Monday, April 4, 2016

NXT TakeOver Dalls review

 Over the years there have been few shows that have stood out in my mind as being awesome from top to bottom.  More specifically there was not a bad match on the card, and that's hard to do as usually a card will produce a few good matches but not every match.  For the longest time SummerSlam 2002 has been the show that was the best as every match on the show was outstanding.  Granted I haven't watched the whole thing in a few years, but it's been the measuring stick.  Friday night April 1st, NXT TakeOver Dallas surpassed it.

Now some of you will argue that with only 5 matches on the card, whereas SummersSlam 2002 featured 7 matches,  it shouldn't be as hard for them not to have a stinker, but anyone can have a bad night or their timing off and can have a bad match.  For whatever reason everyone on the show Friday was on top of their game.  The crowd was hot all night long as well, which definitely helps the matches.

American Alpha: Chad Gable & Jason Jordan defeated Tag Team Champions: The Revival: Scott Dawson & Dash Wilder to win the championships.
This is what a tag team match is all about.  Cutting off the ring, double team moves, frequent tags, blind tags, hot tags, yeah!  It was legit like watching tag matches from the hey days of the Jim Crockett promotions.  The emotion that Gable and Jordan showed post match really showed just how much becoming champions meant to them.

Austin Aries defeated Baron Corbin
Even though he worked several house shows this was Aries official NXT debut.  This was the weakest match on the card it was a still a great match.  Baron looked strong in the match and Aries got the quick roll up pin for the win.

Shinsuke Nakamura defeated Sami Zayn
WOW!  In a post match interview Nakamura announced that Strong Style has arrived and he was right.  The match was hands down the match of the night.  Simply phenomenal! Nakamura 's entrance music is great, his entrance is awesome.  I've been saying for years just how good he is and he proved it against Zayn.  Both men put on a hell of a match bringing the crowd to their feet several times including a standing ovation when it was over.

This match was Zayn's final NXT match before he goes full time to the main roster.  You could tell from the beginning that it was a very emotional time for him.  Post match he was given a hero's send off with a massive ovation and "Oley" chant.

Asuka defeated Women's Champion: Bayley to win the NXT Women's Championship
These two woman put on an incredible, fast paced, and hard hitting match that had a very powerful finish as Bayley refused to submit while trapped in the Asuka Lock forcing the referee to stop the match.  It seems like Bayley will be heading up to the main roster soon, mostly likely to feud with Charlotte.

NXT Champion: Finn Balor defeated Samoa Joe
Joe was busted open from an incidental headbutt which lead to the doctors stepping in over the next several minutes trying to stop the bleeding.  Which lead to several very heated chants from the crowd of "Fuck PG" and more.  Somehow they managed to keep the flow of the match going and turned out another killer match to top off the card.  I was surprised that Balor got the win because I had heard so much about him going to the main roster with Karl Anderson & Doc Gallows.  It could still happen.

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