Monday, October 30, 2017

They Wrestled in TNA?

In this post we take a look at wrestlers you may not have known wrestled in TNA.  When I started researching this I was amazed at just how many people made brief or one shot appearances in the early days of TNA when they were a weekly PPV company.

The Road Warriors
December 18, 2002 Nashville, TN run in
January 15, 2003 Nashville, TN with "American Dream" Dusty Rhodes & Jeff Jarrett were defeated by Vince Russo, Low-Ki, Christopher Daniels, & Elix Skipper when Skipper pinned Rhodes

The Road Warriors did a run in interrupting a triple threat match giving Americas Most Wanted a win over Harris Twins and The Disciples of the New Church.  Two weeks later they teamed up with Dusty Rhodes and Jeff Jarrett in an eight-man tag. 

David Flair
December 18, 2002  - April 9, 2003 Nashville, TN

Flair made ten appearances wrestling in nine matches winning five of them.  He was involved in a feud initially with Curt Hennig, then later teaming with Mike Sanders against Jerry Lynn and Ron Killings.  He formed a faction with Brian Christopher and Erik Watts called Next Generation feuding with Dusty Rhodes.

Big Van Vader
February 12, 2003 Nashville, TN run in
February 26, 2003 Nashville, TN with Dusty Rhodes defeated Ron & Don Harris
June 24, 2015 Orlando, FL defeated Bram by DQ

In the early days of TNA the man they called Vader ran in and saved Dusty Rhodes from a double team beat down by Ron & Don Harris.  Vader then challenged them to a match which happened two weeks later.  Vader and Rhodes got the win by DQ when Sonny Siaki ran in, he received a Vader Bomb for his trouble.

Mike Awesome
April 16 - May 14, 2003 Nashville, TN

Mike Awesome's short run in TNA started with him wrestling ECW alums in Perry Saturn, New Jack, Sandman and others.  He then has singles matches with Cliff Compton & Mike Sanders.  In total he wrestled five matches losing four of them.  His only win was a one on one match with Cliff Compton.  I was always a fan of Awesome specifically his FMW and ECW days, I'd like to see these matches.

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  1. I had no idea that David Flair did so many shots with TNA and I had no clue Mike Awesome ever wrestled for TNA. That’s pretty awesome. I was also a big Mike Awesome fan (well… except for that time in WCW) and would love to see the TNA matches.

    1. I plan on getting a month of the Global Force Wrestling Network to watch all these early matches.