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Limitless Wrestling: Dancing on Thin Ice October 15, 2021

On October 15, 2021 Limitless Wrestling returned to the Morgan Hill Event Center in Herman, Maine for Dancing On Thin Ice!  Mikey, Canaan, and I headed up and had some dinner before the show and Mikey wanted to go to Hot Topic at the Bangor Mall for a Birthday coupon he had.  

This was Fandango's first indie match in Maine since 2005 and his first match in Maine since a WWE house show in Portland in December 2017.  

We watched the show from the balcony and many it's such a cool unique view.  I love sitting from row, but at future shows at tis venue we'll be watching from the balcony. 

“Iron” Rip Byson pinned Champ Mathews with Connor Murphy

This is the match that were were supposed to get at Pine State Pro Wrestling by Ripper wrecked his truck and couldn't make the show.  Very good match between these two, Ripper continues to shine and Mathews is one of the all time best in Maine.  

Becca pinned Brad Cashew in 31 seconds

Brad came out, was all kinds of cocky, and got beat in 31 seconds.  It's going to be tough living this one down.

Sidney Bakabella’s Slaughter: Max Smashmaster & Mortar defeated The Mane Event: Jay Lion & Midas Black when Mortar pinned Lyon

Bakabella came out, tore down Limitless, tore down Joey Eastman and bought our his Slaughterhouse, featuring a returning Max Smashmaster.  Max hadn't wrestled in Limitless since January 2017, in fact later in 2017 he stepped way from the ring taking a 4 year hiatus.  He did do some commentary for Limitless for a bit.

This was a good tag team match.  Smashmaster played the big man role splendidly, and the Mane Event are just an awesome tag team.  Bakabella was excellent as well, no surprise there.  This was just a fun wrestling match. 

“The Prize” Alec Price pinned Eddie Edwards with the prize kick

I was much looking forward to this match as soon as I learned that it was happening.  The wave of momentum that Price is riding in Limitless has been unreal the last two years.  The crowd is fully behind the Prize City OG.  This was an excellent match that lived up to the hype that I built in my mind.  Big pop when Price got the pin. 

Street Fight: Alexander Lee pinned Slade with a backpack through a door

The last few weeks here in Maine we've had multiple matches that were advertised as being bloody, warning fans of the violence and stating how bad it was going to be.  This match was not advertised that way and this match was more violent and bloodier than either of those.

Slade came out first and Lee jumped him on the way to the ring just like Slade did two months ago in their first encounter.  This got violent in a hurry, chair, barbed wire chair, a tub barbed wire, thumbtacks, a door.  I loved it!  I thought for sure Slade would get the win so we would have a third match, but I was happy the Lee continued his win streak. 

MSP: DangerKid & Aiden Aggro defeated Ava Everett & Ricky Smokes (replacing Charles Mason) when Kid pinned Ava

Charles Mason was unable to attend the match and Ricky Smokes filled in. Competitive tag team match that saw Ava bossing Smokes around, and he appeared to enjoy it.  MSP was in control most of the match and got the win after and assisted lung blower that looked pretty rough.

I love Ava, by the way.  She is on fire right now, promos, gear, ring work, facial expressions and personality.  I look forward to seeing her every show to see what she does next.  

Davienne submitted Masha Slamovich with a Boston Crab

This was the super stiff match that I thought it would be.  I don't think Davienne has been rough up this much in a Limitless ring in a long time. I thought for sure Masha would walk out the victor in this, but Davienne battled back and got the win. 

The Release Party: Dirty Dango, Ace Romero, & Limitless World Champion: “Alternative” Anthony Greene defeated Prestigious: "Main Attraction" Mac Daniels, Channing Thomas, & "Notorious" BRG when Dango pinned Daniels

AG & Ace came out to Take Me Home Tonight, which was cool.  Dango got the solo entrance to Sober by Tool. Big pop for Dango.

This was a great six man tag team match, it was cool seeing Dango live on a Maine indie show again.  Prestigious really has become not only a dominate Trio's tag team, but they work so damn well together.  I knew at some point someone would jump off the balcony at this venue, I just didn't think it would be Dango.

I'm excited to see Dango come back to Limitless again, it would be cool if Tyler Breeze came in and we got Breezango vs. MSP. 

Limitless returns on October 23 with Fresh Blood featuring, Davey Richards, Trish Adora, and JT Dunn vs. Alec Price in a number one contendership match. 

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