the back, Cannonball putting Lloyd through a table, and a sing-a-long of Jumper by Third Eye Blind lead by Dick Justice when Briggs was going to dive off the top rope onto everyone.  He still did it, but it was  truly awesome and unique experience.

I really love these Six-Man Scrambles because you never know what is going to happen.  This time we got to vote in three of the six competitors.  I hope these continue, in November we are getting the first six woman scramble and I can't wait to find out who is in it.

Jack Swagger submitted AR Fox with the ankle lock

This was billed as a "Styles Clash" match and indeed it was.  This was a good match, but I wasn't blown away buy it.  I really wanted to see a doctor bomb as Swagger is really the only guy that does them and they look great, but he didn't do one.  Also Fox has a couple signature dives that he does and as far as I can recall he didn't do either.

Swagger definitely looked different than his tenure in the WWE and from what I could see he was super friendly and courteous to all the fans that interacted with him.

Teddy Hart pinned Maxwell Jacob Friedman

This was a great match!  Maxwell is a fantastic heel and at the end of the match he showed respect to Hart.  Teddy Hart is so frigging good in the ring!  Friedman spent the majority of the match working the wrist and Hart sold it well, even when he would execute an offensive move he went right back to selling the wrist.  Finish came after an explosive series of high impact moves ending with Hart getting the pin after a variation of the lung blower from the electric chair position.

Post match Hart gave an impassioned promo talking about professional wrestling and what it means to to him.  He got a please come back chant, which the only other time I can recall hearing one was for JT Dunn.  Hart made a comment about coming back to challenge someone when Josh Briggs hit the ring.  I am very excited about seeing these two in the ring next month.

Joey Ryan & Massage Envy: VSK & Dorian Graves defeated The Maine State Posse: Danger Kid, Aiden Aggro, & Alexander Lee

My first time seeing Joey Ryan live and he did not disappoint not by a long shot.  Massage NV attempted to give Ryan a pre-match rubdown but The Posse jumped them stating that the bit took too long.  Some good solid wrestling and some good comedy bits.  One of my favorites was when VSK & Joey Ryan was on their hands and knees and Graves squirted oil on their backs and then slid across them headbutting their opponents in the balls as they sat in the corners.  Here's a picture.

Danger Kid dumped a bag of blow pops on the canvas but he was flipped onto the by Joey Ryan's dick.  I imagine it didn't feel good.  Prior to that though, Kid opened one and ran it through hole in his ear from his giant gauge which is kind of gross.  He attempted to shove it into Ryan's mouth but it ended up in Aggro's.  This makes two loses in a row for The Posse, although they didn't seem to mind as all six men toasted with blow pops.

Loser Leaves Limitless Wrestling
Cam Zagami with Mike Gamble defeated Tyler Nitro by referee stoppage

Cam came out in a new costume that looked ridiculous.  Gamble got himself sent to back pretty early in the match much to the delight of the crowd.  Later in the match the referee got knocked down and of course Nitro had the pin but no one to count the fall.  Gamble came back out attacking Nitro which lead to Cam locking in his submission American Grip where Nitro passed out.  The referee finally came too and called for the bell.

I only hope that Nitro comes back next month under a mask as Yellow Dog.

Skylar submitted Willow Nightingale

My first time seeing Nightingale in person.  Talking to her at intermission she was super nice, I bought a trading card sized sticker that she signed for me.  This was a really good match, I was very impressed by Nightingale.  Skylar keeps getting better and better, I hope both of these girls are in the women's scramble match next month.

"All Good" Anthony Greene pinned Ace Romero with special referee Brian Fury

DAMN!! These guys beat the shit out of each other. Fantastic match with the action going all over the building at one point.  Greene did a dive that pushed them both into the third row.  Both wrestlers had tension with their trainer and referee Brian Fury including Romero accidentally back elbowing him.  Later Fury tried to superkick Greene but hit Romero.  I'm wondering if Romero will take exception to it.

Greene was the bad guy in this match and played it well.  He hailed from Funtown USA which if you're from Maine you know is in Saco, which is Romero's home town.  I was surprised how fast the people turned on Greene.  He even had new music to mark the occasion with a special introduction on the track.

Post match Fury and Greene squared off and Dunn entered, he went to hit Greene with Death by Elbow but accidentally hit Fury.  The only thing I didn't like was that Greene didn't cut a post match promo on Dunn.

To sound sappy for a moment but I really feel like this show was a giant accomplishment and I truly feel like all of us who support Limitless Wrestling are a part of something special.

They return in Westbrook November 3rd with a six woman scramble match, JT Dunn vs. Anthony Greene, & Teddy Hart vs. Josh Briggs, plus it was announced that Son of Havoc aka Matt Cross will be making his Limitless Debut.  Tickets on sale October 2nd.

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