Friday, July 3, 2020

Signed Trading Cards: The Great Kabuki, Russ Francis, & Rockin' Robin

I'm with some more through the mail additions and my first foray into a custom card.

The Great Kabuki

I mailed these cards to Kabuki at his restaurant in Japan.  I mailed them on May 11, 2020 and got them back on June 19, 2020.  I think that, that is pretty damn good turn around.

The card in the middle is from the 1997 BBM Sparking Fighters set and the cards on the outside are from the 1986 Monty Wrestling Stars set.  Now I just need to find Sunshine and ask her to sign the card as well.

I mailed Kabuki the three cards and he signed them plus sent me the two 4 x 6 photos and the sticker pack.  That was unexpected and very cool!  I also sent him $5 for return postage not knowing how much it would be.

Russ Francis

The card on the left is from the 1975 Topps NFL set and the card on the right is from the 1985 WWF O-Pee-Chee Series 2 set.  I had only mailed Mr. Francis the NFL card, he sent me the WWF card.

Russ is a second generation wrestling star.  His father Ed Francis was the promoter for 50th State Big Time Wrestling Hawaii from the 1960's thru 1979 when he sold the territory to High Chief Peter Miavia.  Russ played football in the NFL for the New England Patriots (1975 - 80 & 87 - 88) and the San Francisco 49ers (1982 - 87).  He wrestled full time in the AWA for a spell and is a former NWA Hawaii Tag Team Champion with his brother Bill Francis.  He competed in the WrestleMania 2 NFL vs. WWF battle royal.  He was one of the final 4 men in the match with Andre the Giant & The Hart Foundation.

Rockin' Robin

This is a custom card of my design that I had made by D'Elana's Cards, you can find them on instagram.  I mimicked the NWA Wonderama design and I wrote the biography that appears on the back of the card.  I sent Robin three cards asking her to sign one and to keep the others for herself.  She sent me back two signed.

Custom cards is not something that I thought I would do but Rockin' Robin is an autograph that I wanted to add to my collection and she's never had a trading card released before.  I've had a few others made up and I've mailed them off, If I get them back you know I'll share them here.

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