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Random Wrestling: Minnesota Wrecking Crew

Welcome back to Random Wrestling!  It's been a long time since I have done one of these posts, it's not for the lack of watching wrestling, I've had a lot to watch I just have just enough other stuff to post about is all.

Let's get started!

Ole & Gene Anderson
Steel Cage Match: Gene & Ole Anderson vs. Greg "The Hammer" Valentine & "Nature Boy" Ric Flair
May 8, 1977 Charlotte, North Caroline

This is for the NWA World Tag Team Championship, Mid-Atlantic version.  This is the title that eventually became the WCW World Tag Team Championship.

Wahoo McDaniel is the referee, from 1977 this is a six minute clip filmed on 16mm.

Joined in progress it appears as though the Anderson's are the faces.  Everyone is busted open as Gene takes a beat down until making the hot tag to Ole.  Ole cleans house but then is thrown into Wahoo.  In a very dangerous bump, Flair has Ole up for a standing suplex and trips over Wahoo and I thinks Ole was supposed to fall on Flair but instead fell on his head, but still manged to get the pin.

Flair and Valentine then beat down everyone including Wahoo until someone makes the save.  The Anderson's won the titles, but Ole had to be stretchered out after taking a spike piledriver.

NWA Worldwide August 2, 1986

Tommy Young is your referee with David Crockett and James E. Cornette calling the action.

Excellent tag team encounter in front of the always hot crowd that Mid Atlantic Wrestling had at that time. Story of the match is very stereotypical but I love it!!  Anderson beat down the Express who fire back time and time again only to be stopped by the Anderson's.  Finally the Express clearly have the upper hand when Arn low bridges Gibson causing him to fall backwards over the top rope drawing the disqualification.  Anderson's then beat down Gibson and Morton on the floor until the faces clear the dressing room to stop them.

Minnesota Wrecking Crew II with Ole Anderson
Minnesota Wrecking Crew II vs. World Tag Team Champions: The Steiner Brothers: Rick & Scott
NWA World Championship Wrestling March 3, 1990

Commentary by Bob Caudle and Teddy Long with Randy Anderson the man in charge in the ring.

I have never heard of the Minnesota Wrestling Crew II, it's two masked guys managed by Ole Anderson.  They have blue pants and matching masks!  Apparently the men under the masks were the team of Mike Enos and Wayne Bloom, a formidable tag team in there own right.

Match wise the Crew II work like the Anderson's working the arm, but they just can't seem to keep the upper hand on the Steiner Brothers until the work Scott's previously injured arm.  Of course they have to beat it against the guard rail a dozen times first. Wrecking Crew pick up the count-out victory after a hammerlock slam on the floor onto Scott.

Lars and Ole Anderson
I couldn't find any matches on You Tube of Lars and Gene Anderson teamed together however I did find this clip from Georgia Championship Wrestling spring 1980 where Ole & Lars posed as the masked Avengers surprising Tag Team Champions: Ivan Koloff & Alexis Smirnoff.  I never knew that Lars and Ole teamed up together so this is quite and exciting discovery for me!  Apparently Lars and Ole are two time NWA Georgia Tag Team Champions!

Ivan Koloff & Alexis Smirnoff vs. The Avengers 

This clip is from Georgia Championship Wrestling July 26, 1980 just a few days after Lars and Ole split.  Lars talks about it post match.

Lars Anderson vs. Bobby Garrett

Rough timeline of the teams

Gene & Lars Anderson 1966 - 1969

Gene & Ole Anderson 1969 - 1981 on and off

Ole & Lars Anderson 1977 - 1980 on and off

Ole & Arn Anderson 1985 - 1987 & 1990 for a few months

Minnesota Wrecking Crew II managed by Ole for a few matches in 1990

In OVW Brock Lesnar & Shelton Benjamin called themselves the Minnesota Stretching Crew and from 2002 - 2008 women wrestlers Lacey & Rain went by the Minnesota Home Wrecking Crew.

Later Readers!


Bryant Anderson is the son of Ole Anderson, he wrestled for WCW in 1993 and Smoky Mountain Wrestling 1994 - 1995.  This is the only match that I could find on You Tube of Anderson.  It is from WCW Worldwide airing March 19, 1994.  Anderson had a good look and wore the classic Anderson maroon boots with gold stripes.

Johnny B. Badd & Terry Taylor vs. DDP & Bryant Anderson

Brad Anderson is the son of Gene Anderson, he began his career under a mask in 1988 for Jim Crockett Promotions as Agent Steel.  He also competed as Zan Panzer, Viper, and as Brad Anderson.  He worked matches for WWF, WCW, SMW, and other promotions.  His last match to date is actually the only match I have ever seen an Anderson wrestle live in.  NWA Legends Fanfest  August 8, 2009 in Charlotte, NC he defeated "Man Scout" Jake Manning.  I found a few matches from various times in his career on you tube.

WCW Tag Team Champions: The Nasty Boys vs. Pez Whatley & Brad Anderson
from WCW The Main Event January 23, 1994

The Fantastics vs. Agent Steel & Curtis Thompson
from NWA World Championship Wrestling 1988ish

Doug Furnace vs. Zan Panzer
from World Championship Wrestling May 26, 1990


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