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Limitless Wrestling Fresh Blood October 23, 2021

Limitless Wrestling returned to Yarmouth on October 23rd, with Fresh Blood. Fresh blood is the annual show that is supposed to highlight new talent in a Limitless Wrestling ring. This year we got Davey Richards, Trisha Adora,
“Dime Piece” Aaron Rourke and a returning "Top Shelf" Troy Nelson. KC Navarro was advertised to face Ace Romero, however he was unable to attend the show.

Ace Romero pinned Ricky Smokes with Ava Everett

Ace came out to thank the crowd, he announced that Navarro wasn't there. Ava came out distracting Ace leading Ricky Smokes attacking Ace from behind. Smokes is part of Ava's new stable ARTE. Smokes held his own against Ace, even with Ava interfering on her charges behalf. She was the unlucky recipient of a pounce that was meant for Smokes. Ace got the pin with a package piledriver.

Prestigious: "Main Attraction" Mac Daniels, Channing Thomas, & "Notorious" BRG defeated Love Doug and Waves & Curls: Jaylen Brandyn & Traevon Jordan when BRG pinned Brandyn

Waves and Curls have quite the entrance, coming out to Whitney Houston's "I Wanna Dance With Somebody". Prestigious jumped the babyfaces during introductions and maintained the upper hand for the majority of the contest until Jordan tagged in making the big comeback.

The finish was pretty damn awesome, Brandyn went for a frankensteiner on Thomas, who reversed it getting Brandyn into position for their assisted doomsday device finish. I can't wait to watch this back because it was so fluid. Loved it!

Davienne submitted Charles Mason with a Boston Crab

Mason, appears to no longer be associated with Ava which is a shame as I enjoyed their partnership. I'm a fan of Mason's style in the ring, and if I thought Davienne had a rough encounter last week with Masha Slamovich then that was just a tune up for this match.

Very stiff, very hard hitting. Mason tried to use a chair on Davienne, she managed to throw it into his face and then locked in the Boston Crab for the submission.

“Dime Piece” Aaron Rourke defeated “Iron” Rip Byson by disqualification

Ava Everett brought out "Dime Piece" Aaron Rourke, a new member of ARTE. Ripper came out to challenge Rourke much the delight of the fans. Price and Ripper are two guys that the fan support has been steadily rising the last couple of years.

This match was pretty chaotic from the get go with Ava and Smokes running interference and causing distractions. Ripper hit a pretty sweet Doctor Bomb on Rourke. Rourke attempted to hit Rip with the ARTE canvas, but Ripper got it away from him and put Rourke's head through it, the ref disqualified Ripper.

Big Beef  pinned “American Wolf” Davey Richards

This match is not at all what I expected. Davey Richards is a very technically sound wrestler, who can also go with the best of them. Every match I've seen from Big Beef is a stiff brawling fight, but Beef knows him some professional wrestling.

I loved this match! And the fans didn't appreciate what they were seeing as Richards put on a clinic. Beef was giving it right back as these two had an excellent strong style match. I was extremely shocked when Beef got the pin after a piledriver. Hard fought and well earned victory.

Circus Ninjas: The Mane Event: Jay Lion & Midas Black and “Ghetto Ninja” Nolo Kitano defeated MSP: DangerKid & Aiden Aggro and “Top Shelf” Troy Nelson 

It was great seeing Troy Nelson back in the ring tonight, it's been far too long since this Limitless original stepped foot in the ring. This was another great trios match and the fans were behind everyone so when Lyon got the pin on Nelson they celebrated the finish of a good match.

Becca pinned Trish Adora

My first time seeing Trish Adora live and she's even better in person. This was a great match, as I think we all knew it would be. This is the first time these two have ever faced each other. A very hard fought contest and I thought, for sure, Trish would get the win. However Becca battled back and finished Adora with her 450 splash.

Post match Brad Cashew, who had been watching the show with the fans all night, ran in the ring and hit Becca in the face with his text book and a spin kick. Both of these shots, especially the book looked exceptionally brutal. Cashew was still reeling from his 41 second loss to her last week at Dancing on Thin Ice in Hermon.

Number 1 Contender: “The Prize” Alec Price pinned JT Dunn

WHAT A MATCH! Dunn had his fans in the audience but 98 percent of the crowd was solidly behind the Prize City OG. Excellent match, go watch this when it's posted on IWTV. Referee Kevin Quinn ate and elbow and while he was down Dunn hit a NASTY tombstone piledriver on a chair for what ended up being a two count.

Price hit the Prize Kick for the win and will go on to face AG for the Limitless World Championship in November.

It was an awesome night of wrestling. My only issue, was there were multiple face vs. face matches and it can make it difficult for the crowd to pick a side.

Limitless returns November 13th in Yarmouth!

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