Sunday, September 25, 2016

Roy's Review: Limitless Wrestling Past Your Bedroom 9/24/2016 results

Match 1: Anthony Green defeated Xavier Bell. Good solid match and a good choice for an opener. I enjoy both guys a lot and they both seem to get better every time I seen them. It kinda seemed like Bell was working towards a heel turn a little bit.

Match 2: Veda Scott defeated Davienne. A good women's match. In my opinion the best women's match in Limitless Wrestling so far. It was kinda strange for me to see Veda as a face. She is such a good heel I don't wanna see her as anything else. Good action throughout. I enjoy a good women's match where fight hard.

Match 3: Mike Bennett defeated Mike Graca. I wasn't really sure how this one would play out. I kinda expected Bennett to be a face just because that's usually how it works with a big name on an indy show but I glad he played heel cause he is one of the best heels in wrestling right now. Graca held his own well with Bennett. This was a good match it just was a little to slow for my liking in the middle. The heel ending was perfect.

Match 4: Troy Nelson defeated Scott Wild w/Maximum Mecca. First off, Scott Wild shouldn't have been a heel in this match. It just didn't fit. He needs to wrestle a fast pace and he didn't. This match was just really boring and I feel would have been better if it were face vs. face. Nelson on the other hand continues to impress with the moves he can do considering his physique.

Match 5: Lince Dorado defeated Flip Gordon. Great match. I just expected more high flying moves. This was my first time really seeing Dorado and he doesn't do anything that really blows you away but everything he does he does very well. After the match he blew me away with how respectful he is.

Match 6: Flex Rumblecrunch defeated Brian Milonas. Good solid big man match. Milonas is really good for a 400+ pound guy. He moves very well for his size and plays a solid heel. This was the best shape I have ever seen Flex in. Just good back and forth power moves. I enjoyed this way more than I though I would since I'm not really a Rumblecrunch guy.

Match 7: Tyler Nitro defeated Connor Murphy, Scott Slade, Johnny Torres and Sully Banger. Sully has some of the best tattoos of all time, especially that sweet tiger on his flabby gut. This was good 5 man match and the best of this type of match in Limitless Wrestling so far. Please bring back all these guys except for Sully. He sucked. Just lots of good action in this one. I was surprised with Nitro getting the win. I would have thought it would be Slade since he is really over.

Match 8: Brick N' Bad (Christian Cassanova and Brick Mastone) defeated The Maine State Posse (Danger Kid and Aidan Aggro). Solid match with nothing really special. I prefer Cassanova and Mastone as singles guys. As a team it just doesn't do it for me.

Match 9: AR Fox defeated Ace Romero in an Anything Goes Match. Excellent, just excellent. They killed each other just like knew they would. Gotta see this one. One of the top 3 matches in Limitless Wrestling history. Lots of sick spots.

Great show as always. Overall this is one of best so far. 

Limitless Returns Saturday October 29th in conjunction with BanGOREfest Convention at the University of Maine Orono Fieldhouse with "Who Watches the Watchmen?" featuring "Die Hard" Eddie Edwards, the return and possibly final match of Champ Matthews, Xavier Bell, Devin Blazer, Alexander Lee, Danger Kid and more.  Tickets available now at Limitless Wrestling

If your looking to watch the show TC Tapes was filming so when it is released you can expect her usual excellent high quality recording. 

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