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Limitless Wrestling: 2021 Vacationland Cup 8/28/2021

FINALLY I get to attend a Vacationland Cup live!  Last year the pandemic forced them into a closed taping and my job prevented me from going in previous years.  So this year I got the front row!  

Canaan, Roy, and I headed down meeting Mikey at the venue early so we could get parking.  The AMVets Hall in Yarmouth is a great venue for wrestling, but the parking isn't the best.  

Normally I would break down each match on their own but it just can't this go round.  All four opening round matches were outstanding!!  AG vs. Blackwood opened the show and AG hit Blackwood coming off the top rope during his entrance.  They tore it up big time in a hotly contested stiff match.  When it was over and AG had his hand raised after his step up Tomikazi I thought the second match would have a very hard time following it.  They did not!  Ace and Ripper followed them and just beat the shit out of each other.  In the ring, outside the ring, all over the place!!  Ace got the pin with three Lariats advancing to the finals. 

Next up was JT Dunn vs. Becca and JT had is adoring fans front row with their Fuck JT shirts on chanting loud and proud.  I thought, okay this match will slow it down, and it didn't!  Becca worked a headlock brilliantly at the beginning of the match and it just built from there.  JT had the upper hand delivering the punishment to Becca, and she has this innate ability to elicit sympathy from the crowd that is really unmatched by anyone else in Limitless.  This must be what a keep hearing a young Ricky Morton was able to to.  Becca went for the 450 and missed, ate a very stuff Death By Elbow with JT advancing to the finals.

The final match saw "The Prize" Alec Price come to the ring and while his opponent Love Doug was making his entrance Ava Everette and Charles Mason attacked!  Ava delivered a vicious beat down while Mason held the referees back with scissors. 

Alec demanded a forfeit to the finals, but Big Beef came out as an unadvertised alternate.  These two delivered a final first round match that was worthy of this event.  Price advanced with the Prize Kick and the pin.

The final match before intermission was for the World Championship.

World Champion: "Red Death" Daniel Garcia vs. JD Drake

Kevin Blackwood is banned from ringside, and if Drake loses he cannot challenge again for the title as long as Garcia is champion.  This match was everything you expected it to be, another World Championship caliber match from Read Death.  Right off at the beginning of the match Drake faked a knee injury, he duped me!   He then got the best of Garcia for quite a bit before Garcia battled back.  Very hard hitting, as you'd expect from Drake.  Garcia tied all of Drakes limbs up getting the submission finish.  

Lucha Rules: Fatal Four Way One Fall to a Finish
MSP: Danger Kid & Aiden Aggro vs. Sea Stars: Ashley Vox & Delmi Exo vs Presitgious: BRG & Channing Thomas vs Ava Everette & Charles Mason.  

This was a wild and crazy match!  The comical portion was Ava sitting in a chair ringside forcing Charles to fight on his own and being her pleasant self.  She then told Mason to have a seat and as they were strategizing Aggro dove on them. 

Later in the match Prestigious & Sea Stars brawled to the back leaving MSP with Ava & Mason.  While threatening to cut off Kid's gauged earlobes Love Doug made the save leading to Kid pinning Mason to win the match for MSP.

Kevin Ku vs. Brad Cashew

Ku making his return to Limitless, on his birthday no less.  Cashew picked up the surprise win over Ku.  It shocked the hell out of me! 

Davienne vs. Allie Katch

Jon Alba and Mac Daniels came out to sit ringside to watch the match.  It was great to Allie Katch back in the Limitless ring.  Tough match between the two ladies but Davienne came out on top with her corner kick into the ringpost for the win.

Prestigious ran out to attack Davienne however she was saved by Becca and The Sea Stars setting up the 8 person match for September at the anniversary show.  If Team Davi wins Alba is banned from Limitless for the rest of the year. 

Vacationland Cup Finals
Anthony Greene vs. JT Dunn vs. Ace Romero vs. Alec Price

JT Dunn pinned Price with Death By Elbow
Ace pinned JT Dunn with package piledriver
AG pinned Ace for the win. 

Another solid match and a great finish to an awesome night of shows.  AG legit bodyslammed Ace!  Ace was pretty upset that he didn't get the win.  I kept waiting for him to turn on AG, but he didn't. 

Daniel Garcia came out for a stare down with AG who, after some serious jaw jacking by the champ, got knocked on his ass by his new challenger.

Very awesome night of wrestling from top to bottom.  I can't with for the 6th Anniversary show on September 25th, but it's going to have a hard time topping this show. 

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