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IWE Live Report July 7, 2017 featuring Teddy Hart

It took me a couple days but here is my report from IWE's show on Friday July 7, 2017 at the Community Center in Fairfield, Maine.

Originally Davey Boy Smith Jr. or Harry Smith or David Hart Smith, was booked for the show, but with the death of Smith Hart on July 2nd Harry withdrew from the show.  Ironically his replacement was none other than his cousin Teddy Hart.  I'm sure I'm not the only one that thought it odd that Harry cancelled for a family reason and another family member filled in.  I was told that Harry assisted with getting Teddy up to Maine for the show and the booking, which was a really cool thing for him to do.

I met Mikey, Roy, Phil, & Cheryl at the show.  It was a decent crowd, just a hair over 100 in attendance.  I'm not sure if Harry cancelling effected the draw, but for me I was more excited to see Teddy than Harry because I've never seen Teddy live before.

Teddy is one of the nicest wrestlers I have ever meet.  He was friendly and courteous to every fan talking to everyone, thanking everyone repeatedly before, during, and after the show.  He was only charging $5 for a signed 8x10 and photo with him! I actually got the 8x10 because I could not find a trading card of him in time, I'm not even sure one exists.

Let's get to the action:

Jimmy Limits with Adam Ricker defeated Derek Shorey
Solid match, my first time seeing Shorey and I was really impressed.  He comes from the MMA world and  seems to have really taken to professional wrestling.

This was a great opener that got the crowd going.  Finish came when Ricker chokeslammed Shorey while the ref was distracted then Limits hit his finisher for the pin.

Maine State Poss: Aiden Agro & Danger Kid defeated Era of Violence: Bill Vaux & Rob Marsh w/ Chad Epic 
Really good tag team match these teams just seem to click with each other.  A lot of fast paced action in and out of the ring.

Danger Kid too the heat for the majority of the match before making the hot tag to Agro who came in and cleared the ring. MSP hit their finish on Marsh who was pinned by Kid.

Far from over between these two, I look forward to a return match on August 4th.

Junior Heavyweight Champion: "Boston Bad Boy" Jason Rumble w/ The Station: Jimmy Limits & Adam Ricker and Reginald Birch Jr. defeated Teddy Hart

HOLY SHIT!  What a fantastic match!  Teddy Hart is literally on another level compared to others in the ring.  Even when he locks up it's with intensity.  This match told a great story from beginning to end.

Teddy cut a pre-match promo thanking the fans and putting over independent wrestling.  When the match stated Hart busted out some fantastic mat based submission maneuvers that had Rumble scrambling for the ropes.

The match eventually lead to the floor and onto the stage where Hart suplexed Rumble onto a chair.  He then suplex Rumble on four chairs that were facing each other. Teddy Hart executed several awesome moonsaults and variations of them.  I have seen very few guys that glide through the air like he does.

 Hart hit several variations of the lung blower from the back breaker and powerbomb position to name a few. The finish came when the ref was distracted and Rumble used a baseball bat across Teddy throats into a lung blower of his own before splashing him off the top rope for the pin.
Teddy cut a post match promo requesting a rematch, Rumble accepted saying he was going to leave The Station in the back.  So August 4th in Fairfield is the re-match.  I will be there!

I know Teddy has had his opportunities in the past and what happened happened, but at 37 years old there is still time for him to get a run in WWE, ROH, GFW, or in Japan.  He can still go, no doubt about it.

During intermission Roy, Mikey, and I went outside and chatted about the show and we all agreed that the first half was so good that there was no way the second half was going to top it.  Nothing personnel to those who wrestled in the second half, they just weren't going to be able to.

IWE Tag Team Champions: The Street: Elite Terrell & Angel Cross defeated "Classic" Calvin Strange & Sidewalk Slam
This was a throw away match, the thrown together team of Strange and Slam had no chance of winning the belts.  At no time did I think the champions were in jeopardy.

After the Street retained the Maine State Posse came into the ring for a pull apart setting up the match in Brewer the next night, a No DQ and No Count-Out match.

Triple Threat Match: Maine State Champion: "Big Moxie" Matt Mahoney defeated JP O' Reilly and Tommy Lane
This was like two matches in one.  You had Moxie and JP fighting on the floor in a street fight while Lane and Moxie were in the ring with a standard match.  I thought O' Reilly was the stand out in this match.

IWE Champion: Alexander Lee pinned Forrest Cullen w/ Reginald Birch Jr. 
While watching Cullen wrestle I immediate thought of the podcast Killing the Town and Cyrus talking about what kind of heel wrestler he was.

 I enjoyed Cullen's antics using the foreign object, hiding it in his trunks and in his arm pits.  Also I like his style of wrestling.  The only thing I don't understand is his vampire gimmick, other than drinking the blood at the beginning I don't think it aids in any way.  He could literally remove that aspect from his character, even wear the same gear, and still be effective in the ring.  My only complaint was that the match was a bit too long for me. 

Post match JP O' Reilly ran in and attacked Lee I'm assuming to set up for a match on August 4th.

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