Thursday, June 18, 2015

Podcast Rundown June 18, 2015

Episode 253 Live from Wrestelcon with Magnus, Marty DeRosa, Eugene, Brian Myers, Tommy Dreamer and co-host Freight Train
It’s a mixed bag of stories with Freight Train offering a very unique perspective.  Tommy Dreamer does nothing but tell hilarious Balls Mahoney stories.

Episode 254 Live from Wrestlecon with Brian Kendrick, Excalibur, Tommaso Ciampa, and ODB with co-host Marty DeRosa. 
Again it’s a mixed bag of stories with the always entertaining Colt Cabana

Episode 255 Justin Gabriel
Now PJ Black the former Justin Gabriel tells about getting into wrestling, the tragic death of his father and how it effected him and then his ultimate return to the King of Sports.  This is a must listen!

Episode 60 Greg “The Hammer” Valentine
Valentine doesn’t pull any punches talking about Ric Flair, Honky Tonk Man, Brutus Beefcake and others in this very candid, and rare interview with Valentine.

Episode 147 Kevin Owens
Recorded just prior to Elimination Chamber you’ll hear a very candid Kevin Owens talk about getting into wrestling, learning English, making his way to the WWE and what it was like starting out in NXT.  It’s an awesome interview.

Episode 149 The Tragic Tale of Axl Rotten
Hear all about Axl Rotten’s troubling times when drug addiction and injuries cripple him to the end result of needing back surgery to not need a wheelchair.  Axl is now 5 years sober.  Also hear about breaking into wrestling, what he regrets about his days in ECW and what he wished he would have accomplished.  It’s a great listen.

Episode 151 Bill DeMott
Bill talks about his early days in wrestling and speaks out defending himself against the recent allegations that were raised against him.

Episode 41 “Sure Thing” Mark Shurman & Tk O’ Ryan
Great listen, I always enjoy hearing about the New England wrestlers how they broke into the business and stories relating to the New England wrestling scene.

Episode 68 Bret hart
Parts of this interview are very good, but Ross once again harps on why wrestling isn’t as good as it once was and what the kids today are doing wrong. 

Episode 69 Kimbo Slice and Jim Cornette
Kimbo talks about his upcoming MMA fight with Ken Shamorck.  Jim Cornette speaks on his issues with Kevin Owens and The Young Bucks.  They also talk about the upcoming NWA Legends fanfest and what will be going on  for that weekend.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

Episode 652 Ricky Schroder
The former Silver Spoons and NYPD Blue star spends an hour and 47 minutes talking about his docuseries “The Fighting Season.”  Schroder went to Afghanistan and filmed for months with the 18th Airborne Corps.  Listening to his first-hand account of time spent over there is fascinating and needs to be herd to be believed.

The Moth Radio Hour: Pile Vaulting, Comedy, and the Congo
A mother struggles with her son’s choice to have a religious wedding, a high schooler with a funny name becomes a pole vaulter, a social scientist commutes to war torn countries for work, and a comedian confronts a heckler

The Moth Radio Hour: Kidneys, Undergarments, and Cabbies
A college kid has his jaw wired shut, a man receives the best gift ever from the love of his life, a Mormon tries to extinguish her doubts, a daughter consoles her grieving father, and a New York City cab driver has a very bad day.

The Moth Radio Hour: Pizza, Polar Bears, & Rock Stars
A Woman attempts to cross the Arctic solo with a dog team, an Orthodox Jewish boy tests God by eating pizza, and Guns N’ Roses bass player Duff McKagan survives a health scare.

Episode 19 Risk Taker with Sheryl Nicholson
A touching tale of love and heartbreak and taking risks

Episode 20 Random Acts of Kindness with Ron Laker
A story about what you give is what you get

Mike Judge speaks about everything from Beavis & Butthead, King of the Hill, Office Space, Silicon Valley and more.   Interesting story of house he go into animation and working with MTV.

John Cusack talks about his new project “Love and Mercy” and his role Brian Wilson, the music of the Beach Boys.  Also what it was like growing up being an actor as a teenager. 

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Returns: JGL talks about his new project “Snowden” his company HitRecord and so much more. 

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