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The Last Match - Promotions Gone By

This will be a unique list of Last Matches as it will reflect the last matches of promotions and their major TV shows, if I can find the results.

Jim Crockett Promotions
Ran 1931 – November 2, 1988
November 1, 1988 Savannah, GA Civic Center
NWA World Tag Team Champions: The Road Warriors: Hawk & Animal defeated The Midnight Express: Beautiful Bobby & Sweet Stan
JCP was sold to Ted Turner on November 2, 1988 and even though from the fans perspective the transition was seamless this was the final JCP show.

World Championship Wrestling
Ran November 2, 1988 – March 26, 2001
WCW’s final match was at the final episode of Monday Nitro

WCW Monday Nitro
First broadcast September 4, 1995
March 26, 2001
Panama City, FL Boardwalk Beach Resort
Sting submitted “Nature Boy” Ric Flair with the scorpion death lock

WCW Thunder
First broadcast January 8, 1998
Aired March 21, 2001 Taped March 19, 2001
Gainesville, FL
Jeff Jarrett & United States Champion: Rick Steiner defeated Dustin Rhodes in a handicap match

WCW Saturday Night
First broadcast December 25, 1971
Aired August 19, 2000 as recap show
Final original match April 1, 2000
WCW Hardcore Championship on a pole match
Champion: Brian Knobbs defeated Norman Smiley, The Dog, Rick Fuller, Adrian Byrd, & David Burkhead

WCW Worldwide
First broadcast in 1975 as JCP Wide World Wrestling
Aired February 24, 2001 Taped December 22, 2000
Mid-South Coliseum, Memphis, TN
Ron & Don Harris defeated Jung Dragons: Yang & Kaz Hayashi

WCW House Show
March 4, 2001
Freedom Hall, Johnson City, TN
Diamond Dallas Page & Dustin Rhodes defeated World Champion: Scott Steiner & Jeff Jarrett

Final Champions:
World Champion: Booker T won March 26, 2001
United States Champion: Booker T won March 18, 2001
Cruiserweight Champion: Shane Helms won March 18, 2001
World Tag Team Champions: Natural Born Thrillers: Chuck Palumbo & Sean O’Haire won January 14, 2001
Cruiserweight Tag Team Champions: Filthy Animals: Billy Kidman & Rey Mysterio  won March 26, 2001

Extreme Championship Wrestling
a.k.a.  Eastern Championship Wrestling
Ran April 25, 1992 – April 4, 2001
January 13, 2001 Pine Bluff, AR Convention Center
The Sandman pinned Justin Credible w/ Francine with a pile driver

Final Champions:
World Champion: Rhino won January 7, 2001
World TV Champion: Rhino won September 9, 2000
World Tag Team Champions: Danny Doring & Amish Roadkill won December 3, 2000

Smoky Mountain Wrestling
Ran: October 30, 1991 – December 1995
November 26, 1995 Cookeville, TN Community Center
Ricky Morton, Dirty White Boy, & Tracy Smothers vs. Tag Team Champions: The Heavenly Bodies Dr. Tom Prichard & Jimmy Del Ray, & Robert Gibson

Final Champions
Heavyweight Champion: “Wildfire” Tommy Rich won November 25, 1995

Tag Team Champions: The Heavenly Bodies: Dr. Tom Prichard & Jimmy Del Ray won August 4, 1995

American Wrestling Association
Ran 1960 - 1991

Last TV taping August 11, 1990

House Show
May 3, 1991 Bloomington, MN  Kennedy High School
Greg Gagne & Wahoo McDaniel defeated Destruction Crew: Wayne Bloom & Mike Enos

Final Champions:
World Champion: Larry Zbyszko won April 8, 1990 officially stripped December 12, 1990
World Tag Team Champions: DJ Peterson & The Trooper won August 11, 1990
Women's Champion: Candi Devine won December 6, 1989

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