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Limitless Wrestling: Undeniable July 31, 2021

Limitless Wrestling is back for their second post pandemic show, Undeniable at the AMVet's Hall!

Roy rode down with Canaan and I getting to the venue about 530 so ensure good parking.  Mikey got there not to long after and along with Greenie, Alex, & Sera we enjoyed a good group conversation in the parking lot.  I headed in early to set up my books for sale.  

We bought general admission this time, but in the future I think I'm just going to go for front row.  We got to sit front row for the final three matches because the people that had been sitting in front of us left at intermission.  I can't understand that myself.

The show was sold out, 350 tickets.  Eddie Edwards set up his merchandise next to my books, Canaan stayed at the table and watched the show from there keeping an eye on Edward's merch.  They got to talking and Canaan told him about the last time he saw Eddie live, which was 9 years ago when Canaan was six at and IWE show where Edwards wrestled Mark Moment.  I commented that, that night they got a photo together and Eddie actually held Canaan in it, that would never happen today. 

JD Drake vs. Kevin Blackwood with Limitless World Champion: Daniel Garcia

Really great opening match!  Drake has a heavy hand leading Blackwood to taking some stiff punishment, however he gave it back just as good.  Drake picked up the win pinning Blackwood. 

"Main Attraction" Mac Daniels with Jon Alba & Prestigious vs. Davienne

At the beginning of the match the referee announced that only one member of Prestigious could stay ringside.  Of course that was going to be Jon Alba.  Alba has been trying to get Davienne to join Prestigious for sometime and she has refused.

Davienne had the upper hand when Alba distracted her by proposing to her to join Prestigious with a ring pop, she again refused.  Daniels took the opportunity to get the pin by rolling Davienne up and using a handful of tights for leverage.

Post match Davienne cut a promo challenging Alba to a match.  Alba was downright terrified and had to lead to the back. 

Lee Moriarty vs. JT Dunn

This match was supposed to be Alec Price, however he was unable to compete and JT Dunn was the unannounced replacement.  Excellent match!  Both men spent the contest working over each other's left arm with some excellent wrestling. 

Moriarty looked like he was going to pick up the win, but Dunn hit death by elbow for to pick up the victory.   

Ava Everette vs. Danhausen

Fun comedy style match, Everette is excelling right now.  Ava, pretty much, dominated until she broke Danhausen's no swearing mandate.  He Danhausened up and got the pin after a goodnighthausen. 

Post match as Ava was walking to the back she came across Love Doug who was having fans sign a petition to get into the Vacationland Cup, Ava ripped the petition.  

Ace Romero vs. Eddie Edwards

The battle of two signed Impact Wrestling talent and Edwards Limitless debut.  Great match and it was a lot longer than I expected it to be.  The drunk guy next to Mikey and I kept yelling all night for someone to do a piledriver and yet when Ace got the pin after a package piledriver he didn't realize he had just witnessed a piledriver.

Post match Edwards cut a promo putting over Ace Romero and talking about how he's wanted to come to Limitless for years and is happy for it to finally happen.  Ace then declared himself and entrant in the Vacationland Cup. 

Strap Match: "Iron" Rip Byson vs. Big Beef


This strap match was not a touch four corners to win match, it was pinfall or submission to finish.  The strap was huge, probably six inches wide, the match started with security in the ring to keep them separated, which didn't work out.  Also one of them fell on referee Eric Greenleaf resulting in him getting a partial tear in his MCL.  The two they battled on the floor and around the ring and then back in the ring.  They beat the tar out of each other with the strap, the must violent dueling chairs I have ever seen, and a ladder was used for Ripper's cactus elbow drop.  The finish came when Ripper pinned Beef after and Oklahoma Stampede.  

Becca vs. Charles Mason

Mason is a violent and creepy heel that just makes you feel uncomfortable, so job well done.  Becca has tremendous fan support.  Mason dominated the match and I believe it was an errant elbow that busted the leader of the scrunchie squad open from her nose. She bleed, a lot, and when she got the win after her 450 splash the crowd erupted!

Post Match: Prestigious ran to the ring to attacked Becca, they held her and threatened to assault her with a chair drawing Davienne out.  Alba her challenge from earlier accepted on the condition that if she loses that she joins Prestigious, and it will be an 8 person tag team match at the September Anniversary show or else they would brain Becca, Davienne accepted.   

Limitless Wrestling World Champion: "Red Death" Daniel Garcia with Kevin Blackwood vs. "Alternative" Anthony Greene

Garcia came out first as we awaited his mystery opponent.  I was pretty positive that it was AG, I mean it's 35 or 36 days after his release, he hadn't been advertised anyplace else until September and it just made sense.  Last month his music, "Heaven is a Place on Earth" by Belinda Carlisle kicked on the day after his release and the crowd popped big, until Prestigious came out.  When this song started this time, people got excited but they weren't falling for it again, until he came out. The pop...I mean..just go watch it on YouTube

Did you watch it?  I mean, amiright! It stopped him right in his tracks, caught him off guard!  

Before the bell referee Nate Speckman ordered Kevin Blackwood to the back, much to the delight of the audience.  Great match, both men looked outstanding in the ring!  Many thought that Greene was going to regain his title, however that would not be the case.  The referee got knocked down which lead to Kevin Blackwood coming out, eventually the referee came too and disqualified the champing giving AG the win, but Garcia left with the championship. 

Post match: Garcia and Blackwood continued the beatdown of AG with Ace Romero making the save.  The two former partners teased fighting and then hugged.  AG then declared himself in the Vacationland Cup. 

It was an outstanding night of wrestling and I can't wait for next month!  Limitless returns on August 28th with the 2021 Vacationland Cup!

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