Saturday, June 4, 2016

NJPW On The Road Series

New Japan Pro Wrestling has launched a new documentary series on their you tube channel called On the Road.  It's not a traditional documentary it's more a day in the life type where the camera crew follows the wrestler around for various activities.

These series are in English with Japanese subtitles and when Japanese is spoken we get English subtitles.  I believe these series were made to draw in more English speaking fans.  I really enjoy them.

Series 1: Will Ospreay
So far they have posted 3 segments about 11 minutes each, overall they highlights Ospreay's first trip to Japan for NJPW.  Overall it is amazing to watch how humbled and blown away Ospreay is to be there.  It is literally a dream come true to him and gets emotional at times.

Part 1: April 7th, we meet Ospreay at the airport he seems surprised by the camera crew.  They follow him to his hotel where he unpacks and talks about getting into wrestling.  What it mean to come to New Japan, shows off his custom gear and how excited he is to a part of the CHAOS group.

Part 2: We follow Ospreay to the New Japan offices.  He meets with Okada where a press conference is held. Next it's April 10th at Sumo arena where Will is blow away at the size of the venue as this will be the largest crowd he has ever wrestled in front of. I find the seating interesting as there are no seats they audience sits on the floor on areas that are sectioned off and you have to remove your shoes. These sections are on risers, seats are on the floor.

Part 3: April 10th at Sumo Hall featuring the Will Ospreay wrestling Kushida for the IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Championship.  We get about 6 minutes of in ring clips and then a post match interview with Ospreay

Series 2: "Young Lion of Blue Eyes"Jay White
Three segments varying from 8 - 13 minutes long.  Jay has been with New Japan since early 2015 where is lives in the New Japan Dojo as a young boy.  This is the first time I have ever seen any quality footage of the dojo and it's interesting to finally see something I have heard about many times over the years.

Part 1: March 29th we find Jay training at the New Japan dojo talking about getting into wrestling.  Other gaijins in the home David Finlay and Juice Robinson formerly CJ Parker in NXT.  Jay shows us some of the tasks of the young boys. Jay shows us his room at the dojo.

Part 2: Jay talks about his journey to New Japan and how difficult it is for family and his girlfriend.

Part 3: April 1st, Korakuen Hall Road to Invasion Attack 2016: opens with Jay finishing up setting up the ring.  We cut to Jushin Thunder Liger who has a mask on but there is no hair attached and the mouth area is completely open the eyes are not screened over.  It looks so odd!!  He is very complimentary of Jay.  We get a clipped match of Jay vs. David Finlay where he wins with the lion tamer.  We see Jay backstage talking about the match with the interviewer.  As with all young boys Jay wears black trunks and black boots to the ring.

These two series are really fantastic and I hope that they continue to do and release them on their you tube channel or New Japan World.

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