Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Podcast Rundown June 2, 2015

Episode 251 Saraya Knight
Wrestling for the last 20 years around the world including a recent run as the Shimmer Champion this resident of the United Kingdom has a lot to say about getting into wrestling, runner her own promotion in the UK and being in a wrestling family.  Her husband, son, and daughter are all in the business, oh yeah her daughter is former NXT and Diva’s Champion Paige.  In the podcast the talk about the documentary Fighting My Family about the Knight family, I’ve link it below.

Episode 252 Curt Hawkins
The former WWE Tag Team Champion now goes by Brian Myers and has taken the indy scene by storm since his release.  It’s a great perspective on coming from the WWE to the Indy’s and the man doesn’t like Virgil.

Episodes 221 & 223 Josh Barnett Parts 1 & 2
These two talk about everything from movies, to fighting, MMA, Pro Wrestling and more.  Barnett is a decorated MMA Fighter and spoke of his upcoming fight with Roy Nelson in the UFC.  He also spoke of his time wrestling in Japan for NJPW and later Antonio Inoki, what he’d still like to do in pro wrestling and why he loves it.  Josh clearly grew up a fan of wrestling based on listening to talk about the history of it. 

Episode 64 Samoa Joe
Great conversation, Joe talks about his family of Polynesian dancers, working for Walt Disney, why he got into wrestling and his post TNA career.  This was recorded before WrestleMania and well before his NXT debut.

Episode 23 ECW Original Devon Dudley
A really good conversation between two old friends who were both trained by Johnny Rodz.  Devon doesn’t mix words when he talks about TNA, ECW, and the WWE, it’s a very frank discussion. 

Episode 19 Suplex City
Taz talks about the suplex like it’s his child.  He talks about his favorite suplex artists and what he learned from them to make it his own.  Did you know Taz was the originator of the T-Bone Suplex?

Episode 142 Duff McKagan
The bassist for Guns N’ Roses and Velvet Revolver speaks out about everything Rock N’ Roll, his former drug addiction, and missing playing with Axl Rose. Dee Snider make a surprise appearance as well. Just a really good listen.

Episode 144 Finn Balor
What’ really interesting about this Podcast is it’s the first time the two of them have ever spoken to each other.  Balor talks about breaking into wrestling, becoming big in Japan, signing with the WWE and his body paint.  

Episode 146 Jesse Ventura & Hackers
The always out spoken Jesse Ventura talks about breaking into wrestling, working out, and his thoughts on the assassination of JFK and other conspiracy theories. It's really good, Ventura is always captivating. 

Episode 101 2 Cold Scorpio
This is the first time I’ve ever listened to a Gerwick podcast and I did simply for 2 Cold Scorpion. Great interview, he talks about getting into wrestling, his favorite time in wrestling.  Also about his time in ECW, Japan, WCW, and why he has heat with WWE.

David Crabb & Jia H. Jung: StorySLAM
David Crabb finds a video tape that his dad accidentally left in his video camera and Jia H. Jung tries to figure out what to do with her father’s ashes.

Kevin Boggs & Anne Driscoll: StorySLAM
A college kid from a small town in Tennessee has a chance to see the world and a teacher working to exonerate wrongly convicted criminals is the victim of an attempted mugging.

This podcast is similar to the Moth except each episode is only 5 – 8 minutes long, they have 17 stories posted now, it’s worth checking out.

 How Did This Get Made
Episode 111 Hercules in New York Live with Abbi Jacobson
Taped in New York the panel discusses Arnold Schwarzenegger's (billed as Arnold Strong) first movie Hercules in New York.  As always this is hilarious.

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