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Random Wrestling: From the WWE Network and You Tube

WWE Network

World Class Championship Wrestling
Episode 66, Monday March 21, 1983
Decent episode featuring a midget match Little CoCoa vs. Billy The Kid, Iceman King Parsons vs. The Great Kabuki, Killer Karl Krupp in action, and David Von Erich vs. Buddy Roberts of the Fabulous Freebirds.  I always like the opening theme to this show, best match was David Von Erich vs. Roberts continuing the Freebirds and Von Erich feud, a surprising clean finish to this one, also the ring announcer forgets Billy The Kid’s name.

You Tube

Brian Myers Making Towns
Episode 24 posted June 4th
This episode is my favorite episode to date of his show.  Footage from Wrestlemarica in North Carolina and a Create a Pro show in Long Island.  Best part of this episode is the footage he shot from her merchandise table of the Bullet Club: Big LG & Karl Anderson’s tag team match wrestling in and around the merchandise tables.  

Colt Cabana Cut My Promo
Episode 10 posted June 8th
Featuring CM Punk cutting Colt’s promo for his upcoming show on June 14th in London, England for Revolution Pro Wrestling.

10 Times Wrestling Got Real
They highlight what they feel is the top ten shoot wrestling moments
John Tenta vs Koji Kitao 1991 Japan
New Jack vs. The American Gangstas
ECW One Night Stand JBL vs. Meanie incident
Perry Saturn vs. Mike Bell
New Jack random kids he murders with a chair
Kurt Angle vs. Daniel Puder
Stevie Richard chair shot to JBL
Antonio Inoki vs. Great Antonio from December 8, 1977
Hardcore Holly vs. Brock Lesnar
New Jack vs. Gypsy Joe

 TNA Explosion NWA TNA PPV 61
Fairgrounds Coliseum Nashville, TN
Taped September 17, 2003
CM Punk & Julio Dinero vs. Cliff Compton & J-Rocc
Basically it’s a squash match with Punk and Dinero getting the win in 3.5 minutes

NWA World Championship Wrestling Saturday Night Edition
December 31, 1988 Superstation TBS
Commentators: Jim Ross & Tony Schiavone
6 Woman Tag Team Match
NWA US Women’s Champion: Misty Blue Simmes, Heidi Lee Morgan & Zula vs. Kat Leroux, Linda Dallas, & Mad Dog Debbie.  Teddy Long was the referee
Decent match, Zulu was the only one that I hadn’t heard of before.  Very large black woman wrestling in  a pleather jacket, I was assume very green based her bumps.  Of all these girls Kat Leroux was my favorite, she usually played the heel to Misty Blue’s face.  Misty Blue picked up the victory for her team after a splash off the top rope onto Mad Dog Debbie. 

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