Monday, October 11, 2021

Pine State Pro Wrestling October 9, 2021

Pine State Pro Wrestling held their debut show at the Calumet Club in Augusta, Maine on Saturday October 9, 2021.  The last time that I went a show at this venue was July 2014 for and IWE event and the only person that wrestled this show that was on that show is Crash Landing.

Overall I was impressed with everything except the sound system for the entrance music and ring announcements.  Otherwise the presentation was good.  The flow of the show had it's ups and down, a couple matches went way longer than they should have. Ethan Scott was your ring announcer for the evening, I don't mention them enough in my posts.  

Fatal Four Way: Big Game Leroy defeated Blade Bandit, Tyler Nitro & Jacob Hess pinning Hess
Solid match which was also Hess' debut match, a Limitless Dojo Student.  Leroy pinned Hess with a Tomikazi, he calls it the Game Over. 

“Flash” Nick McKenna pinned Adam Booker
This was an EWA through back match!  Well, sort of.  The EWA: Eastern Wrestling Alliance, was the first Maine based Independent wrestling organization. Founded in 1997 closing in 2002, and both Booker and McKenna wrestled for the promotion.  I can't find where they actually wrestled each other in the EWA, but they were in a 4 way match in Limitless in 2016, Risk it for the Biscuit.   Flash got the pin with a Splash off the top rope. 

Scramble Match: Dan The Candyman defeated Ike The Bite with Doc Ozone, Jacob Driver, Jason Maverick with Brittany, Crash Landing, and Pimp Daddy Apple Cinnamon when Dan pinned Crash
This was one of the matches that went to long.  Dan pinned Crash after a chin breaker.

Pete Corvus pinned “Lights Out” Lee Miller with Rotten Robbie with a package piledriver
This was good match, Corvus comes out to Shania Twain "Feel Like A Woman" and they messed up his music cutting it off right before the chorus so he made them play it over and they, once again, screwed it up.  I want to see Corvus again I was very impressed with him.

Jessie Nolan pinned Sazzy Boatwright
Jessie got the win with an axe kick, I was told this was Boatwrights 3rd or 4th match.  I was surprised to learn that as she has quite a following in Twitter.

Tony Payne pinned Champ Mathews with William Miles the 3rd and Mark Moment
Champ kicked Payne in the dick and got the pin.  Then Raf ordered the match restarted and Payne came back and got the win.  Post match Mathews and Moment went at it and Moment hit a Canadian Destroyer on Mathews.

Triple Threat Match: Mike Graca & Smiley with Trixie defeated Shotgun Adams & Joseph Alexander and Dylan Nix & Big Cat Tyler Adams when Graca pinned Joseph
It was cool seeing Graca again, I haven't seen him since 2017 at  Limitless Wrestling "Nothing Gold Can Stay".   Nix and Adams were barely in the match.  Trixie spit mist in Nix's face and then Smiley and Graca hit an assisted tombstone on Joseph.

No Holds Barred: Alexander Lee pinned Logan Black
No music for the entrances for this match.  Decent match, lots of plunder was used and the hardcore Jesus, Alexander Lee got the win continuing his legacy of being Maine's Hardcore Icon. 

Pine State Pro Wrestling's next show is on Friday, January 28th at the Fairfield Community Center and they return to Le Club Calumet on Augusta on Saturday, January 29th.  I'll probably go to both shows because I like going to rasslin at the Fairfield Community Center and haven't been to a show there since 2019.  

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