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Podcast Rundown 10/17/2014

Talk’n Shop
Episode 62 Michael Elgin
One of the less chaotic shows with just Anderson & Gallows talking to Elgin about his time in wrestling.

Colt Cabana’s Art of Wrestling Podcast
Episode 268 Magnus
Nick Aldis was Magnus in TNA, listen as he talks about getting into wrestling, UK Gladiators, his time in TNA and being married to Mickie James

Episode 269 Jim Duggan
We all know who “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan is, but this conversation is about his start in wrestling , his style, and how in his 60’s he’s still able to compete today.

Episode 270 Taz

Colt is in heaven talking to and ECW original Taz about how he got into wrestling and his early days of ECW.

Episode 271 Gary Michael Cappetta
The former Ring Announcer of the WWWF, AWA, WCW, and more talks about getting into the business, why he left, what he's doing with himself since then and more.  I've read his book and it is excellent!  For me I remember him being the voice of WCW as I don't recall him ever being in the WWF but I have seen footage of it.  

Talk is Jericho
Episode 181 Eli Roth Returns
Eli talks about his movie “The Green Inferno” and the trouble he ran into that caused the movie’s release to be delayed a year.

Episode 184 Jericho 25th Anniversary
One of the best podcasts that I have ever listened too!  So much fantastic going on in this hilarious conversation between Jericho, Lance Storm, Don Callis, & Lenny St. Clair.  The rapport between the 4 of them and the stories they share is simply amazing!  I'm going to save this one to listen to it again and again.

Episode 185 Jesse Ventura Returns
The Body is back with more conspiracy's, government cover ups and his plan to run for President in 2016.

Steve Austin Unleashed
Episode 254 Jake “The Snake” Roberts
Roberts talks about getting into wrestling, the art of psychology, his demons, where he is today, and so much more.

Episode 247 Sean “X-Pac” Waltman
I was truly surprised by how great this show actually was.  Talking about Waltman’s early career, his name choice of 1-2-3 Kid, his later issues with meth, and lots of talk about wrestling from the 80’s. 

Episode 255 Edge & Christian
Taped for a WWE Network Special it’s a great career highlight for both men, with the primary focus being on Edge.  

The Ross Report
Episode 81 Josh Barnett

They talk about UFC, Pro Wrestling, the future of both and much, much more

Episode 83 Demolition
Recorded in England JR and Ax & Smash sit down and talk about both of their careers, the different characters they played, Ax's friendship with Andre, and how they came together as a team and if they feel they were knock off's for the Road Warriors. 

The Jim Cornette Experience
Episode 94 Dave Meltzer
Jim & Dave talk about the Jimmy Snuka case, The Young Bucks, MMA, and more, really great show.

How Did This Get Made
Episode 119 Maximum Overdrive LIVE w/ Andy Daly
Another great live episode this time about the only film directed by Stephen King.

Episode 120 Master of the Universe w/ Tatiana Maslan

I really like these guys but man it bugs me when they don’t know the basis for what a movie is based on.  Still the same they were funny as usual and it actually gave me a new perspective on this movie. 

The Moth Radio Hour
Dog Mother, Tour Guide, & Milli Vanilli
A woman becomes a stepmother to a dog, a tour guide in Toronto confronts racism, a mother learns the meaning of “Little Pitchers have big ears” and one half of the pop duo Milli Vanilli tells his side of the famous lip syncing scandal.  Personal note, I love the phrase “Little pitchers have big ears” is one of my favorites from “A Christmas Story”

Holly Hughes & Tara Clancy
Two stories about fighting back: Against the U.S. Congress and against a school bus bully.

A writer makes his dad proud, a preacher’s kid takes money from his grandfather, a high schooler chases his dog out onto the Grand Concourse, and a former child soldier negotiates high school in New York City.

Marie Hershkowitz & Matthew McGough

Baseball Stories, both stories are great but Matthew McGough’s is hilarious!

Live from Boston
A special live edition of The Moth recorded at the Shubert Theatre in Boston.  A New York City cop looks inot the death of a kid he grew up with, a jazz musician dreams of playing with James Brown, and a woman falls in love over the protestations of her family.

The Nerdist
Morena Baccarin
Morena talks about Gotham, Comic Con, Firefly and a lot more a really good show

Robert Rodriguez

We learn a lot about El’ Mariachi and how Robert made this film for no one to see and how it was the catalyst for how his career shaped.  I really enjoyed this conversation.  

Colin Hanks
Hanks talks about his new documentary about Tower Records "All Things Must Pass", fatherhood, being in the shadow of his father Tom Hanks, and a lot more.  

Mystery Show
Case 3 Belt Buckle
A man who found a unique and custom made belt buckle as a child wants to know who the owner is and the story behind it.  

Case 4 Vanity Plate
A mystery for Starlee herself as she wants to know the story behind the license plate she saw a few years ago, “Iluv911”

Case 5 Source Code
Starlee’s friend is desperate to know how tall Jake Gyllenhaal is.

Case 6 Kotter
A Welcome Back Kotter lunch box is the topic, specifically the scene on the cover of a jacket with knots in the sleeves.

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