Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Random Wrestling: You Tube & WWE Network

You Tube

World Junior Heavyweight Champion: Tiger Mask vs. Dynamite Kid
Madison Square Garden August 30, 1982
There is nothing about the matches these two had that hasn’t already been said.  It’s simply amazing and they were far ahead of their time with this style of wrestling in the United States.  This match is both Tiger Mask and Dynamite Kid’s debuts at Madison Square Garden.  I’m also pretty sure this is their debut in the United States for WWF.
This match features Japanese commentary.

“Nature Boy” Ric Flair Returns to Wrestling!
Uploaded November 2, 2009
This is the promo that Ric Flair recorded for his return to wrestling and his upcoming tour and series of matches with Hulk Hogan in Australia in 2009.  I can’t recall seeing this before, it’s a pretty solid piece of business from the “Nature Boy”.

Southwest Championship Wrestling
Heavyweight Champion: Tully Blanchard vs. Eric Embry
Uploaded September 9, 2011
This match features Blanchard making his mandatory 30 title defense against Eric Embry who is brutalized by Blanchard to enhance and extend Blanchard’s feud with Bob Sweetan. This match originally aired on the USA Network. 

Power Uti Press Conference with Super Domino & Super Festus
Uploaded August 21, 2011
If you’ve ever heard the Colt Cabana Podcast featuring Cliff Compton telling his story of his match with Power Uti in Nigeria this is the press conference filmed here in the United States where he and mostly Luke Gallows destroy the no selling Uti with a chair setting up their matches in August 2011 in Nigeria. 

Ultimate Super Kick Party – The Young Bucks
Uploaded January 31, 2015
This is literally almost 10 minutes of the Young Bucks super kicking people’s heads off.  Lots of PWG footage but also, ROH, Japan, Chikara, and more.

WWE Network

Dusty Rhodes
A 1 hour special hosted by Jerry Lawler looking at the life and career of “American Dream” Dusty Rhodes featuring old and new footage of the Dream and his fellow wrestlers.  It is a very well put together special and considering the time they had to put it together it’s commendable.  I would like to see a more in-depth one in the future when they can talk to Tully Blanchard, Magnum TA, and others from the Crockett era.

Battleground 2013
The Shield: Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns w/ Dean Ambrose vs. Cody Rhodes & Goldust w/ “American Dream” Dusty Rhodes

This was during the time when Cody was fired for standing up to The Authority and Goldust had just been brought back and after and impressive outing with Randy Orton was resigned to a long term deal.  The Angle was that if the Rhodes lost every one of them would have been out a job.  Great match and great victory for the Rhodes against the at the time indestructible Shield.

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